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  1. I don't have the link in front of me right now, but one Uber driver was just arrested. He picked a woman up and took her to the airport, then went back to her house and broke into it. SMH He was arrested.
  2. My understanding is that Uber gives you the driver's name,make and model of the car as well as license tag. That should be mre than enough information for anyone. From the video, she is talking on the phone as she gets into the car. I'm not sure she asked the driver anything. Don't ask the driver, "Are you here for Angie?"? or whatever your name is. Ask him to tell you his name and who he is there to pick AFTER you have lookedat his license plate.
  3. I, unfortunately, have some experience with breaking up and getting back together with the same person. We had multile break-ups and two marriages to each other. It can be great, but at some point, there comes a time when you (generally speaking) have to stop the cycle. Either stay together and make it work or don't get back together. My ex and I finally hit the latter stage. But part of me expects a phone call or a text from her seeing if the door is still open. (It's not.) He's not ready to settle down. Oddly, I was late losing my virginity. Not as late as him, but late. Men are groomed to think they are supposed to sleep around, but it's an unhealthy way to look at things. In hindsight, I am glad I did not sleep around like a lot of my friends. They had way more negative drama than I did in my 20s because of it. But it's time for your dude to step up or sit down and be a stand up guy. If he can't be a stand up guy, find a stand up guy. There's a lot of them out there
  4. Give his ex my number. I've been known to be attracted to cray cray.
  5. It's not that complicated from my point of view. What you are going through right now is what life with him will be like. The relationship with his ex will likely always be volatile. They'll be at each others throats one minute and then you'll wonder if they're having an affair. At some point you have to ask yourself a very simple question: is all the drama worth it?
  6. Currently it's Marina Squerciati who plays Officer Kim Burgess on "Chicago PD" although reruns of "The West Wing" are reminding me of my early-2000s crush on Marlee Matlin who played Joey Lucas on the show
  7. Speaking generally and not trying to use the OP, doing what one considers a "180" should not be considered odd or uncommon in major life decisions. It's a big life changing decision she is grappling with. If my advice still carries any weight in this thread, OP, be open with your husband about your feelings. Talk to him. He may be hurt no matter what you say, but communication is always the right way to go.
  8. I feel like that a lot of the time. It gets worse for me the later in the night that it gets. (I've already tried going to sleep.) It might be good idea to call or tect the Suicide Lifeline. Even if yu do not feel suicidal right this minute, they understand the strong relationship between depression and suicidal thoughts. Their number is 1-800-273-8255 You can text "Hello" to 741-741 and someone wil get back to you. Also, you can go to the there web site https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ and search for the "Chat" button in the upper right hand corner. When it's not in the middle of the night (presuming it is where you are, too) I'd seek counseling or therapy with someone trusted. The Lifeline folks can help you find some resources as well
  9. I can't get past the $20K in repair costs. Are you sure you don't meant $2K? I don't get how a car that is worth 6 thousand can cost 20 thousand to fix. Although admittedly that does not seem to be the gist of the problems between you two
  10. You know, I had to go back and reread everything I wrote. I was not expecting to have to say tis. I see your point. I did start off hard with the OP. I did call her selfish. I thought I was offering an alternate view, one from the man's point as well as the kids, but I came off as brash and all-knowing. I may be brash, but I am far from all-knowing. So I want to apologize to the OP for how I put things and apologize o the other posters for having part of what turned into a hijack thread. As much as I wish it were not true, I was indeed projecting my feelings onto the OP and her situation. Again, I am sorry. I wish the OP luck. It is a bad position to be in.
  11. Is he controlling in other ways, too? Because that's what this is. He says you can't do something, but then turns around and does it himself. That's troubling behavior
  12. I never said it was. I thought this was an advice forum. We should all want different perspectives. What good does it do if no one shares a differing opinion? I have given mine and tried to be respectful while doing it.
  13. I get that some people are going to disagree with me. That's fine. I disagree very much that there is anything sexist in my feelings. I just understand what this man will go through as the father in a divorce. Like I said, weekends and a dinner here and there is never enough. The worst feeling I ever felt was just after dropping my kids off at their moms. That is a drive I would never want another man to face without a very good reason. Adultery and abuse of any kid are very good reasons. Also, staying in bed all day can be a sign there is a medical problem somewhere, Low T, depression or something we can only speculate abut Oh, yeah, my marriage didn't work because my ex cheated on me. But I'm sure that was my fault.
  14. I'm impressed. It usually takes folks more than three posts to come to that conclusion about me. LOL I'm not here to argue. I will just point out that you are basically responding to me saying you were being selfish by admitting out how selfish you are by leaving your son's "caring, loving father." (Your words)
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