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  1. But you do realize that the pesticides are extremely harmful for the body in the long run...and are carcinogenic, right? Also, organic food does not include artificial pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, and livestock feed additives..all of which are harmful for the body..the reason why most people consider organic food "healthy" is because it has very less unnecessary and artificial substances in it.. --maasikus
  2. I must say I am a little disappointed after reading a few of the initial posts in this thread...some of them are even uncalled for.. I am a vegetarian...and I must say I am in great health and great shape..have always been...i would recommend it to anyone who wants to give it a shot.. I don't think that us vegetarians are "weird"...we are more considerate and dont feel the necessity to kill another being to satisfy our taste buds...not that I have anything against meat eaters...i believe its a person's individual choice...the body can get all the nourishment it needs by eating proper nutritious food like vegetables, fruits, grains,nuts, eggs, cheese and milk.. i personally eat organic food.. that doesnt make me picky..it just makes me someone who respects her body and tries to avoid eating unnecessary and extremely harmful substances found in conventional food...it sure is expensive...but is definitely worth every penny, and am sure will save me from doctor trips in the long run ... its hilarious to see that some of you actually believe that a vegetarian's diet is lotus roots.. hopefully that was just a joke
  3. After reading ur post, I had a couple of questions. 1) Has he never performed oral sex on any woman before? If that is true, then maybe he is put off by it, or has some other psychological reasons? 2) But if he has performed oral sex in his past relationships, but is not willing to do it to you, then maybe he has a reason, and is not wanting to share it with you? COuld be coz he would be embarrassed or he fears that his reason would embarrass you? Either way, its childish that he avoids discussing the topic with you...even after you asked him repeatedly....and to talk about it to his other female friends is very inconsiderate..especially since you have no clue on whats going on...and its way too personal information...
  4. Hey guys, So I have 2 interviews for 2 different openings in the same company this week...Ethically, should I mention to each of them that I am also interviewing with the other department? If they ask me, I would mention that for sure...but if they don't then am I obligated to say that? And how do I mention nicely?? Thanks u guys!!! maasikus
  5. Hey guys!! I am doing job search right now, as I am trying to relocate to another town. But I had atleast 2 recruiters ask me for my SSN even for submitting my resume to prospective clients!!!! This is ridiculous!!! Before this, I have never had to give out my SSN until after an offer has been made or is in the making. But apparently, they need the SSN as a way of tracking candidates!!! I told these recruiters that I am not comfortable giving it out for something like submitting a resume!!! But wanted to check with u guys if u have faced similar situations..I can understand if they want it for running a background check when they offer the job, but for submitting resumes? Come on!! Its sad if I cant apply to these great jobs bcoz I want to play safe...
  6. I am a consulting IT Project Lead / Business Systems Analyst for a well known corporation. I like my job for the most part, but there can be a lot of stress during product release or a production issue! I always wanted to be a chef or own a fabulous Vegeterian Organic restaurant, but I know it can be very stressful too. Oh, I love travelling and shopping, maybe I will become a travel photographer or mystery shopper.
  7. What is the best way to invest some $$$ , which is safe but also yeilds a good interest rate? Having it in a savings account is probably not the best due to very low interest rates...what do you guys think? My friend asked me for advice and I thought I would see what the popular answer is...
  8. thanks dogheadma!! glad to know some1 is concerned for my well-being...i realize that walking alone in the dark is probably the dumbest thing i did this year..so will never repeat it ever again.. abt my hubby..he's hurt me so much in the past couple days...i dint even see it coming that he was "tired" of me... basically, i have done everything possible to make him comfortable..but he is upset that he had to drive me to work a couple days..and he is already tired of me? guess he has no idea that marriage is about caring and sharing for each other..i generally try to not ask for favors...and now that i was needy a couple days, i m annoying!!! its rare we even fight...the last time we fought was around my birthday.. 4 months ago..and needless to say, i had a sad birthday for most part...and now i just realized that i am ALWAYS the one that tries to make up...this time, i m just tired to make the 1st move...we are still on "cordial" terms..i always try to not say mean things or swear when i m upset..its mature, but a fight neverthless... am just gonna wait and watch..but judging from past exerience, if i dont make the first move, i am gonna have a lonely new years eve just venting...sorry if i m boring ya all
  9. i feel so lonely and vulnerable...my husband is still upset and said he is gonna sleep till morning...so i guess it more alone time for me today...dont u just wanna be in my shoes?
