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  1. he proably just needs a lilttle space ..to digest the news himself ..before he can talk to anyone about it ..maybe ...its medically realted ..give him a day and then talk to him ..dont wait longer
  2. Hmm moving away would help u guys in a relationship....hahaha..thats real funny ...i would say dump her and move on u deserve better and so do ure kids ..do u want a woman like this even around ure kids who dosent even love them enough to be around them
  3. Hey say sorry and get some flowers and cook dinner ..u should be alright then
  4. This guy will definitely die alone with his sarcastic replies ...
  5. well so i guess then i could give it a shot and it would be fair to the relationship. anyway i really want to make it work out but not at the cost of our friendship , but i do care about her a lot . well thanks guys anymore advice is more than welcome and ill keep u guys posted on how things turn out
  6. i would prefer the 1st scenario why ? very simple if i still want to know the person that means there is something there that i am still fond of the person and thereforeeee i am justifying his/her actions
  7. Well yeah we have dated she was living with me ..and we went out for dinner every night ..and yes i have held her hand and she squeezed my hand when she was holding it . Hmm the thing about marrying isnt that ill get married right away ...also she is in Germany where i would be going to stay with her for a few weeks ..and then ill go see in the uk and proably take her with me for a holiday ... i mean dont get me wrong i am not having a fling or anything like that i am talking about absolute serious relationship ...i am financially well off ..basically a lawyer ..hmm so thats not a problem but its just that ..Do u guys think that i SHOULD EVEN BE THINKING ABOUT HER ON THESE LINES ...I mean do u think i would have a good chance of making something out of this relationship.
  8. Hmm i feel that u need to take make no hasty judgements about ure girl ..i think that she sounds like a really good hearted and genuine person going through a bad time ..like a part depression and u as has soulmate have to support her through this and believe me if she can have a kid with u then she really loves u cause she trusts u ..but really i went through a bad depression myself like for a whole year and was really low and insecure its just a phase everything going to be alright just be positive about it
  9. Hmm if i use to say it every night to my ex good nite darling love ya . she would say it a lot more to me though than me to her ..but it didnt matter cause when she was in my arms thats all that mattered
  10. Hmm yeah dogs u got to respect there too cute anyway whats the fuss about its a stupid painting ..get over it already she is with u not her ex ..thats the reality and thats about it
  11. Hmm i would say this that HE REALLY LOVES U take it from me .. i mean he is not lying to u u can read his mails ..the guys honest ..dont make it a shakespeare play "much ado about nothing " I think u should either let him be ..or if i were u i would want to get to know her i mean is there any harm if u get to know her ..i mean she has kids husband ...maybe she just needs friends ..so instead of being insecure about the whole thing why not get involved that way u would be right in the middle of the conversation ..and know whats going on And hey dont judge a person before u get to know them ..i mean has she made a move on ure BF ..no ...has hidden anything from u ...no ..so then whats all the fuss about ...but dont ignore it but get invovled get to know her and see if what she really wants
  12. Hey i would just say that Going out being with u is her choice she has got a brain in her head and obviously she feels that ure the perfect guy for her . So please dont undermine ure superman powers and insult her intelligence .. u obviously have a lot going for u only u cant see it ...so mate CHIN UP PLEASE
  13. Well done congrats u did the right thing . A * * * like that needs to be told to buzz off .. i mean ignoring a person is well just about the * * * *iest thing u can do atleast in my book
  14. Hey i would say , if a girl was trying to always call me ...i would gently break it to her that sorry i like u but were different people . but on a personal note i would say that in ure situation the person dosent obviously care so i wouldnt waste too much time on it i mean how much effort does it take to just call ...and if a person cant even do that do u really want him/her in ure life ...not me my friednships special and its not for everyone .. come on hold on to ure self respect
  15. Hey Babe, First of all ure in a bad place and need to get out of it quick , here is what u need to do ... 1> ignore all these losers because from what i can figure out they sound like real weak people . i mean to hurt a person takes a lot but to do it again and again ..well thats just sick . U need to get out of this crappy place ...Totally stop taliking to these losers . U have to realise that hey i am a good person and i dont deserve this crap . Just forget about these people Now ..Ure a good person and u deserve to be with good people . I am good person and can proudly say that i cherish all my friends and the moments i spend with them, i was in the same crap ure in now but this was about 5 years back . I just told them all to just get lost i started to judge these losers on a individual bases and realised the ones i wanted to hang out were the ones who respected my friendship. RESPECT babe is a very big thing u need to have it if u want a good relationship and Hey if u want a email buddy or some one to talk to u can try me out . Remember we make choices in life but we dont have to stick to them without thinking them through . Ure a good person and u dont deserve this Crap . take care shy
  16. Hey Dude just get on it ...she likes u accepts u for who u are ...i would tell myself that hey today i am going to try harder . I know its tough first relationships usually are ... but it will make u a stronger person and is positive for u
  17. Hi guys here is the thing , I met this girl in uni we lived in the same house and got to know each other over a a couple of years as friends Now i finished Uni and came back to India and she visited me over here , and we had a good time for about 2 weeks . now i like her my family likes her and she i guess likes me at a certain level as a friend or maybe more , now here is thing i told her i really liked her and that i would marry her but if it was alright with my parents cause like we come from a different culture , but i always joked about marrying her like if were both not hooked in a few years we would get married and stuff just jokes ...now when i was in the UK she wanted to visit me and i was like yeah sure come down and she did ...well u know life real funny stuff u joke about and dont give to much thought too generally works out i mean my dad suggested to me that i should marry her as we were a perfect couple and i was like yeah okay ...dad dont joke about stuff like that ..but than he told me that he wasant joking and it really got me thinking about it. i mean i like her and she is a very sweet girl , but i dont know how she feels about me what do u guys think that i mean should i assume she likes me or would that be going to far hmm ANY advice would be grateful and thanks for reading
  18. Hi Ashleigh and welcome to the forum i think that if u like this guy all u need is some self confidence and thats it just have faith in ureself and you will be fine . try getting close to him and becoming his friend , see if he shows some interest and take it from there . You could start by showing interest in what he does and for eg what kinda music he likes and stuff.
  19. hey man i am sorry dude but she is not interested...u gotta move on
  20. Keep it simple and real like dont get emotional ...just be like hey hows it goin with u ..i am doin good ..then let her carry it on from there 0X
  21. Hey ure doin fine, dont worry i mean she is proably trying to figure out how effected you are from the loss of the relationship dont give in act as if you have taken it in ure stride ..be a man 0X
  22. She is definatley playing with u ...proably on a power trip or something i mean cmon she could call back and say like hey sorry i couldnt get ure call naahh she is definitely playing , better be careful infact play with her tell her u call me ..stand up for ureself 0X
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