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  1. I'm looking into jobs and all. I have applied to some but they have been taken. I'm thinking I could do some odd jobs here and there. I can't move before April since I have a lease to finish. As for the complex I'm staying at it is getting to be more of a party atmosphere and other tenents have said something to the office but nothing was done. I have told friends back home that I'm looking for one closer to home. I am willing for the job to be around 2.5 hours away from home. I haven't been just waiting around. I'm thinking of going to an employment agency to see how they could help me.
  2. I'd be paying rent regardless. That is what they told me.
  3. I'm looking to move back home in April. I hate my job and where I live. The company I work for started out great. There were enough people to cover everything and everyone got along for the most part. Now for every 1 person that gets hired 3 leave. I'm in and early learning education center. The people I work with now have this awful mean girl pack mentality. I keep putting off the time I leave for work later and later. I am getting an I-don't-care attitude there with all the drama. Now as to where I live. It started out as a lot of more quiet professional types. It now is more of a kind of party place. Some of neighbors now make me nervous to stay there, but I'm stuck in the lease til April. I am really homesick. I miss my family and the community in which I grew up. The community where everyone bands together to help each other. I am having trouble finding any work for which I am qualified. I just want to move home in April job or no job but I have a feeling my parents aren't down for that. I could probably stay with them but they want me to have a job. I don't know how much of my current job or city I can take. Have any of you all moved back home voluntarily without having a job lined up?
  4. I told one of the kids in my care not to do something and she gave a raspberry sound to me lol!!!
  5. My kids antics, never a dull day when you work with kids!!
  6. It would have to be Rookie Blue, love that show!
  7. Getting to have one of "my babies" come back for a visit for the day at the daycare today! The child hugged all their friends gently!
  8. Some girls wear the push up bra since some girls can't fill out the clothes without them. And when you're flat chested its hard to find clothes that fit.
  9. "John Adams" by David McCullough, so good and so hard to put down.
  10. I take one multi-vitamin, two calcium suppliments, three concentrated vitamins, and a green vegetable suppliment and a cup of green tea a day.
  11. I really like this. It brings out simplicity and the true elements of life.
  12. I love Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin is so funny with all the stuff he thinks about and even does.
  13. Randy(sorry going by your SN) I live in the same country and state you do. I am part of the "organized religion", I prefer Relationship. You will always be labeled others, part of life. All my life I've been labeled as the pastor's kid, big deal. I didn't fight it. Some things you just have to take. Like others telling you how to act. I figured its going to happen the rest of my life so I might as well get used to it. Are you a person that just has this "screw the system" attitude???
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