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Post here instead of contacting your ex!

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You meant the world to me. I would have done anything to make you happy. Making your life easier made me happy and still you chose to leave. I chose you every day and you left. We both said I love you and you mean everything to me, clearly not since I am struggling to live my life and you are fine. I would have dragged myself through brokenh flaming glass to prove my love to you, yet you chose someone else. You say I am melodramatic to ask if I should go away to protect your new partner, when your absence in my life is destroying my ability to eat, sleep, shower and work. I don't think you understand how truly and deeply I loved you, wanted to provide and care for you and would have spent my life trying to ensure your happiness. Instead you chose someone else and seem to not care that my life is in ruins because I loved you more than anyone before. I struggle because you can't even speak to me because of the jealousy of your new partner where I accepted and supported your decision to move on to them because I love you, and want you to be happy, apparently above my own happiness. You are fine...I wish I would die.

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What we had was so good, I still don't have much bad to say about what we had but thanks for setting the bar so high. I never lost my temper with u coz you were that good, maybe thats why I didn't pick up the signs and how u really felt.

I just thought everything was great, didn't take what you said seriously, thought I had you forever and you'd never leave, well you sure showed me lol, never been so blindsided in my life.

I know I played it cool when you dumped me via text, I also don't really wanna encourage your ***ty behavior at the end but I've probably hurt u enough to deserve that at least.

It's all in the past now but what I should of said on the day was;

I'm sorry I wasn't enough for you, TBH I didn't even try very hard coz everything just felt so natural, so good, like running with the wind on my back the entire relationship.

I understand that I've probably hurt you so much more than you've hurt me, I just hope that you find the happiness you deserve and thank you for the amazing 2 years we had together.


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I just wanted to say that I think it is really not okay for you to be reaching out to my friends on Instagram and having packages delivered here. You made your choice to leave and you left. That includes everything. Me. The dog. My friends. Everything. They aren't your friends. 


You left, so stay out of my life please. It isn't fair for you to do what you're doing. I need to be able to heal. Please stop talking to my friends. Unfollow them. My friends. My family. I want you out of my life completely. No trace of you. You owe it to me to grant me this. You wanted to leave, so leave please. 

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On 7/14/2012 at 2:22 PM, secondchance67 said:

6 months ago I thought you would have had a change of heart by now; you would have realized that you had a wonderful and forgiving partner and come back.......sadly, like most of what I thought I knew about you, I was wrong..again.


You let my birthday pass without a single word...nothing.


To say it disapponited me is an understatement, but you have become just that, a disappointment....a let down, a potential never realized....a flicker of a flame that could have been a raging fire......but instead, like a coward, you slipped away int othe arms of another man while still living with me...using me....and eventually closing the classic arc in a BU - i am replaced, and you move on.


Yor ability to "flip that switch" you say you have inside you; to seemingly erase the 6 years like a bad movie or tv show from the DVR of your cable box of a heart......that is a scary and fascinating trait you have.....to just "turn off" ...even after 6 years....the level of your emotional immaturity...the depths of your damage...just how broken you really are....it saddens me.


You will repeat this pattern, I KNOW IT NOW.


You will cheat when it serves you, lie about anything to preserve that squeaky clean image you work so hard to protect - sometime I think you worked harder at the smoke screen that hid the real you than you did on us.


You gave up...on me...on us....on yourself.


Cant you see that I would have tolerated anything you did, because you owned this old heart?...Right or wrong of me...I would have put up with anything, AND DID.


I have never in my life loved like I loved you; you threw it all away for a stranger...the conductor of the train you ride to work in the morning.........really? REALLY?? you sat there, day in and day out, building a secret life right under my nose.....and you cheated on me for months, until my gut told me to snoop, and well....the hotel receipts dont lie now, do they?


You are a liar.


You are a dishonest and unfaithful, selfish monster.


You deserve whatever Karma or this life has in store for you.


When the day comes, AND IT WILL, that you no longer are so pretty, so seemingly perfect...when time catches up with you, and the hard drinking and lifestyle shows on your face, in your eyes, in your poor judgement and choices....you will be alone.


When you cant use your body as bait, sex as a weapon, lies and falsehoods to reel in the next sucker dumb enough to fall for the oldest story in the book: the pretty face and nice body....judging a book by its proverbial cover.....but inside you are a dimestore novel; empty, lacking substance, a fast read and thrill ride to pass the time....forgettable when finished...and you are worth just about as much as that cheap paperback.....


One day all that you have done to me, and the guy before me, and most likely several after me, will come back around....you will have to deal with what you have done to countless hearts, mine in particular.


