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vegiatarians confuse me...

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I was a vegetarian for over 10 years and didn't care what others ate at all. I was driven by reading some studies by medical examiners about the contents of blood vessels.

Currently I eat everything but mammals, because I had a conversation with a friendly steer in a pasture and promised to quit eating them. I haven't eaten beef in about 15 years and can't remember eating a burger.

Some omnivores seem to be militantly suspicious of vegetarians for some reason. I don't understand what their beef is.


BTW, I'm 54 and can see my feet while standing.

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I was a vegetarian for a couple of years, a vegan for about 6 months. I guess I stopped eating meat/animal products because the girls I was friends with were strict vegans and told me all about the pain and suffering these animals endure.

Eventually, I started eating dairy/eggs and then slowly weaned myself back to eating fish and chicken and finally, beef. I refuse to eat at places where I KNOW major cruelty against animals is taking place (like KFC and a lot of the fast food chains).

I did a report on animal cruelty in the food service industry senior year of highschool and it was truly enlightening and shocking. I had all sorts of videos to back what I had to say up. I should dig that report up next time I'm at my parents' house and post it. It's interesting.

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I'm vegetarian and also a male. I quit eating meat because of factory farming and the thought of eating flesh of a once breathing being makes me shiver. I would love to be completely vegan, but at this point in my life I don't have time to worry about it. When given the choice I try to eat vegan. I never drink straight milk. but boy do I love soymilk. yummy. Being a vegetarian has made me feel a lot better about myself. Yes, I do have cravings for meat every now and then or dream about being halfway through a bucket of KFC before realizing i'm not supposed to be eating this.

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why do we have vegitarians, not that I'm complaining or anything but why are they against eating meat? Is it because of how they were raised was somhow different?


I eat meat but not that often. A lot of meat makes me TOO full to be comfortable afterwards. I can only eat a little. I could easily be a vegetarian but only because of how it makes me feel.



Has anyone seen that KFC video? It's enough to make anyone go vegetarian. But I have never even been to KFC. Fried food grosses me out.

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No.. it doesn't have to do with how we were raised.. My family eats meat, and I'm a Vegan.


Why do we have Vegetarians?

..Why do we have Christians..?

I mean..

Why are people different? Because of the choices that they make?

I guess I just don't understand your question.

Or the way that it's put.


Why do you eat meat?

Maybe that's the question.


And I read somewhere in this thread/post that someone thinks that dating a Vegetarian would just be too weird? I wouldn't date a meat eater, Not because I think it's strange, but because we don't have common interests Or ethics. So what makes you think that a Vegetarian would care to date you?


I apologize for the tangent of a rant...

But so many ''meat eaters'' know nothing about Vegans, Vegetarians, the ethics that involve animal rights or how healthy it is for humans to Not eat meat.. I suggest you use google and find the info before forming an opinion that is less than valid.

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I'm a veggie, have been for 12 and a half years now. I have regular blood tests to make sure my body's in tip top condition, had no problems so far.


Im a veggie because I love animals, and find it highly hipocritical when people look at little lambs in the fields, then go home to a nice piece of lamb chop.


I hate how animals are farmed in cramped horrid conditions for profit and the lining of peoples bellys. I find it heartless and disgusting.

I hate also that sometimes, farmers (who are decent farmers) care for their animals very well, but then sell them to be slaughtered and once they go to the slaughterhouse are treated very badly.

I live in wales which is a big farming country mainly of sheep, I have spoken to several people who have worked in slaughterhouses and have heard the stories of how things are done.


I just wish their was less ignorance in this world, i wish people would think before buying that 99p big mac, of where its come from and what sacrifice has been made for that meal (which most people waste anyway), I believe people should respect their food more and be grateful for what food they have. Way too much food is wasted in this world.

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I know many veggies and vegans who simply do not like the taste/texture of meat. It can be that simple.


There's a huge stigma towards people who decide, for whatever reason, not to eat meat.


Would you be so critical if someone did not eat mushrooms because they don't like the taste? Or drink bottled water because it's in a plastic container?


There's still an element of 'I'm normal - you're not' culture in our society.


If everyone turned vegan/veggie, there would be less pollution from animal flatulence. There wouldn't be brutal treatment of animals. There would be more land for the growing of vegetables and fruits. Farmers wouldn't have to accept ridiculously low sums of money for their animals. Etc etc etc.


I was a veggie, for about a year. I just stopped enjoying meat. Then I ate it again.

I still sometimes eat veggie alternatives like meat free burgers etc, but I still eat meat.

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I think for most people it is either a choice of ethics (not wanting to eat something that has a face) and/or health reasons.


I personally wish I could become a vegetarian- but I don't like enough foods to sustain myself without meat. I just can't make the leap. I know they make a lot of those substitute foods- like fake chicken and fake steak- but most are LOADED with preservatives and such. I've read the labels.


I try to buy local and organic whenever possible. I don't eat veal because I don't believe in the practice of confining the calves and feeding them milk only to keep them tender. If I had to spend a day with an adult cow- I'd be all done. I just block it out. I would not be surprised if I cut out red meat all together someday. My soul is bothered by eating meat- but I guess I've never done anything about it because of selfishness. Sometimes I tell myself that if I were out in the middle of a field and a lion saw me- it would have no problem eating me....it makes me feel a little better.


I do think that cruel confinement and slaughtering practices need to be changed drastically.

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I am vegetarian, for two reasons.


1. I don't approve of the killing of animals for meat.


2. I prefer the healthy diet associated with vegetarianism. Less saturated fat, more fibre.


All the associated deficiencies and warnings accompanying vegetarianism can be easily avoided through supplements, meat subsitutes and nutritional awareness.


I've been vegetarian for 2.5 years and would never go back!

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All the associated deficiencies and warnings accompanying vegetarianism can be easily avoided through supplements, meat subsitutes and nutritional awareness.

I'm sorry to play devil's advocate here, but I feel I have to.


I respect the life and choices of vegatarians completely.


However, if you have to 'supplement' your food - surely it's not right? I mean, as cavemen/women we ate meat. We need meat. There are some things in fish/meat that you just cannot get out of fruit or veg or the equivelant.


And if we can only get what we are missing out of synthetic, mass produced, manafactured chemicals then we simply are not made to be veggies.

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