  10. Hey guys!! I am so glad I am home safe and sound!!! Some scary black car with tinted windows was following me about 30 minutes ago!!! I took out my phone and started dialling some number and the driver took off. I am almost sure, he was going to grab me into the car...Thank God I am safe... Ok...here is whats been happening so far...Post Christmas, I was getting ready to go to work...and my car did not start..so I had to ask my husband for a ride...he was grumpy and had to pick me up for lunch again and in the evening I called at 5.20...he said he was coming...my home is less than 10 mins from work...i waited outside the office and called back again at 5.40..he did not answer..so i called at 5.50 and he said he was starting...and he finally showed up at 6..and i was waiting outside in the cold dark street..i usually dont take it so bad, but this mean co-worker at work kinda yelled at me earlier (she is a bully with everbody) and I was so mad for that already.. so anyway my husband and I did not talk much that night...Wednesday was also pretty much quiet..until in the evening my damn muffler fell down from the car..what a lousy luck!!! so i had to call him...needless to say he was mad...so he came and we needed to temprorily fix it and then drive back home with the cars...it took 2 hours...i wanted to call AAA, but he was not even listening to what I said...he just wanted to fix it himself...ok..so i thanked him for the favor, but he was still very mad at me..so i asked him whats up..he said he was tired of me... so i decided to leave it at that...was too hurt to talk....today he offered to drop me at work, so i accepted and thanked...and said i was gonna skip lunch...and he took my car to the mechanic and fixed it..and i thanked...and then in the evening, i just decided to walk home..BIG mistake work is like less than a mile..so it was not such a bad walk...but for about 10 mins, i was on the highway shoulder...the traffic is clogged up there..so it is slow traffic..but a cop pulled over and checked if I was okay... i was walking home briskly, and about 5 mins in front of home, this scary black car pulls over close to me..i cant see much inside as it was tinted windows...he was followng me..i got all scared and pulled out my phone and started dialling...and then as i started talking into the phone, he drove off..but man what a scary lousy experience i seriously need some cheer..new year is around the corner, and i am having such a lousy time...oh to top it off, my project is finishing sometime soon, and i need to find a new job...i cant leave this city that i hate so much, coz of a ******* lease which will make me pay 3000+ if i leave before the termination of lease!!!! life sucks today maasikus
  11. Actually, a high concentration of artificially added chemicals in water will change the texture of hair/skin when used on a regular basis. These days you will find a lot of flouride and chlorine added in water, which will have a bad influence on the skin and hair. The best way to fix it is using a flouride/chloride filter and using a good shampoo and conditioner. I use Aubreys Organics and the texture is still soft and silky. If your skin gets too dry, then use a good moisturizer, preferably an organic one that does not have unnecessary chemicals.
  12. ozo- I must tell you I find this whole series of "incidents" bizarre. Here's why: 1. You both "communicate" using text messaging when it comes to very serious issues that could make/break your relationship. 2. Her friend tells you she is sleeping with another guy, and her actions pretty much say the same thing, and you do not ask her or even mention it to her, and ask her what she has to say about this "accusation". 3. She leaves home for a long weekend without telling you anything about where she is or what she is doing. And you do not stop her and ask what is going on. 4. You don't call her folks up asking if she is there. 5. She texts you during her escapade wishing you a good night and you reply back wishing her the same. 6. She comes back after a probably wild weekend, and you ask her how her weekend was!!! 7. You try to talk about what happened and she is not participating in a grown-up conversation. And you don't ask for much explanation before she leaves. 8. She comes back a couple of days later to take shower, have sex and pay half the rent. And then leaves!?! I can't help wondering if she thinks the house is a brothel/hotel? 9. You both have sex after all these events. I m sorry to say this, but I can't help wondering how you both got intimate when you have way too much unresolved issues going on for the past few days. 10. She tells you she will be leaving the country in abother 4 weeks and does not want to spend that time in the house. And you don't ask her for an explanation. Don't you both feel like there needs to be a closure? I mean, I feel for you that she is treating you so bad, but I can't help but think that you are partly responsible for why she is treating you this way. It is like she does not respect you or your feelings. And you do not seem to care much about it. I could be wrong, I am judging all this only from your posts. I am not sure if you are one of those extremely polite and forgiving guys who can put up with all kind of behavior. If I were you, I would NOT put up with all this. Atleast, if she doesnt have anything to say to you, you could change the house locks and throw all her stuff out. But you have no issues with her coming home and "using" you. And to top it all, you say and I quote She is YOUR wife. And you think you win because though she sleeps with both of you, she pays your rent and not his!!!!!!! Sorry dude, I do not think she is the only one to blame. The only way you can really move on from this mess is kick her out of your life and house ASAP, until any explanation from her side for all the things that are going on. We are here to support you, but we would like to see you be more tough when it comes to your wife. Maasikus
  13. I think she was still young when she met you and married you. So not sure how serious she thought the marriage was. Do you think she prolly wanted to escape from her parents' and thought marriage was a way out? You, on the other hand, were ready to settle down in a committed caring relationship. Have you guys talked about what you both want from the relationship? Where you see it going in the next 5 years?
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