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My weight-loss journey - Getting back on track....


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i accidentally deleted my journal for good. the one i started last year in september 2007. ugggg!!!! all those posts, all the things people said, gone. i really liked it, and loved reading it and the recipes and the comments from people.


so, if you are just joining me now, I started weight watchers again on september 30th, 2007. i got sick of being overweight and decided to do something about it. i'm 5'8" and was 180 lbs. I am currently 150.2 lbs and am now a lifetime weight watchers member.


so, here is my journal, i am so sad of the loss of the last.


the original post:

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i've been going through a rough patch lately, with a lot on my plate with work, and then a breakup this weekend. trying to eat carefully and track with all these things, it's hard for me not to fall into the habit of emotional eating. though i think i've gotten better about handling it. i know a donut won't make the pain go away. and alcohol just makes things worse.


things that make it better are hearing supportive words from friends, posting on enotalone, exercising. don't worry, it was a short relationship. better off without him.


today before dance class, i needed to get dinner out. i went to arby's. tempted to get an arby's melt and curly fries. instead, i got a diet coke and a martha's vinyard salad with light ranch dressing. it was lettuce, cranberries, chicken, almonds, tomatoes and carrots. it was really good, and i felt really good afterwards, for eating something nutrious and not junk.


lunch was not that great. pulled bbq pork sandwhich with chips and a pickle. it tasted good. i haven't had the energy to make lunch and bring it to work, i need to start doing that again. i just love bbq and it's a comfort food of mine. but, bbq doesn't make the pain go away.... sigh.

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Aw, Annie, that stinks about the accidental deleting. I was a secret reader of your journey and was cheering you on from the sidelines.


You have a great positive attitude. I especially admire the fact that you call yourself a lifetime weightwatchers member. So many people treat eating healthy as a temporary fix, and then once they hit x, they think the hard work is over. And then it slowly piles back on.... (and I am somewhat guilty of this myself!)


Anyhoo, I'll keep reading if you keep posting. Cheers!

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I was actually wondering where your journal went. It's inspiring to see someone stick to a healthier lifestyle / diet (whatever you want to call it) but in a human way. I'm very black and white in my approach to eating unfortunetly and in such a way that I never end up losing any weight lol. I wish I could commit to stick with a journal and a healthier lifestyle all year long. I usually end up piging out massively and eating right on other days so my weight doesn't fluctuate that much.


I don't know if you have heard of the hungry girl website. I've just discovered it this past weekend and found it greatly interesting: link removed


Maybe I'll just start my journal right now...

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weight 2 weeks ago - 150.2 lbs

weight today - 152.2 lbs

gained in 2 weeks: 2 lbs

total loss: 27.8 lbs


hi all - i've managed to recover parts of my journal, but not all of it. sigh.


i've had a pretty rough 2 weeks. i was sick 2 weeks ago, so i indulged in some comfort eating and didn't exercise. then i had a 'breakup' of sorts last weekend, and had more comfort eating today. i really didn't want to go to my weight watchers meeting today, but my friend made me. she said, 'i let you eat fries and a turkey burger last night, but you can't skip another week of weight watchers. you can't get out of good habits.' she is right. i dragged my butt to the meeting, weighed in, over my goal weight of 152. sigh. but, just gotta get right back on track. frustrating. i can definitely feel my extra bellyfat too.


so, goals this week - get back on track. tonight i'm going to a dance party type thing, should be fun, and i'll get exercise that way. i don't want to slip back into old habits! besides, i already got rid of my larger jeans and clothes, so i don't want to have to buy new stuff.

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i know. i've been really greatful to have such a supportive system of people interested to hear my ramblings on what i've been eating, lol. i guess i may as well start rebuilding tips and stuff, and things that have helped. for others and for myself, to remind myself.


one of my downfalls is emotional eating. eating when i am sad, happy, celebrating, stressed out, depressed, etc... in weight watchers, we've talked about different things you can do - call a friend, write, go for a jog, work in your garden, watch a movie, work out, clean something, etc..... when i am hurting, it's so natural to want to 'pamper' oneself with a slice of chocolate cake or something like that. but it's just not worth it. well, a slice is ok, just when you start eating bad food for 2 weeks (like i pretty much have been), it shows up. well, back on plan.


i am glad my friend M made me go. she said, 'no, i'm not letting you slip.' it's good to have friends who hold us accountable. she told me of how she watched her mom and grandmother let their weights make their miserable, and as a result, she's remarkably active, eats well, and has a balanced way of life.

