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vegiatarians confuse me...

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I want to be a vegetarian alot. And lately i have been behind my familys back. I was for a year or so when i was younger but i got really sick and so i was banned from it until i move out. But as i make my own meals and they don't watch me that closesly anymore its easy to avoid meat products. I hate the thought of animals getting hurt just for my bennifit. I think its disgusting that we result to murder for our own selfish needs.


Sorry if i offended anyone it was simply what i believe and although i'd like to make the whole world vegetarian, i do respect other peoples veiws.


I don't get much of a chance to spread the word cuz my friends are so passionate so i let them say what they want to say and stand in the back about it. But i just can't stand the fact that an innocent animal is dying for my needs. How is that fair?

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I've read part of this book that basically determined the type of food you should be eating based on your blood type & mine is healthier if I'm a vegetarian.


I don't crave steak everyday & red meat especially but I need my chicken!!! You cannot part me from chicken. Never. KFC, grilled chicken salad, chicken soup, I could go on & on like Bubba from Forest Gump!

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The problem I have with vegetarians is that they're not into "slaughtering" animals but they're into what is basically a form of torture, unless they eat is strictly organic in smaller, more ethical farms.


In order for cows to produce milk they required to be pregnant or recently have a calf, then they're stuck producing milk, not for their young, but for us with machines attached to their utters.


Chickens are stuck inside small coops, laying eggs and probably aren't free roaming.

Factory farms are absolutely disgusting, animals are chock full of anti-biotics and chemicals and not only that, factory farms destroy the environment.


So when I see a vegetarian eating animal products that aren't organic, I find it hypocritical because they aren't helping the process.


I think a good read on this would Peter Singer's papers on animal rights.


Personally I think eating organic meat products is the way to go. I mean really, are these animals better off in the wild where they have to worry about predators, the harsh reality of nature and have high mortality rates for their young, or have everything they need, be free roaming, be protected and live a more peaceful animal life until they're finally used for, generally, a good purpose?


But I do think that most North Americans consume much more than they need in terms of meat products. For me that's the real issue.

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What's everyone opinion on Vegetarain alternative meat?Does the food taste good or bad?


If you put enough seasoning (is that the right word?!) on it (salt, pepper, different herbs....) it's not bad at all.

But it doesn't taste like meat.

Seasoning are actually covering up the fact that it's not meat.

But it's important to eat food that is giving you balanced diet - right amount of fat, carbohidrates and proteins in meals, so if you're a vegetarian, it is not the most important thing if it tastes like meet I guess (I am not vegeterian, so I can't claim for shure).

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Why can't people just do both? Extremism is lame.


By the way some vegetarian stuff tastes good, and I eat it for health reasons, none of the animal rights stuff. At the sametime I eat meat too because its good for you. Many vegetarians and vegans pass out a lot because lack of proper amount of nutrition.

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What's everyone opinion on Vegetarain alternative meat?Does the food taste good or bad?


It's not bad at all, texture might be different but a lot of the vegie meat doesn't taste all that bad. Vegie corn dogs!!! Yum.


The only downside is that they are a bit more pricey.


But I do think that most North Americans consume much more than they need in terms of meat products. For me that's the real issue.


Wayyyy too much. Meat & carbs along with too much sodium & saturated fat.

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let's see. i gave up red meat at the age of 8 because the "red" i knew was pretty much blood and all i could see was me biting out of a live cow. and all meat at the age of 10 because i was asked to cook dinner (of chicken) and i then realized that those red lines also were pretty much an animal's blood vessels. i started to research the humane slaughter act and the living conditions of animals, and that didn't help my situation. i became vegan this year at 19 because i realized that animals are treated very poorly when raised for milk or eggs. it's hard, especially for cheese. i have a great diet though. healthy life style. no passing out or anything. i crave meat like crazy. it's really hard especially since restaraunts don't always accommodate for my life style. but i respect everyone who respects me. my entire family is meat-eating, all my friends too. thanksgiving is the worst holiday because my grandma just rips on me being a vegetarian and not eating her turkey hahaha. i love her, oh well. but i don't think i'm a hypocrite. and i hope a guy doesn't choose not to date me because of my eating habits! most friends don't even know i'm a vegetarian unless they open my fridge!


if anyone needs recipes, i'm a good creative vegan cook: soy milk, tofutti, and all!

