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  1. How tables turn. Your exceptional story shows how the light comes forth from darkness and hopefully will help others. It's a huge coincidence that you happened to bump into her at such a point. How do you feel that she is now seeking you out? Do you feel any emotion towards her or neutrality?
  2. Well I'll be.... Very many congratulations to you, cp. I'm very happy for you.
  3. So many things are wrong. It's clear to you that she's not over her ex, thereforeeee she has baggage. You answered your own question. "[she's] Good practice" I feel negatively about that, but to each their own. However, if you do feel that way about her, then why is it such a concern to you how much baggage she has? She has enough baggage that you know she has it, but not enough form stopping her dating you. Speaking of which, are you sure you're over your ex?
  4. I'm flabergasted at how far you have come. You deserve a pat on the back. Rest well at night knowing that you have shown so many people that, no matter how in love you were, you can come through it stronger. It's possible. I wish you all the luck with love in the future. You deserve it, Steve.
  5. Ugh! Possibly paranoia setting in... Have you tried to contact them? They are supposed to be impartial - so assume they are, and use them for support. Take care.
  6. Why is that? Do you think they are 'taking her side' so to speak?
  7. Sorry I haven't been on much, Steve - but I'm glad to know that you are doing a little better. Keep it up. Things have to get better.
  8. That must have been really hard to hear her tell you about her dream. Not good at all. Now you have a fresh start, at least. You can gather yourself, and do some soul-searching. You are now your biggest priority. Nothing else matters. No other people to have an emotional investment in. Time to change.
  9. Oh Steve, Maybe this is what you need to get your own life back on track. You can't tell what the future holds. How did it happen?
  10. Isn't that for the best? I suppose it would be her giving you time and space to sort your head out. Maybe you should talk to her about it, or have you done that already?
  11. That's probably because your mind is looking for comfort. Have you decided about what you want to do?
  12. It is with a heavy heart that I have to agree with Mun. In the end, it is your choice - and only you know what you are capable of.
  13. I'm sure they will get used to things, Steve. If they are real friends; they will stick by you and your decisions. Take care.
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