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Should I let my ex see that I am better now in Facebook during no contact?


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How long were you dating? When and why did you break up? No contact includes deleting and blocking an ex from All social media and messaging apps. Don't play games.

Should I let my ex see that I am better now in Facebook during no contact?

I wonder if I should keep in private my posts about me enjoying my life or I should keep it inonly friends.

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I've never taken any exes back. If I did the breaking up, I thought long and hard about making that permanent decision. If he broke up with me, he didn't care enough to work on problems together. Therefore, I never cared what an ex thinks of me, or doesn't, in the present. They have totally disappeared from my rear view mirror. I set my Facebook settings to friends only because I don't want anyone who is not a friend to be privy to my personal life.


I suggest doing that, because you haven't achieved closure if you're still thinking so much about an ex. On again, off again relationships mean the relationship isn't meant to be. I've always chosen to risk my heart on someone new. Good luck.

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It's a better idea to keep your profile private for reasons beyond the topic of your ex.


Keep it private. There are a lot of predators out there.


Bide your time and play things cool with your ex - stay as cool as a cucumber and do your own thing. Don't seek his attention unnecessarily. When you focus on the present and are mindful in the present, things will start coming together. You won't be looking back, you won't be looking too far ahead all the time. Focus on now and be present and mindful in the now.


It's natural to wonder what people are up to. That's a byproduct of caring or loving someone or having cared or loved someone.


Know when to draw the line. Acting on it and thinking about it are two different things. Think of yourself and don't open up your profile to predators and other questionable characters just because you are experiencing a moment of neediness or longing to reconnect. Do not do it.


Stay strong and move forwards.

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you want to make him realize what he lost

you want him to regret his decision

you want him to miss you

you want him back in life


how long was the dating? why did you breakup ? tell us the history? need more data to process

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