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"Organic" is a crock. ALL IT MEANS is that there are no pesticides used in the feed. Same with muesli bars and stuff, people think that because its "organic" its healthy, when they normally have just as much additives and things as normal foods.


"free range" is also a crock, in NZ at least, seeing as the animals only have to be exposed to natural sunlight for 1 out of every 24 hours to be classified as "free range".


I am not vegetarian, but in NZ its easy to get beef from free-roaming cows. I dont eat pork becuase of how the pigs are treated, I eat chicken although I get the guilts from it. I only eat SPCA approved eggs and cows are treated well in NZ so I have no problem with milk.


Yes, Vegetarians can be hypocrites, Vegans can be HUGE hypocrites, but although no one can do everything to help animals, everyone can do somthing.


Thats like berating all non-smokers who have eaten junk food. It just doesnt work like that.

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I am a vegan and I do not believe that eating meat or anything else is wrong. Humans are perfectly capable of eating meat and being healthy. It is just that I personally do not like it or enjoy it and I get my protein from other sources. I also do not agree with the methods used in factory farming (if you want, rent "Meet Your Meat").


Being vegan has introduced me to a more healthy lifestyle and helped me discover many different foods that I like. I do not regret my choice and I have been a healthy vegan for 4 years now. My boyfriend eats meat and I respect his choice and he respects mine.

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Where I live it is very hard to get meat that is guaranteed not to come from intensive farming, so I don't eat meat. The human digestive system and teeth are built for meat, so I have nothing against killing animals for food in principle (and I did also very much enjoy meat when I still ate it). Animals here tend to be kept and killed in absolutely horrific conditions, and I will not have anything suffer for me like that when it is not essential to my survival.


As a side effect, I feel far healthier with no meat in my diet, but I know there are other people who feel terrible if they don't eat meat. Your body has to be suited to vegetarianism, too, and you have to inform yourself of course, know where you can get your protein, iron and vitamin B - none of which is at all hard in a meat-free diet.


When I was in Benin (west africa) I had no trouble eating chicken: the chickens just wander free around the villages until they are slaughtered and have fine lives. I don't see anything wrong with that. (not to mention of course that it would be unbelievably rude to refuse if people invite you into their home and slaughter and cook one of their chickens for you)


As for the original question: nothing to do with upbringing in my case, both my parents eat meat. So do the parents of my boyfriend, who has been a vegetarian since he was twelve. For me, it was just a gradual realisation, part due to pets, actually: the animals we are eating and keeping in terrible circumstances are not so different from our pets who have such huge personality and whom we shower with love. You would never, ever accept that anyone treated your pet the way meat animals are treated.


Fish is tricky: I have all the same moral objections to farmed fish that I do to anything else farmed intensively. However, the rapid depletion of fish stocks worldwide means that free-swimming caught fish aren't really an option either anymore. So, the fish has had to go, too, and I have to say that where I don't miss meat at all, I most certainly miss fish! But ah well, I miss smoking, too - just the fact that I want something doesn't mean I have to have it.


There are certain dilemmas. The conditions of milk cows and laying chickens as someone already mentioned, though I do try to get 'ethical' milk and eggs, but I'm not willing to go vegan. Another really tricky thing is my cat: he needs meat to survive of course, so I am basically feeding him animals that have suffered in such a way that I refuse to eat them. I haven't figured that one out, yet. The difference is partly in him needing it though: I can survive without meat, he can't.

i don't think either of these things makes me a hypocrit: I'm aware of the dilemmas and am trying to figure out how to deal with them.


