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  1. Here is a simple way to determine if you should or shouldnt. If leaving an avenue for your X to contact you gives you any level or form of anxiety, then block. If it doesnt, then you dont have to.
  2. You kind of glanced over the part that you blew up. You dont think by snapping at her and doing the power trip in demanding the ring back had a negative affect on her? At the first sign of losing her, you went crazy. Instead of asking how can we bring the fun back into the relationship, you went full "I want the ring back" Now, I know you want her back, she knows you want her back but there is nothing you can do. Honestly I cant tell you if she will come back but Im guessing that something happened that will not change her perception of you. And you cant ask either. Your actions were raw
  3. Youve already posted on this. It is over, He is not coming back, he doesnt have the same feelings for you as you do for him. In other words, He is just not that into you. All other questions or past promises, what he said, what he did does not matter anymore. The relationship has ended. Im sorry to say but it is a part of your past. You take the good parts and you discard the bad. Just to let you know that for every answer you get, you will have two more questions because you are trying to reason and justify having him in your thoughts. The thing about deleting the pictures was just a re
  4. Ill answer your question of what can you do? Here is your answer. Absolutely nothing. What you are doing and feeling is natural and one of the stepping stones of a loss. Sounds like to me that you are standing on three of them at once. Denial, confusion and reasoning. Confused because you keep looking back and think this relationship was great and holding on to past promises and words. Every promise, every talk about the future now has to be thrown out because it doesnt matter. The reasoning comes into play because you are trying to think that maybe its a phase that she will get over or
  5. "You are an amazing catch, you were the best GF I ever had, you deserve better, I cant see myself with any one else right now, Im working on my future, Im finding myself, I dont deserve you, Im not ready for someone as good as you" all mean the same thing. I dont want to be with you, so Im going to cushion the blow. He can hold you tight and say those things because he has already emotionally separated from you. This doenst mean you did anything wrong, doesnt mean that there is someone else in his life, it just means he doesnt want to be in an exclusive relationship with you. I know it s
  6. Ill simplify it for you. Dont be friends with her. There is no rule out there saying if your X wants to be friends, you must agree to it. If you dont want to be friends, dont be friends. On that note, you dont have to be a jerk either. As far as running into her at the gym or other places its simple. You treat her like you would treat any other stranger at the gym. You can say hi and be cordial but dont have to tell her your day. To put is in simple terms, dont be so available with your time and dont be so eager to talk to her. You can still have a life with your X being around you
  7. Just how I see it is that you are missing the illusion of a wonderful relationship. You miss the good times but not missing the bad times is just proof that its not her that you miss, but the times being a good relationship that you miss. So if its not her and the good times, then why dont you just mentally leave her in the past and stand up, dust yourself off and look for someone that will give you the "good times" on a daily basis without the toxic drama? You are also missing having someone. You know she was not the right one for you, but at the same time she was right next to you and
  8. to be honest with you, none of it matters or should matter. I know full well that its easier said than done, but in the end what she did does not matter any more. She is an X and you leave it at that. No need to say "I knew I was right" or tell her what you found out because it doesnt change the fact that you two are broken up and she is seeing someone. You say the right things, now its time to do the right things. Leave her in your past.
  9. And that is okay to admit that you were naive and easily bought into his BS. But now that you know that he was the one, then you really shouldnt have to lose sleep over it. So now lets talk about esteem and going to state the obvious. You attracted someone. Granted he wasnt the one for you but you attracted someone. Understand there is no reason why you cant attract another one right? But someone better.. 🙂. Hold your head up high.. know you are a great person, attractive and any guy should be lucky to be with you.
  10. What exactly do you think about when you lay in bed with anxiety? What is keeping you up at night? Are you confused as to why he did this? Asking yourself was it something you did or said? Are you questioning if you are not worthy of a relationship? I am curious to know why would you be this upset over someone you never touched. Breaking up is indeed a mindset. And right now you are taking the brunt of it for (in all honesty no good reason). Let me tell you from a guys point of view who has done exactly what this guy did okay. I have been that guy so I can come up with some good ideas as
  11. overthinking, overthinking and if I forgot to mention, you are over thinking.. I read your other post and it seems like its this or that, that you go full no contact or you become friends. It doesnt have to be so black and white, cut and dry or frick or frack (hey, I ran out of stuff). You can act like a basic human to someone and not act like you want to be their friend. Imagine all the strangers you come in contact with every day or every week. The person at the supermarket or when you buy your coffee or ordering food at a fast food place. You are nice to complete strangers so th
  12. I dont think anyone can say with certainty what he will do. I dont know if he will reach out to you or not. And you dont know that either so you asked if you should move on? The answer is yes. He broke up with you for a reason. I think there were a lot of issues he had that he hid from you. Now that he is divorced he wants to be free and not back into another relationship. Just know that I dont think it was you or anything you did or there was nothing you could of said or done to have him continue being with you. Maybe her projected his love for his wife onto you, maybe he continued the
  13. Reading thru your past posts and I noticed a few patterns with you but here is the big one. You look for reasons to want to contact her. You make up in your mind a way to justify why you should talk to her. This time it was because she broke up with that guy, one time it was because you wanted to bury the hatchet and another time it was because you wanted to find out why she hated or resented you. Im sure the list is endless but those are what you listed. You have asked for advise and gotten advise. You know what you have to do but you refuse to do it. So what else do you want to hear? A
  14. Umm, you told him you hated him. So are you expecting him to wake up tomorrow and say I miss her!!? It takes two people to make things work and you can have enough love for two people but it doesnt mean things will work out. He knows you want him, he knows you are available and he knows where you are and how to get a hold of you. But he is not exactly chasing you, so what does that mean? It means "I dont want to be with you" Do you think that in a stable, loving, supportive relationship that two people should be arguing as much as you two did in such a short amount of time? It doesnt mat
  15. now you are talking about nature vs nurture or are you a product of your environment. Lets say you were born into a family of coal miners and your family were coal miners, you live in a town full of coal miners, odds would say you will probably end up as a coal miner because of thats is the environment. Lets say you were born into a family of coal miners but were adopted by a family full of doctors and your new parents were doctors and your family were doctors, are you destined to be a coal miner? There are things that you will have from your parents that you just cant control. If they a
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