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  1. Its very simple.. The relationship didnt work out. There doesnt have to be a reason, blame, or fault. Sometimes relationships end because it was time for it to end. I know you are perplexed at how could this be. We are conditioned to think there HAS to be a reason for anything to end but sometimes they just do. What you are doing now is trying to think back as to when the diversion happened. When did she start breaking away from me? Have you thought that its nothing you did or nothing you could of done. You could of been the best boyfriend in the world and she could still break it off be
  2. Might be overthinking it my friend. She is an X, which means you do not have to devote a single bit of energy on them. You dont have to worry about that they do, what they may or may not see, how they react, what they feel, who they are feeling things with, who they are with.. nothing. They are an X and you leave them at that. And from what you said it sounds like she has already emotionally put you in her past. She can be friends with you because she doesnt see you as a romantic interest, she doesnt want you, doesnt want to be with you and I think the "can we be friends" line is just a way to
  3. What I see is someone that does not have their own identity and heavily relied on someone else to attach themselves to good or bad. Just my two cents, but if I ask you who you are. I dont know if you can really answer that question. You were happy being someone's GF and it didnt matter if they treated you right or wrong, you were just happy being theirs. Now I could be way off, but you are here a year and a half later looking back at what you lost and not looking at what you gained. You are free to do what you want with whomever you want. Free to date, free to make yourself happy, free t
  4. you just have to stop. Quit making excuses and quit reasoning, excusing, or justifying her actions. Im going to tell you the reality of whats going on first. It is over, she is not coming back, she is going to meet someone new and she is going to kiss and have sex with someone that is not you. Thats just a fact and thats how the life of an X goes. She is going to be just fine without you. Its not a question of mental instability its a question of want. She doesnt want to be with you. You just have to accept that it is over. What you are doing is waiting and justifying that wait and
  5. Here is my two cents. You were a physical replacement for his X. He still has a love for her and he took that love and projected it onto you. He didn't want to be alone and you fit what he needed. Was or is this your fault? Nope. Could you of done anything different to change the outcome? Not at all. Were you duped? Absolutely. The point is that its not your fault. Don't think that you should have any guilt for rejecting him. Or think you were the bad guy or think anything like that. You were fooled and that's okay to admit. I think at some point most of us has been fooled
  6. did you know that you can do nothing wrong and still lose the girl? Its just how life is. Remember, it takes two to make a relationship work. You cant have enough love or enough feelings to make up for the lack of commitment from the other person. You can want her and devote your entire being to be with her but if she doesn't want to be with you, then its just not going to happen. Doesn't mean you did or said anything wrong. She wanted out and picked any reason to break it off. In reality, she had already decided she was going to break it off with you and just waited to find any excuse and
  7. No1


    So let me ask you why do you think you have not progresses so far? What have you done to advance and move forward and why do you think is holding you back? Have you done everything you needed to do? Have you purged him from your like deleted his number or all texts messages? Do you still stalk his social media? If he has given you anything have you packed them up or thrown them away? Do you still have pictures in your phone or in your place? Is there anything in your dwelling or phone that would remind you of your X? Let me ask you.. what is the best way to forget a language you learned or a
  8. break ups are a mind set. How quickly you get over them depends on you and no one else. If you allow an X to make you mad its because you allowed them to. If your X is causing you pain or their actions are confusing you its because you are allowing it. You said it is your first serious relationship and use this as a chance to learn from it. Learn how to let the relationship go. Change your mindset. Let me answer your biggest question. How did he get over you so quickly? .. He was over you and had already emotionally detached from you BEFORE the break up happened. So by the time the break u
  9. Going to give you some tough love okay. Shut up and move on. Going back reading your other posts you seem like hanging on is something you like to do. Cutting someone off or letting them go is not quite your specialty. Accepting that things are over is also not something you are comfortable doing. You broke it off with this girl, and you move on from her. You don't worry about if you have a chance, or if she will contact you, if you two will ever go out on a date.. you move forward. Think back to your posts from 2017.. you went on and on about your X. You should let your X continue to
  10. I think you two are on completely different planes, levels and paths. I say this because you are thinking he is on the same emotional level as you, but in reality he is not. You are giving him far too much credit is what Im trying to say. You think that your X is a thinker, one who is like a chess player who thinks before he acts or speaks. Truth is that he is playing Chutes and Ladders while you are playing chess. Don't overthink..
  11. I understand that you are not the same person you were many years ago. If you met someone today and she said she was engaged or married or has a boyfriend, I would think you would say thanks but no thanks. I think you said originally all that happened 6 years ago. So I cant sit there and judge you because when I was in my teens and early 20s, I made A LOT of mistakes and tried to learn from them, but then again, I am a guy so it takes for me to make the same mistake several times. haha. In the end, you will always have a love for her, but doesn't mean that you have to be in love with her. Yo
  12. In Nov of 19, you posted about this girl Jane. And there was a pattern. You can put your hands up and say When I met her she didn't mention she was involved with someone. But once you found out she was involved and engaged, the relationship continued. You even said yourself in your post in Nov that it continued for months. You had questions and you said you left because of how she handled the situation and she left her fiancé. You mean to tell me that you did not give her an ultimatum at all? Im sure you mentioned something insinuating if she left her fiancé that you two could be together.
  13. based upon what you said.. Leave her alone. She knows you want her, she knows how to get a hold of you, if she wants you she knows she has you. But she hasn't said or mentioned about getting back. So leave her be. Here is what is going on now. You two are not together. You cant 'win' her back. You cant change the past, you cant make up for what was done. Based on her actions Im guessing you did something to hurt her that's why its you wanting to make amends right? You want to show her you have 'changed'. Trying to read between the lines, Im guessing its something like that. But then again, I
  14. So let me see if I got the gist of the story. You knowingly pursued and dated a woman who was engaged. You hated being strung along so you basically gave her an ultimatum. She splits with her fiancé to be with you and since you got what you wanted, you no longer wanted it anymore. Then you made up some excuse about how you couldn't trust her and blah blah blah. But at the same time you completely ignored that you pursued and had sex with an engaged woman. You glanced over how you were equally guilty and laid all the blame on her. I don't think you ever mentioned that you felt guilty going afte
  15. Do you really think being in a relationship equals "being happy"? Is that what you think? Im going to tell you a secret. I bet that half of the friends you have that in a relationship are not happy being in a relationship and would gladly change positions with you. There are lots of issues going on but you have believed and married the image that being with someone means you are happy. So a question would be... were you happy in your last relationship? Heck no you weren't. You were all over the place.. Remember that she dumped you a few times, she told you that she didn't see a future with y
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