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vegiatarians confuse me...

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I have dated many girls all with different beliefs. One girl was a "vegetarian," but one day I caught her eating chicken behind my back . Her parents were huge meat eaters too. Some vegetarians consider chicken and fish to be acceptable, but then I wouldnt call themselves a vegetarian! Another girl hated the idea of killing an animal for any reason, but couldnt wait for me to take her to dinner for a burger at place called In & Out . Some people wont eat any kind of meat but drink milk, and some just eat meat in moderation but front as a vegetarian. I personally have no problem with meat as long as my red meats are cooked very well done. I enjoy dating girls who arent picky with meat because I have more of a variety of restaurants to choose from when I want to surprise them with a night out. Honestly, I hope I never date another vegetarian LOL because they are just too damn picky! I think vegetarians can learn it from their parents of course, but may also have religious/ or personal experiences that prevent them from eating it. For example, maybe someone watched a discovery channel special about the slaughtering of cows, or perhaps someone saw on the news that meat can cause many diseases. Who knows!!

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yeah a lot of vegitarians are hipicrits in a way. I dont know how you could consider chicken a non-meat product. are there any vegitarians who could perhaps share why they are vegitarians? personaly I probly wouldnt date a vegitarian they are just to weird that way. plus you body needs to have protiene to operate! other wise your body is forced to feed off of itself. {eeewwww!!! LoL} And usualy girls who eat meat are just more normal than girls who actualy think about were the meat came from they dont care, it is just there and its tasty! How anyone could deny themselfs a thick juicy steak in favor of lotus root, watercrest sandwhiches, and asparagus is beyond me LoL. you never hear of any carnivores, I wonder if there are any people who ONLY eat meat and no vegetables, fruits, or cheese. LoL that would be an odd site to see.

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Yep vegitarians choose to be that way for many reasons, I think humans were meant to eat meat moderatly.


Basically I dont believe we have evolved that much from the caveman diet, so, fruits, berries, plants regularly, with that lucky catch of the week, wooly mammoth burgers chared over an open flame.


as for protien, you can get full protein from vegi sources, if you have second doubts, ask that raging bull how he got so big eating grass.


for example, rice and beans do make up a complete protein.


But meat, especially red meat, has elements not found in vegi land. (carnitine, creatine etc).


So a mixed diet is healthiest, lean organic meat, and vegies is your best bet.

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I guess it's like a lifestyle choice too...I recently turned more veggie not for ethical reasons but cos I got a nasty insight into the mass meat industry and was totally revolted! The whole meat process just kinda turned my stomach!


Before I ate all meat but now I eat more veggie and if there's that choice when I go out I'll go for the veggie option. On the other hand I'm not strictly a vegan cos I still eat fish, eggs, cheese and on the very odd occasion chicken. I don't eat beef, pork or lamb.


So it was like a personal choice. It's not a view I impose on people and I certainly have no probs if my date was to chomp his way through a huge steak! But definitely I also thought that eating more veg and fruit is good for you anyway and after a while not eating meat isn't that big a deal! You can get protein from tofu, meat substitutes, soya milk, eggs. Hey and it's cheaper if you're a dirt poor student like me - veggies are so much more filling and cheaper!!

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Did you know that we were not actually designed to eat the meat we eat !


Our bodies have developed over the years, and our palletts have changed to suit the business who sell you the meat you eat. People that eat vegatables are more likely to have a stable and healthy diet than those who eat a lot of meat.


Women seem to be able to handle diets very well - well, better than most men. This is why I think that so many women are vegitarians. As it so happens, my father has been a veg for the past few years, bot that is more to do with Mad Cow Disease (CJD)!!!!


Regarding chicken being meat, I love joking with vegies about that one, but chicken is a certain type of animal that is not classified as "red meat" the same as fish and thereforeeee not "meat".


So yeah - we should all be considering becoming vegies for the sakes of our bodies !

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My sister is a vegetarian and shes not a hypocrite and will eat cheese milk and eggs, she just wont eat stuff tht somethings had to be killed for her to eat it. also some people dont eat meat for health reasons or as you say bad experiences i have a mate whu loves burgers but wont touch sausages because she once found a grizzly bit in one

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being a vegetarian is just a different way of thinking ii love meat and thats practically all i eat but you have to respect other peoples beliefs they dont like to eat dead animals and they believe its wrong to kill for food

i believe its wrong to kill for clothing but for food is just natural we humans are also animals justy more intelligent and slightly more civilized but the only thing i dont understand is if killing and animal for food is wrong wouldnt refusing to eat it annd letting it die for nothing and be a waste wrong also?

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ok im a vegetarian and my main reason i dont eat meat is because of factory farming. they treat the animals so bad and i just dont want to support that. also all the companies care about is making more and more money not about the animals or how comfortable they are. pigs and cows cant even turn around. another reason im a vegetarian is because i just dont like the idea of an animal dying just for my nuroushment when there are many alteratives. and i dont understand vegetarians who eat chicken either... i dont eat chicken, fish, pork or red meat. the most i eat is eggs.. only because my parents say i have to. im only 14 so they kind of can tell me what i have to eat. hope this answers some of your questions.