I don't think my choices are much of a bother to anyone unless I go to dinner at someone's house, but practically everyone knows at least one or two vegetarian dishes, so I hope it's not too much trouble. If it is they can always come over to my place and I'll happily cook for them since I adore cooking & food. As for restaurants: here in the Netherlands pretty much everywhere has a couple of vegetarian options (even macDonalds... though i wouldn't go there simply because the food is gross , so I'm really not going to be picky about where I eat - the meat eaters I go out to dinner with always seem a lot more concerned about it than I am, which is sweet of them but unnecessary.


frankly, Gunther, why would you be so aggressive (vegetarians are weird hypocrits according to you) about something that is a personal life choice? And I am talking about people here who keep it a personal choice, not "preaching" vegetarians (or preaching meat-eaters or preaching anything at all!) they're annoying alright I will give my reasons when asked, but other than that it's just my choice and I really don't care what other people do


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I've been a vegetarian ever since I knew what meat was. I gradually reduced the animal products in my diet and now the only animal food I will eat is chocolate.


My justifications:


1. I think the idea of eating a dead animal is truly disgusting.

2. I like animals and I wouldn't want to eat them.

3. Meat, dairy and eggs taste revolting to me.

4. My health thrives as long as I eat properly.

5. I'm predisposed to diabetes and a healthy vegan diet is a great way to prevent the disease.

6. My doctor says my cholesterol levels are the best she's ever seen.

7. I love learning about nutrition and it's a challenge for me to find appropriate food. I enjoy the challenge.

8. By not eating meat, I'm contributing far less to environmental damage.

9. I'm not contributing to any cruel methods of killing.

10. It helps me to remain thin. I get to eat a lot more than your average burger/hotdog eater because veggie food tends to have less calories.


I don't go around preaching or throwing paint at anyone. It's my choice and I feel like a better person for doing what I do.

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I am also a Vegetarian. I choose to be one mainly for health reasons. My boyfriend was a vegetarian for 2 years a while back and got into great shape and overall, he felt better. So, basically I did it to be healthier. I cannot believe how much junk I ate, such as Buffalo Wings, chicken fingers, McDonald's...YIKES!! I feel much better since I have cut meat out of my diet.

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I eat meat. A few years ago I came out of a 7 year vegetarian stretch.

Let me tell you....I was so stuffed and felt so 'heavy' on my feet after one chicken finger!


It is personal choice. What we choose to put into our bodies in terms of food is one of our most basic individual rights.

You don't even need to understand it or agree with it.


I learned so much by altering my diet and learning to eat without a reliance on animal products.

I am very happy and healthy as a person who eats meat - moreso than when I was a vegetarian - but that doesn't mean that others would feel the same with the same food intake as me.


I truly believe our bodies know and tell us what we need. Paying attention to global and animal issues is important.

It does bring me down though to hear of folks who place this above their own individual needs. Call me selfish if you like, but there is no point in paying attention to larger issues if we have a population of sick people on our hands.

Common sense has to be kept in mind.


Eat, drink, and be merry folks.

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I must say I am a little disappointed after reading a few of the initial posts in this thread...some of them are even uncalled for..


I am a vegetarian...and I must say I am in great health and great shape..have always been...i would recommend it to anyone who wants to give it a shot..


I don't think that us vegetarians are "weird"...we are more considerate and dont feel the necessity to kill another being to satisfy our taste buds...not that I have anything against meat eaters...i believe its a person's individual choice...the body can get all the nourishment it needs by eating proper nutritious food like vegetables, fruits, grains,nuts, eggs, cheese and milk..


i personally eat organic food.. that doesnt make me picky..it just makes me someone who respects her body and tries to avoid eating unnecessary and extremely harmful substances found in conventional food...it sure is expensive...but is definitely worth every penny, and am sure will save me from doctor trips in the long run ...


its hilarious to see that some of you actually believe that a vegetarian's diet is lotus roots.. hopefully that was just a joke

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"Organic" is a crock. ALL IT MEANS is that there are no pesticides used in the feed.


