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About Me

  1. No matter how many girls you have sex with you are afflicted. A cursed soul of someone who really loved and lost. And that hurt was so bad, so tremendous that you can never love again. You may not even survive it. You just want things to go the way you picture them in your head, but that’s not reality. You want it so bad you long for it; you want her to be this person in your head so badly but she just isn’t. Yet why does this feel so wrong. Why do I feel so lost , and as if I have this gaping hole in my chest where my heart used to be? It’s been years and I’m still not over this. It’s been a
  2. Hi everyone. I posted on here recently...about my boyfriend being so moody that it is very upsetting. We have lived together for about almost two years now... However, the other night we had a small minor argument as he said he was going through problems and he didnt know what they were and that he feels like he is overwhelmed with everything. I tried to be supportive and offered to talk through his issues with him however he got rude and snappy and shouted at me that he didn't know what was wrong and that it could be more than his issues and it could be the relationship or me. I then a
  3. My girlfriend left me one year ago, now my best friend left me recently, my family is demanding me time with them because I barely dedicate it to them. I have 4 pets, one a little kitty and they are very demanding. A little more of context: I'm a university student and this semester I'm taking too many courses, so I have my time really strict, although I can withdraw some of them to decrease the academic load. So I'm very conflicted right now because 1. My beat friend left me because I'm not a good friend, I'm selfish and it is VERY hard for me to think about other people, and I hate it.
  4. NTG

