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About Me

  1. Do you have book passages, quotes, poems that left their mark on you, speak to you, do you perhaps even use them as a mantra or orientation in life? Perhaps you just..like them? Well, I have tons and tons and I never seem to get enough and have the same curiosity drive me in the inquiry about yours as some women have for "what's in your handbag" pins. It's an obsession of mine almost. If you have bits of literature you'd like to share I bet some of us bookworms would love to read them. If possible, try to add the authors name or a book title for those who might be interested in reading mor
  2. Okay so my boyfriend and I are both pretty insecure. This is something we are aware of and working on. Anyways, the other day he was showing me something on his phone and happened to scroll past a porn video he had saved on his phone. I have always told him I don’t care if he watches porn and have kind of an “out of sight out of mind” policy about it. I don’t mind the idea of it and I know pretty much every man watches it but seeing it for myself made me sick to my stomach. I also asked him a few weeks before if he watched it and he said no. I’m not sure why he lied because we are usually pret
  3. Hi everybody! I desperately need help. Last year I met and dated this guy for whom I fell super hard. Head over heels, crazy. Well, the feelings for him have subsided, but one issue remains. He had recently ended a relationship when we met. Turns out his ex and I look a lot alike. Like sisters. Because of certain things, he made me feel like the reason why it didn't work between us is because he was just out of that relationship. Well, I was shaken to the ground, and now I am obsessed with his ex. It's unhealthy. Her face pops up on my head randomly. Thoughts of comparison to her are constant.
  4. We've been in a monogamous relationship for 6 years, never had any real issues, and have a pretty frequent at least once a day on average sex life. We're open with each other sexually, open about masturbating, and using sex toys together. Just recently after years he bought his first flesh light type toy. Then over the next few months I noticed he got 10+ of them, starting to get bigger and bigger like full body part toys. Many boxes that took up a big portion of the closet. A little weird to me, bothered me a little deep down that he had way more sex toys to use alone than my one shower
  5. I have an unusual situation. 6 months ago I started talking to a girl online who was having relationship issues with her now ex-boyfriend. We became very close friends, and had a really strong genuine connection. We would talk for 6+ hours easily without even realizing. All contact was always initiated by her. I'm 30(M), she's 23. She's very self-destructive with relationships. She chooses guys who treat her horribly simply because she finds them attractive. Honestly, I started developing feelings for her, despite knowing we could never have a relationship (I couldn't ever trust her, s
  6. So I Met this Girl at an Event. Im also a Girl. We went to drink afterwards and I got tipsy and asked her to kiss me. It worked and she took me to her apartment, but as we were going there, I got completely drunk. We had sex but I forgot everything about it the next day. She told me I said horrible things about myself and I need therapy. Yet she agrees to see me again and she invites me to her apartment agai next week. I find her manners way too bad. She doesnt let me talk at times, she calls me names, shes really strict to me for no reason. Ive been bullied before, so I overreact. She explai
  7. Hi everyone, I'm in a bit of a transition stage in my life at the mo and to cut a long story short I've moved in with my mum for a few months while I get money together for a house deposit and find a decent place. We have always had a strained relationship but it has gotten better in recent years. When I was growing up she was very critical of me and made daily comments about how I looked, especially my weight. I have carried a bit extra for most if my life except for a couple of stages where I lost an extreme amount of weight in extreme ways. I have recently put some weight back on and
  8. I've been feeling really confused. I'm 23, female, and recently got out of a relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I truly loved him, and we had a great sex life for about the first year. However, over the last several months I started to have a lot of questions about my sexuality. I fantasized about sex with a woman sometimes while we were having sex, and sometimes while masturbating as well. It impacted our sex life because I started to feel like there is this whole other side of me that I haven't explored and don't understand, and I felt like I needed to explore it. I decided to try to call
  9. I started seeing my friends friend. I knew him for about 6 months before we started dating. We went out on a first date, he was lovely. We went back to his chatted, watched a film and we slept together (Which wasn't planned and I don't normally do that) We then started to see each other once a week. He is a Police officer so he works all different shifts. I would go round his house we would watch a film. I asked him if he wanted to go out and everytime he said he wanted to stay in. I thought this was because of his shifts he was tired but as time went on he stopped messaging me back and then
  10. Hi everyone . My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years and up till now , i'm still feeling pretty obsessed with her . We broke up once before , but she came running back to me when i decided to break all ties with her - what i mean is , is that when we broke up , she started to like a new guy - but she also wanted me , wanted to love me at the same time . So since i still loved her , i agreed . But after awhile i found someone new , started to take an interest in this new girl . However she was unaware of this new relationship that i was trying to build . It took me so much co
  11. My story is a bit complicated so this post may get a bit long. I will try to be sincere so please refrain from judging my past behaviour, I am aware about the bad things I did. I never questioned my sexuality until two, three months ago. I always considered myself straight, did that automatically; I am a feminine looking girl who likes dressing herself up, using makeup, talking about guys etc. The problem is this girl, who by the way looks much more like a lesbian than I do (if there is something as a lesbian look), dark short hair, no makeup, I will call her E. Do you know this feeling at
  12. I'm obsessed with this album now because it seems to be the soundtrack to my breakup. I thought I'd share these lyrics for anyone who is trying to get to the anger stage! Cold as You by Taylor Swift You have a way of coming easily to me. And when you take, you take the very best of me. So I start a fight 'cause I need to feel somethin' And you do what you want 'cause I'm not what you wanted. (CHORUS) Oh, what a shame. What a rainy ending given to a perfect day. Just walk away, no use defending words that you will never say. And now that I'm sittin' here thinkin' it through, I'v
  13. I know I have been singing the same song. But still I have totally broken and shattered now. I don't see any future anymore! Since breaking up I am unable to accept myself, I hate myself for all the wrongs I did while in the relationship (nothing major though- like crying, not listening to him, arguments on small little things, obsession to talk to him and missing him, showed him how stressed I was because I wasn't able to clear any exam to have a better job) and was being dumped because of these negative qualities of mine. It hurts that I had hurt him. Although I myself is still hurting (i
  14. So I've been dating the most amazing girl for about 6mths, and it's by far the most wonderful, healthy, happy relationship of my life. I'm so in love with her, she's amazing. But I'm terrified that my stupid intrusive thoughts and obsessiveness are going to ruin everything. Right now it's manifesting itself in my constant obsessive thoughts about her ex. The woman she was dating before me was in her late thirties (we're both in our early twenties), and is an esteemed and successful poet/academic. They were together for two years, but it was a turbulent and rocky relationship (completely unl
  15. To set the scene I’m 38 years old. Up until my thirties I drifted around having lots of fun in different locations. Then when I turned 30 I suddenly had this incredible impulse to return to be near my family and have babies. For most of my thirties this became an obsession. I chose totally unsuitable men and went through boyfriends like a shark with a shoal of fish! Some of them were horrible. Then I gave up on men last year and decided to have a baby solo. That’s when I met my current partner. He’s young and fun. We became serious quite quickly. A year and a half later I’m living with him.
