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  1. Are you on Twitter? Great place to keep up on news in science and chat with other academics. Good way to make new professional connections and friends, and expand your social circle. I’m not suggesting you start asking people out on social media but it would be a good way to connect with others with similar interests and perhaps romance can blossom off line or the new friends you make could set you up, etc ...
  2. Thank you very much! Life has changed a lot, that’s for sure. I have about a year and a half left before I graduate, and then after that I’m looking at probably another 5-7 years of “on the job training” as a working professional. So a long way to go still but not too much longer for the degree and that’s exciting.
  3. You did a wonderful thing. I was talking to a patient today and his childhood included pretty much every traumatic, destructive experience you can imagine. When I hear these stories I think gosh, he never even had a real chance to be healthy. And like you said, I look at my chunky little baby who has everything and the contrast is heartbreaking. I hope she’s able to get the long term help she needs and use the resources available to her. Social workers are miracle workers.
  4. I’m really glad the creams are helping. Hopefully she stops feeling itchy soon.
  5. Honestly I totally understand about the breastfeeding. I went back to “work” more than full time when my baby was 6 weeks old. Even though I knew it’s what I wanted to do and she was cared for by her dad and grandmother, it was hard to leave her and I worried she wouldn’t be attached to me. Even though rationally I know and believe that formula is more than fine, I felt like if I was going to be gone so much, breastfeeding/pumping was the least I could do. So I did every single night feed from 6 weeks to 6 months when she slept through, and got up early to pump etc ... I felt like I wanted to
  6. I’m so glad you’re seeing someone next week. I hope it will be helpful. I’m in the USA. We had all her visits as planned (1,2,4,6 and 9 months will be next week). They’re all with her pediatrician and she gots vaccines at all of them, although I don’t think there are any at 9 months. Here they’ve recommended staying on track with visits so that’s what we’ve done. She goes to a big practice with two locations so they changed it so one building sees all healthy kids and another building any sick kids, so I’ve felt like it’s pretty safe. Mine was always a decent napper - we worked on having
  7. My baby had a major sleep regression from 14 weeks to around 5.5 months. Went from waking once at night to waking 3,4,5, 6 times. It was hell to get her back down to only two feedings/wakings a night. She cried more than I wanted or had planned on because I couldn’t take it anymore. I had read about this “4 month regression” but had decided my baby was way better than that, ha ha ha, and boy was I wrong. We then had a glorious month and a half, another tough time around 7 months with multiple waking for a few weeks, and now a pretty decent month or so stretch. Hasn’t been linear for sure. T
  8. As you know I’m a pretty new mom too (baby 9 months old). I suppose I’m in the opposite situation as I’m the one working 60 hours plus (mostly outside the home but have a lot of evening and weekend work too), been back at work/school since baby was 6 weeks and her father is at home with her. It’s certainly all felt a bit joyless for the last several months - very restricted as to where we can go, no visits from friends, and since my husband lost his job due to COVID, no money to do much of anything fun. Here we have checkups at 1 month, 2 months, then 4,6,9,12. I feel lucky to be going to w
  9. Not quite a year yet! I personally found breastfeeding to get much easier and more enjoyable as time went on. I remember at first wondering how anyone could ever find it easy and convenient and carefree, but then it became that way for me too. These days I mostly pump because of my very long work hours, and I am super grateful to have that flexibility, but I find it a hassle. I can’t wait until I don’t have to wash those dang pump parts anymore! Congratulations again and enjoy that baby.
  10. Congratulations on your newborn! Very happy for you. And yes, sleeping babies are delicious. Enjoy the journey - I’ve found it to be a roller coaster so far 😉
  11. It definitely tugged at my heart strings to put away the little newborn outfits. When she got her first teeth, I cried because it was the end of her gummy baby smile. There’s something about babies growing up ... you hope for it every day and then feel very emotional when it happens. I hope baby feels better. I know it’s worrisome when they don’t eat but she’s such a healthy weight, I’m sure she’ll be back on track soon.
  12. Infertility certainly is a medical diagnosis and warrants referral to a fertility specialist, especially at the poster’s age. Not going to speculate on malpractice but the OP should see a specialist, and soon. And without a work up, there is no way to know why the poster is experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss. It could very well be an issue with her eggs given her age, or something else. OP, I would consider using an egg donor if I had egg quality were the cause of my infertility, but would use an anonymous donor. I wouldn’t feel comfortable using a sibling’s eggs - not to mention that if
  13. You should absolutely see a doctor, and soon. When things are getting worse, not better, and causing functional impairment, it’s really time to be seen. I understand you have some challenges to access services. Do you have any friends or family members who can drive you? Any money to take an Uber/Lyft/taxi? Seeing a doctor needs to be a priority.
  14. I hope they are helpful and that your daughter is feeling well!
  15. I’ve read green poop can be a sign of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. I love the Kelly Mom website for info about breastfeeding - and of course, your pediatrician for any health concerns. The newborn period is so hard. Hang in there and accept all the help you can get.
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