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Thread: My girlfriend of 6 months broke up with me: "I'm not the relationship type"

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    Not everyone you meet is going to be the one you are supposed to be with. But you can learn from everyone you meet. You learned about yourself and being in a relationship. Learned from your mistakes and learned what works. She wasn't into you and that's okay. You two are on different paths and for whatever reason it didn't work out.

    There doesn't always have to be a valid or good reason why something didn't work out. Its like a pair of shoes. Could be your size but it just didn't feel right. Nothing wrong with the shoes, just not the right fit for you.

    One day someone else who will fit you will come along. Youll see

  2. 06-29-2020, 04:49 PM

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    Originally Posted by ka971220
    Thank you. Yeah it sucks, because I know you're right. It's just a damn shame really. I'm just confused how someone can tell another person that they love them and be super clingy and yet, the day before they were irritated as hell and not wanting to talk properly. Guess she's just as confused about her own feelings. What makes it worse is that she wouldn't communicate properly, so how could I know all this was going on insider her head. Some people just can't talk... it's a shame.
    And people like this make crappy partners. Some people really are that inconsistent, and don't communicate about what's going on with them either because, A) They lack the maturity to do so, or B) They're just not interested in trying to fix it.

    It stings, but you're to be better off without her. She can't offer you the sort of relationship you would like.

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