    Born by mistake

    Up to this day I still can't find my purpose to this life. Sometimes living feels like a punishment because pain is what I feel daily. As it is, I have socializing difficulties and always wanting to be alone. Truth is, I feel letting people in would result in being hurt and also me hurting them. Hence I feel like my existence brings massive pain than happiness. I always find myself trying to please the other party and putting myself last. Whenever I disappoint, I tend to punish myself. Whenever I feel mad, hurt and hopeless I cut myself numb the emotional pain. The only way to put an end to th
  5. I haven’t seen any posts like this so I figured I’d start one. They say that its important to take away lessons from relationships, whatever kind they are. This last one made me realize that it’s ok to be myself and that I can make someone happy just by being that. I dont need to hide behind work, material things, and selfishness. Before she left she helped me change jobs (something I wanted to do and should have done years ago) and helped me understand that there is no such thing as “perfect.” She made me realize how important it is to give back also. Taking care of myself is the most imp
  6. I am a heavy introvert and find large group settings draining. Whenever I have a party/clubbing event I try my best to fit in by talking a lot and acting extroverted. I don't like drinking and everybody knows this. The problem is I feel left out when others binge drink to get drunk around me and become loud and obnoxious. I see those people (who are my very good friends) as selfish and their behaviour as unhealthy. It puts me in a position of spite and I usually refuse drinks and become designated driver because of it. I assume my stress and judgement for these people is out of jealousy.
  7. Met a guy at an open mic night about a month go, who was very unambiguously into me at the start and asked me to ask him out. I thought he had a nice face and I was a bit interested but he's not my usual type and I was still shaking interest in someone else. On our first date he concluded I wasn't interested in him and wasn't worth it, I walked away with the opposite impression and wanted to see more. Next time I saw him in the first 5 minutes he'd told me I don't know what punk music and, upon hearing that I'd gotten a bad performance review from work that I alienate people (totally not th
  8. Hello :) I need some advice regarding my best friend. We've known each other over ten years ago and we've been friends ever since. She has many great qualities, I trust her completely, we are really supportive to one another and we never argue. I know she has some insecurities (who hasn't ?) : she's very possessive so she feels threatened when I meet someone who I get along with because she doesn't like to "share" her friends with someone who's "not worth it" and she has a fear of abandonment. Anyway to set the context, 6 years ago, we were both trying to enter med school but I was th
  9. is it selfish to tell someone that you want to be alone to work on your self over and over again to heal from your previous relationship (the relationship before that) and mental issues? They've been doing it for 4 years they claim they love you and want to be with you. The problem is I need to work on these issues. I also just want to wrap myself up in work hopefully get a second part time job and use my spare time to focus on my kids. Is that selfish? It's not that I don't want to be with the guy. I just don't see how it's possible.
  10. So it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (quite an important birthday not just any old number) and I’m not sure if my expectations were too high or if I’m just being ungrateful? Basically nothing happened, we did something a couple of days before, but it was something we do every weekend whether it be a special occasion or not. So I figured ‘well nothing happened over the weekend so maybe somethings happening on the day’ Bare in mind I already know there’s no cake so I make my own, no problem, I love baking. The day arrives, I wake up, no happy birthday, no card, no present, no
  11. From few days, I have been getting ill feelings towards every human being. I don't know what is happening to me. People just wanna criticize me. I try to help them but they don't wanna help me. I asked for some advice but only 2 persons helped me. Others just listened to the problem as if they are joining what is happening in my personal life. I feel as if they are so selfish. They just wanna take help but don't wanna help others. Even if they don't have anything to advice,at least words of comfort may help, isn't it? I literally avoid asking for help from people because I don't wanna disturb
  12. My fiance dumped me. He stated that to him we are still together and he isn't looking for anyone else and that he love me. We hang out and still communicate. Sometimes we have really good days and forget that we aren't "offical". But that don't sit right with me. I get angry and i feel like if we are going to act like we are together than why can't we be together. He said he is at a mental standstill in his life and need to work on bettering himself and i should do the same. That's cool and all but it don't make sense to me. How are we supposed to better ourselves apart but still be involved i
  13. so 5 and a half weeks ago my friend reversed her car and swung it around and hit my parked car. she damaged the bumper and she smashed the washer housing. she said she would fix it so i didnt go through insurance. now 5 weeks later i told her i was getting impatient and i wanted the washer fixed as i can get points on my license for driving around with no washer if i have an accident. She told me to chill out and that im being OTT....this obviously wound me up. Anyway 2 days later she fixed my washer and now thats ok. but the bumper still needs fixing so i said id like it done in the next 2
  14. Ok so I'm sure some of you have read my post in the relationship thread about my fiance working out of town and us barely talking and so on. Basically what this boils down to is I'm unhappy. I have been extremely stressed due to the fact that he still has not been able to contribute to the Bill's at all. Except maybe $50. Now granted I can see where some of you would say he shouldn't have to pay for any of the bills here, if he's not currently here which I understand. but he's not even trying to help pay our cellphone bill. His solution to the fact that our phones are going to be shutoff is
  15. Has anyone else had the same experience as me, where the hottest girl you dated was the most selfish and the least attractive girl was easily the nicest? Just curious. I'm bored and lonely so I started a thread.
  16. So, we had a very tumultuous relationship because of my selfish behavior. This led to our break up. We used to fight every day. I took some time to seriously evaluate myself, got help, and stopped the behavior. The selfish behavior hasn't occurred since then. Since the break up, we have spent basically every night together. I know he isn't seeing any one else. It's been a few months since the break up. He does love me I believe, I know he sees the improvements in me, but now he's happy with the way things are. He basically gets to date me, not deal with the negatives of it, but can tech
  17. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. We are both 21, I know we are still very young, but we have both talked about getting married as if it is a certainty for some time now. Recently I have been thinking very seriously about this, however, and I'm not sure whether I am certain. What I know for a fact is that I love him. I know that neither of us is perfect and that good relationships are not made of two people who are "perfect" together, but two people who work to make it successful. The good parts of our relationship is that he does care about me, he understands who I am and accepts
  18. I have been with my boyfriend for close to one year and we have lived together the whole time. Our relationship started having trouble this past January. I had suspicions he was online chatting with another girl and was right. I confronted him about what I found on my iPad (most of it was innocent chit-chat aboud running but he did tell her things were not good with me and he even went so far to ask her to lunch). He didn't know what to say and could not explain why he was talking to her. He agreed to stop talking to her immediately and to work on the relationship. The issues that came out of
  19. Hi all I've been in a relationship for a year.. I'm 31 he is 29. Things until recently were good.. things now.. are not so good. for the last few months..my boyfriend has been really distant, cold and just miserable all of the time.. no romance.. no affection..no sex..no intimacy..no touching.. nothing.. we went a whole month with no sex. we slept next to each other like brother and sister..if i touched him he was like ice or he would push me away. I've brought this up with him multiple times.. I have told him that I feel confused, rejected, that he is no longer attracted to me. I to
  20. Hey everyone I need advice. I am in a same sex relationship for 5 years. I have worked all this time and have enjoyed providing for my partner. However I lost my job and since she doesnt work we had money problems. Im now back at work and work 7 days a week with very long hours. I want my partner to get a job but she is too fussy only wants to do something she likes. This is driving me nuts I think she is selfish and she thinks I am being mean and unsympathetic. Help me please this is cause us huge problems. Am I being unreasonable??
  21. I'm 22, she's 20. I know we are young, but we have fallen for each other. The connection we have is something that neither of us have ever felt before. I just made a huge mistake that jeopardizes the future of our relationship. She is a little overweight and very insecure about her looks. In her words, she perceive's herself as "fat and ugly." I don't see her that way at all. I actually prefer her body type over any other, and I think she is incredibly cute. What I did though has made her feel like she is not good enough for me. She was giving me a blowjob, and I was really close to orga
  22. Hi there, My gf of just over a year wants to live together, while I'm not against it, I'm not so sure about it. I'm 22 and she's 20. However our situation is a little bit weird. We live in a shared student house, we pay rent separately, we got together after all the contracts were signed, so not much we could do with living separately. Our rooms were next to each other, sort of like that show New Girl. For a year things were fantastic between us, with a few hiccups that we often sorted out. Now after a year she proposed the idea of us moving in to one room together, since we're in
  23. I need help. I need advice. Some background: I'm 20 years old. My boyfriend is 25. We've been dating for a little over two years now, we've traveled all over the world together, and for the past six months we've been living together. Twice in our relationship, I found him being unfaithful; once was when I found a string of dirty and insinuative text messages sent between him and his ex during the first three months of our relationship (after I found the texts, he was apologetic but didn't seem to acknowledge how serious this was). A year later, I found messages online where he told a gi
  24. I would like to know will a or has there been any rocky/complicated relationship that last? For example. Two person is in a relationship and the relationship is very one sided with the female putting on a mask hardly ever put in any effort / doesn't care about the relationship / taking the relationship for granted / not respecting it / being selfish / emotionally abusive but the male as dumb as it is would keep holding on to the relationship with strong beliefs that there's another side to the relationship and she would at some point take off the mask. I know this might sound like a ch
  25. Hi, i have written on here before about a man who keeps texting and calling me and invading my space it is still going on and im getting worn down by it. i answered the phone to him 3 weeks ago and explained to him again that his constant messages and calls is upsetting me. He went quite for a week then he started again. I have been ignoring his attempts because i hoped he would back off. But he hasn't. He has started saying in out of order and when he bumps into me ill have no choice but to talk to him. I blocked him on social media but on my phone i downloaded an app to block him but he
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