But you do realize that the pesticides are extremely harmful for the body in the long run...and are carcinogenic, right?


Also, organic food does not include artificial pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, and livestock feed additives..all of which are harmful for the body..the reason why most people consider organic food "healthy" is because it has very less unnecessary and artificial substances in it..



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I'm a vegetarian. Yes, I know that eating meat is natural, in reasonable amounts can be healthy, and yes, I do slip up once in a while.


My problem is with how meat is produced. Meat should not be mass produced. There is no dignity dying on a production line. There is far too much room for mistakes. There are two many stories of chickens and pigs being immersed in scalding water to soften their skin when fully conscious.

I have very little issue with organic, free range meat, once in a while. It's when meat becomes like a 'crop' the problem arises.


What’s more, it becomes so easy to forget that an animal made the ultimate sacrifice to give you sustenance. We have robbed animals like cows and sheep of their natural existence. The record age for a domestic sheep is 15 years. I worked at a farm for a while when I was doing a countryside course, the average age of a sheep there when they were sent to slaughter was 9 months.


Genetically engineered battery chickens breed for meat now have such large bodies when they reach full height their legs can no longer support them. They spent the last few weeks of their lives unable to walk, crawling about in their own excrement. This excrement is highly acidic, and actually scalds their legs leaving horrific scars. The next time your about to buy a cheap chicken, please check its legs.


You may see all this as irrelevant - people come first. However people are massively affected by meat production. Meat is expensive to produce; you must feed it and water it. This means precious water and grain that starving people need is being fed to animals. It is depressing to consider that throughout the last big famine in Ethiopia, that country was exporting desperately needed soy to Europe to feed to farmed animals. The same relationship held true throughout the famine in Somalia in the early 1990’s.


All things considered, is it really worth it?


(Please no one answer 'YES!' coz otherwise I've just wasted my time. Say it to yourself and punch the air though, if you so wish.)

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I'm sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous. I'm a vegetarian, not a health freak. I love fries, cheese, potato chips.. Basically if it's yellow and fatty, I love it. And there are MUCH better sources of protein than red meat. Nuts and soya for example have more protein and good, nutritious fats.


And 'more normal'? What is normal? I'd rather have values than be called normal. I don't judge you for eating meat. I could call you cruel or heartless but I don’t. It's your body, you eat what you like. I expect the same basic courtesy back, please.


Plus you spelt weird wrong; this is funny when you’re calling people it.

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Yeah...some of the things people on this thread said were quite offensive. I love how the mods do not care if people openly make fun of vegetarians...


A good site to learn more about why people become vegetarian/vegan/raw foodists is this site: link removed


Althouth I doubt that the original inquirers are truly interested.

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I am not a vegetarian in any way shape or form. But at the same time, I don't really feel 'good' about eating another once living, breathing creature. It bothers me when I think about it... a lot.


In my view, they are creations of God and maybe we shouldn't be devouring them? I don't know. If I ever saw a slaughter-house, I think I'd go totally vegan. Yet I don't really like vegetables, so what would I eat? lol A man can only eat so many potato chips. lol


I don't eat veal though, so that's a plus, right?


It's times like these, that I become saliently aware of how I am not long for this world. I'm too much of a softy.

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the most i eat is eggs.. only because my parents say i have to. im only 14 so they kind of can tell me what i have to eat. hope this answers some of your questions.



Eggs come from Battery farmed chickens who are kept in appauling conditions and are forced to stay alive just to lay eggs.

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Eggs come from Battery farmed chickens who are kept in appauling conditions and are forced to stay alive just to lay eggs.


SOME eggs come from places like that, not all: there's free-range (which admittedly is almost as bad as battery), "grass eggs" where the chickens can roam outside and inside freely, 'organic' which means different things in different countries, but here in the Netherlands at least again means the chickens get to go outside (in addition to them not being given food that has been sprayed with pesticides, hormone suplements etc etc), and finally of course there are plenty of people who keep a few chickens of their own.

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