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  1. Walknut's are a pain in the ass to draw... My girlfriend has one tattooed on her and even her tattoo artist had a hard time with it.
  2. ... and started actually drawing in one of my girlfriend's sketch books. This is the first time I've ever drawn anything that I am genuinely proud of, as simple as it is. image removed Just thought I would share...
  3. I volunteer at a no kill shelter. I took that pic there with my phone (that's why the quality is so crappy.) Those two kittens are sisters. They are really attached to each other. The shelter is adopting them out as a pair because they don't like to be separated. Idk... when I saw them both looking out at me like that something seemed almost ominous about it. But in a good way. Alright, Cynder, sorry I momentarily highjacked your thread.
  4. I hope this doesn't ruin the mystique for anyone, but here's the picture: image removed
  5. Wow... those eyes are just popping. I don't know what you could put on the other side. I almost like the minimalist idea. It looks like their just in their own dimension, Your welcome, btw. I am surprised that pic was an inspiration to you. I didn't think I had any kind of artistic eye.
  6. I can tell just by looking at this that he's Twilight obsessed. Did he expect you to make him look like Edward or what? Lol...
  7. Wow... I remember the early stages of that painting back when you started it. It turned out really good. The CD cover is pretty cool too, not sure why anyone would reject it.
  8. This jumped right out at me, because I am from Oslo. Nice...
  9. Lol... those curtains look like the'r popping off the page don't they?
  10. Mybe you could put some Gargoyles back there or something. Or maybe put two Egyptian statues on either side of the window. It looks cool though.
  11. Those are some badass wings... As a blond she looks a little like my sister.
  12. Has anyone else noticed this thread is over 6 years old?
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