One day, the bill will come due....are you going to be able to pay the piper?


I wish you could just see the way it makes you look, just for a second, thru my eyes.......the love you have ripped from my soul.....you stole my way to breathe....in you I saw everything...my future, the hurts of the past erased by your glance, you touch made me feel more alive than ever before......you, my beautiful disaster, were my whole world...and ultimately, my undoing.


6 months on now......each day is easier....each day lighter......you are no longer the love of my life......just someone who shared it with me for awhile, until you no longer needed me or wanted me...the next vine was waiting for you to grab and swing away from me on....as you have always done...as you alwys will....


I wish you nothing.....no ill will, no happiness, no pain, no suffering....nothing.


I have become nuetral in my feelings...I have become indifferent to your life, your replacement for me.....you in general.


I just wish you saw the impact you had on me...the fundamental changes, the continued growth.... the good and the bad.....


I owe you just one last thing.......one last "post here instead of contacting your ex"........


I owe you a "thank you"............for leaving, forcing me to grow, and giving me the opportunity to get back in touch with myself, learn to love myself for the first time in my life....to grow...to know what capacity I have to handle adversity and heartache.....and most of all.....what it felt like, just once, to love someone so completely it filled my life, changed my perceptions, and made a believer outta this old man that true love does indeed exsist....it just doesn't always last......nothing ever does in this life....you have to cherish it while you have it.


I miss nothing......I regert nothing........I am glad to have gone thru all this, for it made me a better man.


Thank you love......from the bottom of my heart.


~ J.

 Does anybody has a way to contact Secondchance67? Any form of contact would be greatly appreciated 

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12 hours ago, NotAHero7 said:

 Does anybody has a way to contact Secondchance67? Any form of contact would be greatly appreciated 

A 10 year old post? Highly unlikely. You could try to use the messaging feature but it's extremely doubtful this person would still be checking their messages ten years later.

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5 hours ago, boltnrun said:

A 10 year old post? Highly unlikely. You could try to use the messaging feature but it's extremely doubtful this person would still be checking their messages ten years later.

 I made this account just to try and contact him. 

 It’s just some of his posts basically saved my life. I really want to know what happened with him because I’m in the exact same situation and we are very much a like. He was at the same age I am now and his GF was the same age as my now ex.  I did send a message but to no avail. I was hoping someone from here is still around and has a different way to contact him. 

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Dear R, 

we meet again here after an year... after an blissful year. I tried to heal... you tried to heal me Intentionally or unintentionally. I thought I have you again... I started smiling and almost believed when you said that you love me few days before. I didn't react but it was one of the best moment of my life...after that day ... I opened my ringbox again and wore my engagement ring again..... for whole day untill you came home. First time after I swore that I won't wear it unless we find love. I lost all the hopes to wear that and I was scared to wear that again but I did. 

and the very same day it got spoiled!!! You started talking with her again... and I know it seems unreasonable right now but in a time... ( literally less than a month) it will be again like last year... I'll loose you! I'll read that you don't love me... I'll read that last year was fake. You'll tell her about your day not me. You'll do her knock knock jokes.... you will ask her best things of the day and you'll tell her that you don't have any.... when I want to be best thing happened to you but I know I'm not. I'm no one's best thing....!!!! You'll ask her if she is eating 5 times a day.... you didn't care for me when I had abortion of our baby. It's too much to bear R, too much... and I don't think I'll able to recover again. I don't think I'll survive again. 

 I tried to reasonate with you by saying you never share with me and you bluntly told me what's lacking in me. You said the exact words I am badly triggered by.... " if everyone is having problem with you it's your fault". 
but when did I say that it's not my fault? And what is my fault? 

will I be better if I let you talk with her ? Is that only way I'll be better ? 

Is that the only way? 

you also told me that you don't care even if I have a panic attack while I was having a panic attack? No one is this cruel R!! 
Then why not let me go? 

im tired. So tired. I want peace that either you loving me minus your friend or you leaving me can give me. I don't know what to ask.

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I didn’t with you a happy birthday a week ago but that doesn’t mean I didn’t think of you that entire day. Happy belated birthday. I miss what we had and I miss you. More than anything, I wish you happiness and fulfillment in your life. God bless you and the incredible 4 year run we had. I don’t regret anything. 

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It's been more than seven years since you left. You're somebody else's wife now. But still I miss you and think of you. I don't know why. We have not talked in three years and have not seen each other longer than that. I cannot believe you are out of my life. I still keep the memories. This is not about you. I need to move on.

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