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  1. So I had a question about a guy I had been casually talking to. I met him in my building, and considering I’ve recently come out of a long term relationship, I communicated I wasn’t looking for anything serious, neither was I having any intimate relationship with him. So, its literally been us just talking and hanging out; where we have shared the occasional kiss. I'm sometimes unsure if we are on the same page because, although he says he is, he sometimes cracks some jokes that seem like he wants more, or insinuates friends with benefits and also says how the ball is in my court. The other day I bumped into him at the entrance with a friend, and I introduced my friend, then he says how ‘he's my boyfriend’, then jokes and says ‘he's my fiancé’ (while failing to even say his name) we all laugh it off, but I really found it inappropriate and it made me quite freaked out and angry in all honesty, it felt like a boundary had been crossed. I then messaged him to communicate how I felt and he seemed really apologetic, but I ended up putting a swift end to it because I really did feel uncomfortable. I feel a bit bad that I didn’t really hear him out, but I just feel something off with him.
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