  16. My boyfriend isn't officially diagnosed with OCD, but he has admitted he has an obsession with contamination and additionally he has vocal/motor tics and Aspergers traits. All of this he managed to hide until about 4 months into our relationship, but since then they've been getting worse and worse. I try to be as understanding, accommodating and caring as possible, but his problems put a lot of strain on me and they affect our relationship but it's only me that sees that and although he concedes that he can be very difficult to cope with, there's no understanding or compassion for my feeling
  17. I'm having a hard time right now and just need someone to listen. I saw my therapist earlier and we started talking about the possibility of getting back together with my ex. He asked why I had such a hard time letting go and from what I told him, she made it clear that she was done. He said that obsessing about how/when to win her back is just me trying to manipulate the situation. And while he can't tell me what to do, whatever action I take, I just need to have integrity and stay true to myself. If I do that, there should be no regrets on my part. It made me think that that I am a sensi
  18. I can't seem to let go of my ex. We had a decent relationship, but it ended badly and she ran out with her ex behind my back. We left each other alone and then she started drunk texting me at night. Then we have this back and forth for like 6 months. We had 2 encounters with each other, one 4 months ago and one last week. I thought we might get back together cause it was so good, she said she loves me and we have a great connection, but it ended unfortunately because her kid walked in on us later that night. Now I haven't heard from her in a week. I am sad, mad, in disbelief that I coul
  19. Broke up after 24 years and 3 months later he’s dating a girl who he says is only a friend but he stays overnight on the sofa so he says. Still texting and ringing me when he wants but when I try to get in touch with him I can’t. We talk and he keeps saying he is trying to work this out. We had a great life together and I can’t let go. I’m obsessed and don’t know what to do any advice.
  20. I've blocked him from contacting me in any way (text, social media...). I've also deleted anyone on social media who might remind me of him or tempt me to look for info about him. It was working well for several weeks, but it's suddenly becoming much harder. Tomorrow is his birthday and I feel so tempted to contact him, but I know that contacting him will be pointless if I really want to continue to make progress with moving on. Just a little background, I broke up with him due to our incompatibilities as I perceive them. We've dated for 8 years (I'm 23 now) and I gradually grew up,
  21. So this is officially the longest me and my ex haven't talked for in 4 years. Despite the fact that my ex is posting daily statuses on WhatsApp, clearly for attention. Not necessarily my attention, but it is for attention. Tbh it doesn't bother me like it once would have. It's actually quite unattractive and everytime I see a status update I just think 'Really? What are you doing?!) I do care about him a lot and love him very much but I've realised that the world hasn't come to an end just because we didn't work out. I am gradually able to think about him and the relationship positively and
  22. Just want to ask all the men out there: if a guy likes a girl, will he always go after her? Not necessarily ask her out (I know that takes guts), but at least call her/chase her/try to see her/etc? I've been reading that relationships book "He's Just Not That Into You", which basically says that women should not waste their time obsessing over men who aren't interested. The authors argue that if a guy really likes a girl, he will ask her out. They say that men will always go after a girl they like, and if a guy doesn't, it means he's "just not that into you" (hence the title of the book) an
  23. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I need some advice on how to handle a situation. My brother and I didn't speak for 6 years. He assualted me and refused to apologise.Then one day out of the blue he called me and apologised. Said he and his partner were trying for a baby and we should patch things up because of it. I'm 43 and don't want kids - my partner and I are childfree (not childless). Anyway, he contacted me in August to say they'd gone through IVF and by September they were pregnant. I met him in October, he apologised for how he'd behaved six years
  24. "Love lift us up where we belong" "All you need is love" "I was made for loving you baby" "I'm gonna love you forever" We live in a love-freak culture don't we? When you get it (or think you got it) you can't live with it. When you don't have it, you can't live without it either. Either way is a major drama. Wouldn't it be nice to find someone really attractive, single, with everything you're looking for, great sense of humor, who you can be yourself around with and a nice tight butt? Well yes. Am I willing to invest a huge part of my energy, efforts and resources in
  25. Hi everyone. I'm a 25 y/o female and ended an almost-relationship a couple months ago with a guy I REALLY liked. Long story short...ended up finding out that he wasn't as honest of a person as I thought. He was already seeing another girl before I came into his life and continued to see her after we started talking. I also found out about a couple other things he lied about while we were seeing each other. I confronted him about one of the lies (not about the other girl) and he covered it up with a story that didn't really line up with the dirt I have on him. He also told me that I should do w
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