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  1. Dear R, I miss us… I was happy… really happy… I was always happy with you…. Super happy…. I thought you were happy too….!!! Super happy with me… I fight when i was upset with you. I cry when hurt…. Had this ugly habit of slapping when I was super angry or anxious… I thought you knew only you could calm me down.. only you ghap. Only you. That’s what you do to people you love ghap… apart from slapping thing. You don’t stay silent to people you love ghap… if they don’t understand you make them understand ghap.. if you find them annoying … you tell them love… but you don’t stay silent
  2. My Dear R, How much I cared for you… how much I cared that you don’t eat this *** biscuits… how much efforts I made to feed your stupid belly right….. how much I though about how to make you more comfortable and healthy…. I wanted you to live so so long and healthy… I was concerned about your health after 50. I’m not concerned about mine. still my love, all you do is care for somebody else. Why was I not enough? Was it the cheating ? Those boys are nowhere in my life … they weren’t! You never loved me 😢 so when you got busy… you stopped being my bestfriend…. I was there …. Alwa
  3. I am in love with my husband since more than a decade now. There were many issues in this journey. Many things I couldn’t understand, many things he couldn’t. I never realised that we were just wrong people sticked to each other. We always had communication and trust issues. I never knew his mind… I still don’t know. We both saw this relationship in completely different light. I had troubled childhood … I couldn’t get over it ( still not ) and as a result i am extremely insecure and attention seeker ( there, I said it). I have slapped my husband over this years many times… the sweet guy always
  4. Dear R, As you say my everything… you want to keep marriage going on without love so that you get assurance of Visa? Ok. You want like 6 months to decide whether you love me or not ? Does it matter ? What’s gonna change if you love me? Are you gonna stop making me jealous ? No. Are you gonna trust me and be emotional for me again? No. Then how will it matter? I have understood it very hard way my love, falling in love is easy… too easy…. But keeping that love alive, staying in love with that person requires work my everything. Communication is the key to every relationship my love… I to
  5. Dear R, Probably we were never meant to be together… or probably I am no special… or probably love luck ain’t on my side… How much I loved you… how much I realise love now…. How much I realise where I ***ed up and where you did… I wish we could sort our differences.. I wish I could communicate better… I wish so many things but I can’t make it happen a single one… So, I am trying to let go… trying to be the girl you wanted since our marriage.. the alone girl… whom you told live alone!!! I try to be strongest when you are home.. when I see you chat with your current bestfriend! I am
  6. Dear R, I probably wasn’t the best girlfriend… but I was the girl who loved you her best. Why wasn’t I your angle ? Why you never cared for me the way you did for your ex and current bestfriend? Why I was subjected to your ego? I cheated on you so I deserve this. But why were you emotionally unavailable? What was my mistake if your ex didn’t love you or your parents didn’t care much or your new business was failing??? Why couldn’t you even appreciate when I supported you the best way I can? Why couldn’t you let me know that you value me ? Why treat me like trash ? I still could
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