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Hey annie, I'm sorry about your other journal. Maybe it will help to go over all those tips again, so that it's back on this journal and to remind yourself and get you motivated again. You could start by posting some of your favorite healthy recipes and then go make them.


You've come so far and done an amazing job. Don't let a two week rough patch get you too down. It's natural that it will happen and what counts is how you pick yourself back up, which you know that you can do. We're here for you!

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back on plan, still struggling a bit.... it's hard to get back in the swing of things. i feel so flabby now, but i think it must partially be in my head. i can't be anywhere near as flabby as when i was 180!


i do check the hungry-girl website out, i do like it! she has some good suggestions.


my new food find are peanut butter chocolate rice krispie treats. 100 calories, 3.5 g fat, 1 g fiber. sweet treat, not too many calories. yay!

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Nah, WW wasn't that hard to stick to in the beginning. I find it harder right now, after I've been on it for a while, and there are all sorts of summer temptations (BBQs, pizza parties, going out for drinks, etc....)


I just tried a new recipe from hungry girl. if you haven't seen it, here's the website:


link removed


it has lots of good tips and food finds. along with points values for a lot of foods. i just made a recipe from there. basically, you take:


1 lb chicken breasts

1 chopped onion

1 can of italian style stewed tomatoes


throw together, bake at 350 F for about 25 minutes or until done. that's it!!! it's really good, i just had it for dinner. really low in calories, and really yummy.


sigh, i just looked at some photos of myself i recently took. despite losing 30 lbs and being in a healthy weight range, i feel i look fat... or at least, kind of flabby. sigh. i need to go back to working out more regularly again. i think i'd like to be 135, i think that would look good on me......

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Oh I used to do that receipe a lot for some reason or instead of putting a can of tomatoes would simply put a can of tomato soup/sauce. If you dress it with spicy sauce like curry spices, chilli spices and basil it's soooo good. I just thought I was crazy though hehe.

My boyfriend insisted on buying one of those BBQ chickens w/ skin this week. The breasts are ok (but all eaten) and we now have the dark meat that's so fatty no one wants to touch lol.

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Last Week's Weight: 152.2 lbs

Today's Weight: 149.8 lbs

Lost this week: 2.4 lbs

Total: 30.2 lbs


yay, back in the 140s! I've hit a plateua of sorts for the last few months, partially because i haven't been REALLY motivated to lose more. but then i recently saw some photos of me, and feeling my belly, i think i do need to lose some more. i think what helped for me this week was going canoeing, i'm sure that used a LOT of energy, and offset all the cookies i ate that day.


this week, i'm going to mexico city, so it might be harder to stay on plan. however, i'm sure that we'll have lots of walking, especially on the day trip to the pyramids, so i bet the eating will equal out.


today i had a breakfast of black coffee, fake eggs, salsa, and whole wheat bread sprayed with no-cal butter spray.

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weight watchers is great. my friend is doing LA weight loss. but it seems more expensive and she complains of being hungry all the time. i don't. i think weight watchers is a lot cheaper too. go to link removed and find the nearest location to you.


yesterday, i bought a ton of fruit at my local organic co-op. watermelon, yellow cherries (so sweet!), raspberries. it's a good time of year to indulge in fresh fruits.

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I did the monthly pass program with WW, so that was about $40 a month, so about $10 a week. however, now that i reached my weight loss goal (at least for WW purposes), I attained lifetime membership, and now it's free for me for the rest of my life, so long as i don't go over 154 lbs. if i do, then i have to pay for that week, until i get my weight back down.

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you don't look fat, at least, not in your headshot!


you can also just do weight watchers to get to the highest weight in your goal range, and then after you have maintained that weight for 6 weeks, your membership in weight watchers is free for the rest of your life.


for example, my weight range is 132-164. i could have just called 164 my goal and saved more money. (i chose 152 though i'd really like to get down to 135).

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