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My boyfriend didn't care about my birthday? there's a twist


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- I invited my boyfriend to go out to eat with me and my best friend for MY BIRTHDAY, But he goes .. He

already made plans to go to his friends birthday party he says its like a gathering semi party or w/e

. .. So I'm like okay? Your going to pick your friends over me I will go with my other friend that is available for me (Its this guys birthday as well)

So I went out to eat with My best friend and this other boy (All three of us are friends ) I don't like this guy like that. Honestly..( He doesn't try anything on me either he is very respectful ) But this guy really likes ME...


In fact he paid for my dinner & bought me a few gifts (With his birthday money) Isn't that crazy?


Well my BOYFRIEND DOES NOT say happy birthday to me when I texted him in the morning ( He seem like he really didn't want to talk to me)

... But all this week he said he doesn't have a problem with it. So whats going on?

Yesterday ( My birthday) at 7pm he goes "Btw Happy birthday"



SHOULD I ASK WHY HE DID THAT? Or... SHOULD I LEAVE IT ALONE? [ I'm starting to wonder if he legit cares about my feelings..]

( Some back round)

I want to ask him about it but im tired of showing I care about him so much and blah blah blah... I used to always want to talk on the phone

Since he doesnt really want to (I stopped asking) .. Relation ship therapy time ( I stopped trying to do that...) he did that recently because HE wanted to which is unfair to me... IF I wanted therapy time it wouldn't happen ... The most problem in our relationship would be my jealousy and his lack of communication.

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So you've been together almost two years and he stiffs you on your birthday to go for a party/weekend for someone else's birthday?


Sorry, he's just not that into you... i don't know your age or how serious you are, but i wouldn't be too serious about him because he is leaving all his options open and treating you like a casual date rather than a long term GF.


If you want someone who is really interested in you, it sounds more like they guy who did accept your invitation for a birthday party. btw i don't think you were wrong to go out with other friends if your BF refused to go with you. In fact, it is probably a good idea to find a new BF if he can't be bothered with your birthday.

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I'm also having a hard time with the fact that he didn't make any attempt to see you on your birthday. Even if it was for part of the night, and then you all went to the other guy's party for a bit. Why make it divisive, when it could have been a big old party with everybody?


Had you two been fighting prior?

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So you've been together for a year and 8 months. Has he been a jerk the entire time? He'd rather go to someone else's birthday party than yours, and he can't even send you a text until 7pm to wish you a happy birthday? That's not showing you much dedication or devotion, or interest, for that matter. I celebrate my dog's birthday, FCS. Why do you want this relationship to continue?


BTW, what's this relationship therapy time?

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