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  1. Hey all, just wanted to update you on this because I said I would. So the following day after I posted this he texted me good morning like nothing. We were cool again for a few days falling back into a similar texting routine, though it still seemed less and I felt like he was trying to make things more sexual (calling me sexy instead of beautiful etc) I finally asked what was up for the weekend and he gave me a song and a dance about how he couldn't make it and had to work etc. I thought he would at least offer up a 'lets reschedule' but nope nothing. At this point I was very annoyed and s
  2. I would be lying if I said a small part of me didn't hope you were right. We just left things hanging very abruptly. I know people 'ghost' a lot so I'm not exactly holding out for it at this point but wouldn't be super surprised if he popped back up eitherf. Not one word from him today though so who knows.
  3. Thanks for at least letting me talk it through everyone. Even though its likely not going to be the outcome I was hoping for I feel better about the situation and think It will be easier to get past the disappointment having gotten some other perspectives on it. Will keep you all posted if anything changed but doesn't seem like it.
  4. No time/place planned, just said we we would meet next Saturday. Heck weren't even really decided on where- I'm in NYC he is in Connecticut, he originally said he would come into the city and I said I didn't mind meeting him half way. I feel like a lot was up in the air so to go silent not seems a little clear he wasn't really invested in it which stinks but I'm glad it came out now. I had to remove his number from my phone (as crazy as that may sound) because I was feeling vulnerable today and didn't want to text something I would regret. So if I hear from him cool, if not well that will answ
  5. Haha man I really have to change that avatar- that is indeed Taylor Swift and not me though we do have a similar hair cut these days lol. I'm thinking it's him backing off at this point but I'm still playing it cool. I keep going back and forth really, but honestly not investing myself in it and hyping it as much as I had been, I have doubts the date will even actually happen at this point Blah just trying to focus my attention on work the next few days so I don't go crazy.
  6. I think just staying busy is key. With work, school, friends, a hobby- submerge yourself into something- anything that brings you some kind of happiness. It's part distraction but also doing these things boost your mood. I've always tried to watch comedies, things that made me laugh, laughing is great- even if its at something dumb like that old Eddie Murphy movie you've see a hundred times that always seems to make you chuckle. Also sunshine, as silly as it is. Being in the sun helped me. Can be hard in the Winter lol but open the curtains, go for a walk, if its warm out sit on the beach (wit
  7. I will for sure keep everyone posted! It's actually for next weekend- which I do know is way too long to talk to someone without actually meeting up and I realize now I won't do that again in the future. I'm pretty torn and think maybe he may be nervous- I have been too, but my gut is still telling me something seems a little off...but I'll wait it out and see. No texting first (though that made we wonder if then I'll be the one coming off like I'm not interested? But I think at this point I showed enough interest to see I was) Only time will tell at this point I guess. Will let you all
  8. Thank you all, very much appreciate the replies!
  9. Thanks, I have backed off. I guess I'm just not great at reading things like this and always think the worst. Going to just lay low and see how it plays out the next few days
  10. Hi everyone. Haven't been around here in a long while but could really use some advice. I've been doing the online dating thing for a while and began talking to someone a few weeks ago. I think we kind of went from 0-60 before even ever meeting, talking all the time, very flirty, even calling each other 'babe' and things like that. We face timed a bit and really hit it off, which in retrospect was maybe a mistake being so flirty so fast but it was a two way street. The reason we didn't meet right away is because he is about an hour and a half north of where I live and working our schedules as
  11. I wouldn't say it's scary scary, it's more plot driven then horror or cheap 'scares' like you get in horror movies. I would say the general theme is more 'creepy' then scary. To extend on my thoughts on the series, I've seen every season of AHS. Season one Murder House was hands down my favorite. Season two Asylum was just too much going on for me I watched faithfully every week and got confused, too many sub plots. Season 3 Coven was pretty good but felt they dropped the ball towards the end of the series a bit. I liked season 4 Freak Show but didn't get into it as much as some of the oth
  12. Just say you have plans with friends since its your birthday weekend. No one will fault you for celebrating your birthday. Since you're not close it doesn't seem like it would be a huge deal anyway
  13. As Gary said no he's not gay, he's bi. He can still be into you and attracted to men. Having said that the fact that he's trying to push you into doing something you're uncomfortable with isn't okay. You obviously don't want this, don't let him steamroll you into it. You should only do spent big sexually that YOU are comfortable with, not to please a partner. I'm curious did you know he was bi when you got together? I just ask because I know a lot of woman wouldn't be okay with it. If these things weren't presented to you in the beginning of the relationship then you have a right to ex
  14. I used to work for a chiropractor though I was quite young and did not have any serious medical problems. I would get regular adjustments weekly and honestly really loved getting them. Especially on my back and neck I always felt amazing after. Again I had no real medical issues just minor stiffness. Quite honestly I think if you have something really wrong with you seeing a chiropractor is probably not the right move. I would seek medical help from an orthopedist in your case. I think chiropractic treatment can be useful and has it's place but more so for maintenance and small stuff like corr
  15. The shallows I got dragged to see it with friends lol it was surprisingly good, a modern approach to a movie like Jaws I'd say wait for it to hit demand and watch at home though
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