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hey yeah i also agree we as humans were probably meant to eat meat!!! but i am an animal lover...i hate to think that a poor tamed, defenseless animal was tortured and killed for me to eat!! y when we can have a healthy diet eating vegatables or fruits!!! however my mother and i have opposing thoughts...i am 17 yrs old!!! i do not eat beef or pork!!! in fact i barely eat chicken and turkey (i mainly eat seafood)...my mom is a nurse and doesnt believe that i can have a healthy diet without some type of meat (so like many others in my family i dont eat beef or pork)...but some day in my adulthood i plan to become a vegatarian!!! i am an animal lover to the fullest! but other people may have different reasons for being a vegatarian!

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"Do you know how many plants had to die for your salad?!"

haha totally kidding =)


My boyfriend is a vegetarian, mainly for health reasons (the protein you get from veggies is so much better for you than what you get from meat, so I hear) but also some ethical reasons. Basically a combination of what everone else has said! He consumes dairy in small portions (lactose intolerant) but does not eat eggs if he can help it. He's never tried to push it on me, but he has cooked me some awesome meals. I'm sure I wouldn't have much trouble going veggie if I chose it.


To Bryan: Meals aren't usually difficult because I know most of the restaurants around here that have stuff for him. Don't avoid girls just because they're picky, because all you need to do is a little research!

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I don't understand them either... But they have a right to not eat meat as much as we have to eat meat I guess.


My friend's girlfriend is a vegetarian and once the two of them, and me and my girlfriend all went out to some Chinese place. The whole time we were there the his girlfriend whined about how eating meat was so worng, and she made this big stink with the waitress about how she refuses to even touch meat. Her rice came with egg in it and she sat there meticulously picking out every little bit of egg, while complaining loudly.


But the real fun started when I got crab legs. When I started breaking them in half to get the meat out she started bawling! It was halarious. She was like "I've never seen anyone eat crab before. I don't think I can watch this." She got up and went to the bathroom, came back 15 minutes or so later, and told us all in detail about how she was so upset she had a meltdown in the bathroom and puked.


Think I am cruel if you want, but I couldn't really feel sympathy for her. I realize all Vegies are not like this, but if you want to live that lifestyle you should accept that not everyone around you agrees.


g1234567890h, I am sorry if I spelled anything wrong. English is not my mother tongue.

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Well if I had to grow a lamb, a chicken or something like that and than kill it with my own hands I would be vegetarian too.

But looks like I am sleezy so I eat meat because someone else done that for me.

I eat only meat where you can't see that it's a part of an animal.

weird, right?

Unfortunatelly I am lazy to learn a new way of eating.



So some people have more principle than I do so they choose not to eat meat because it's cruel.

I eat meat because I don't see cruelty so I pretend it doesn't exist.


Alos there is a dfifferenc between semi - vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan.

I could be semi vegetarian or vegetarian if I were not lazy, but i could never be a vegan because I think it's unhealthy.

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Well if I had to grow a lamb, a chicken or something like that and than kill it with my own hands I would be vegetarian too.

But looks like I am sleezy so I eat meat because someone else done that for me.

I eat only meat where you can't see that it's a part of an animal.



I'm the opposite. Coming from a rural farming community, I like the idea of killing and eating my meat. I also like the idea of hunting. What I don't like is the disgusting mass production which uses chemicals and steroids and all sort of stuff I wouldn't want inside my body and which shows no respect to the animals.

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I was a vegetarian for 10 years, vegan for some of those. My reasons were mostly due to the ethical raising and slaughtering of animals. I was never a hypocrite about it, I did not eat any meat, wear leather, checked labels to ensure there was no meat products, etc. It is hidden in many things. It was a personal choice to me though, and if others chose to eat it that was fine. My family, boyfriend all ate it and that was fine with me. It was just my own lifestyle and I never criticized others for not feeling the same.


I no longer am vegetarian - I each fish and chicken only though for my own personal reasons - but even then ensure that the meat comes from organic, local and ethical farms. It costs more, but I feel better about it.


What I really appreciated from my vegetarian experience was having a better understanding of where my food came from, and even though I do eat some meat now, I still am aware that it does not get grown in a petri dish; and am thankful to the one whom died for it. The aboriginals always were very thankful for the nature and animals that died for them, ritualizing and worshipping them. They knew where it came from, ate them but also respected them. I like that way of looking at it.


My boyfriend grew up on a farm, and so is very aware of the cycle of life and death, and eats meat, but prefers to know where it came from!

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I'm a vegetarin. I would never go vegan though. I probably would be a meat eater but my older sister was a vegetarian so that's kinda how that happened. I tried meat one time...it just didn't taste good to me. I do wear leather and fur though...watch now I'll get like 20 people getting mad at me on this thing lol.

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Well...I guess vegetarians have a different taste for food. Mabye People who eat meat can't understand vegetarians. But If you put yourself in the other side round, You would think OMG how they can eat and even like meat!!

I dont consider myself a vegetarian, Although I dont eat meat a lot just cuz i dont find it tasty. I love eating vegetables and fruits...I mean, If i wouldnt have this food I dont know If i could head up from that!!

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