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  1. I am on here rarely now because very few emojs are available since some changes were made. chi
  2. Some people have a proclivity for addiction. It seems that she has an addictive personality based on your description. You need to let her go if it is a deal breaker for you.
  3. His talk of including alcohol in conversations would be a huge red flag to me. chi
  4. Gosh, what if you wanted to get on a plane and go on vacation together to some exotic location? He cannot go with you.... chi
  5. He most likely is communicating with other women. It is difficult to focus on one in particular under those conditions. chi
  6. He said he was sorry for leading you on. That is what would stick out in my mind. I would had one last talk with him, and that would be to tell him that since he has someone, you are also free to seek someone. You will both need to see where this leads to...maybe nothing. Did you ever see the movie, " When Harry me Sally?" chi
  7. Some things are better left unsaid. chi:eek:
  8. I would bring out the heavy equipment and make a call to vector control. They would be listed in your county government listings. I had a neighbor that had avocado trees that dropped dead leaves that were never picked up. The leaves were waist high. The rats would nest in these leaves and the avocados would drop into their mouths. They also had water by the nearby gutter. It was not dealt with until I called vector control.:eek:chi
  9. OP, would you take a bullet for this woman? If yes, then you love her. chi
  10. Why do you think that they stay together? I am guessing it is for economic reasons mostly. How old are you now? Do you have any siblings? chi
  11. Stay out of their business and worry about your own. Geeze.....
  12. You were in need of someone to help you with the rent; you did not screen for any problems because that need was the primary thing on your mind. Are you capable of paying the rent by yourself? chi
  13. My Dad was told the truth, but denial set in. I realized then that he really did not want to know. With time, he came to understand the truth and dealt with it. It is tough....really tough. My heart goes out to you. chi
  14. I know that you were not around at the time, but who remembers DOUGIE who did exact this. Finally he admitted it was just for attention. chi
  15. I don't know, maybe it is just me, but if I found out that someone I was interested in was a cross dresser it would be an instant turnoff and definitely a deal breaker. Why do you hesitate? :eek:chi
  16. In the past, when posts got off track from the original post, the thread would be closed and/or those who derailed the post were admonished. To the original poster, all this craziness became your normal and you could not really see the forest for the trees while you were in it. However, the more you are removed from it, the more you will question why you stayed. I think using extreme caution when entering a new relationship with a woman, goes without saying. Maybe just take a rest for now and regroup. You need to put all this behind you before you can enjoy a "normal" relationship with a woman. chi
  17. Excellent advice. You need to talk to an adult about this. Can you talk to your school counselor?
  18. It seems that he has been in your life too long already.:eek:chi
  19. I think it is really weird that he wanted to drag another person with him to your date. Sounds like he was trying to set up a blind date for his friend. I would ask him further about that if you ever talk to him again. Anyway, when you find that you are doing the heavy lifting, just stop it. I would play it cool right now. chi
  20. Stop self sabotaging. Suck it up and celebrate after.:pchi
  21. We need more infor:eek:mation; how old are you? chi
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