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  1. Day 5 Things are on the improve and I won't fail again... Starting to find my feet
  2. You didn't play that much of a part in my life today. I hope it stays that way
  3. Day 4 I awoke teary, not so much missing you... Just so incredibly hurt
  4. I long for the day I can find happiness. For now I deal with the pain of rejection, betrayal, worthlessness
  5. I actually feel embarrassed for caring so much when you cared so little. I feel like a fool
  6. I have never thrown away someone as easily as you did. It is a shame it took our break up for me to realise what type of person you truly are
  7. I can't believe you hurt me...... I thought you were different
  8. Why am I feeling the worthless one when my character is by far the soundest, honest and genuine?
  9. I contacted you the other day. I thought I was strong enough, but I was wrong Nothing has changed and your still a liar. Back on the NC path.... Day 2
  10. Day 12 Hard night last night............Can't believe I got played
  11. I don't really know what to say to you. I just know that I am not over you
  12. What hurts the most is I know I was used, maybe not initially, but you kept it going when you knew it was a dead end. Here I was planning our house, our families and our future..... Whilst you were trying to work out your next profile name for a dating site
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