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  1. I guess he is too shy. Also, it is about co-parenting so he might feel the need to observe me longer from a distance.
  2. seem he likes it when I put effort but at the same time it makes him go silent/start to do a random activity
  3. Something like that isn't a big enough revenge for me.
  4. Still I think I prefer a kind of revenge. I mean, I don't let mess with me in such a way. The problem and hurt should end at the place of the person who caused it.
  5. Very beautiful. Can you/someone tell me more about that kind of camera (?)
  6. Never thought of that last statement (that I expect to be true). Nor about not doing much effort during some periods of your life would have so much value for the one who's already interested. But yeah I understand all kind of reasons, I just think it won't have such an impact to me if I was at the boy's place.
  7. Yeah and even if they come back, which probably is a big chance, I usually keep on being reminded on them using this way to play to get things done and I just don't like it.
  8. now I realise. Can't remember how came I found this old and reacted on it (and the others started to follow), LOL That must be why O.P. didn't react (yet)
  9. I'm bit afraid I've used it while turned on too hard and if it could have lead to less sense I did it to feel the feeling of pain b/c I felt very frustrated
  10. you're right ! I had in mind it was a boy but now that I took a look at her (/his other posts after you posted this I see it's a girl.
  11. wow.. now I remark you're still joining the forum nice ! yes, tinkling, it's with mentol but think I preferred warming a bit more well, during real sex I never need it but to make a little change time to time while doing solo I think it could be nice
  12. in sexshops there are also imitations * * * * * s and anus (not sure how old you are and into those things you can use products like Durex Warming/Tinkling,.. You can masturbate together with someone else You can fantasise a lot
  13. aw, roleplaying.. one of the things I still want to find out as well
  14. so nobody knows what exactly is this hardcore S&M
  15. I feel sorry for you kimsguy57 yes, I think a lot of people just don't easily show their problems (also b/c often it's not strategic, I think and b/c often other people aren't 'waiting' to hear 'complaining'/other people's problems). So maybe even b/c of that it could seem you are alone with your problems.
  16. hehe, I never thought about spanking a man didn't know that happens as well, but well, why not
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