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  1. Ugh! I can’t stand the “I know what’s best” attitude. For the first time in my personal life I’m doing good with weight loss because nobody is breathing down my neck! OP congrats on the 40 pound weight loss! I’m sorry that she’s trying to turn you into a stepford boyfriend. I think if I were you, cut your losses with her. She’s the type that will never be happy with anything less then her opinions being right.
  2. Yes, care to elaborate more? With more details we can help you better.
  3. Hi, I hope this helps. A piece of advice I was given by a close friend as I too know what you mean about patterns and worry if someone is slow fading, my friend told me this: Even if they are fading there’s nothing you can do to stop it unfortunately. You just live each day the way you want, you go about your life for you. If someone wants to be in your life they will be in your life. If not, nothing wasted except worry. I think you just now sit back and let things happen the way they should. If she’s interested she’ll let you know about the weekend
  4. Happened to me 😳😔😒 OP his getting angry at you because you bring it up is a form of gaslighting you. You have every right to talk about such a big step such as getting married. This is your life too! I have been through the ringer from two serious relationships to learn that guys who don’t want to marry you pull this exact crap!
  5. I think googling the guy isn’t a bad idea even if you never see him again. Then you can see what is lurking there about him. I have found out a lot about prospective dates by googling. I’ve found some already married or with a significant other. Drug or other felony charges. Or using a fake name. The stuff you could find on him I’m sure will be good to know. I’m not saying he’s a criminal. But you can see if he’s at least legit.
  6. Definitely don’t propose! If he hasn’t proposed to you yet and you’re both situated in life. This guy has serious commitment issues. Don’t waste anymore of your time on him dragging his feet. Besides why be with someone who drags their feet on the idea of committing to you? You deserve better not wishy washy
  7. I call utter BS on everything he tells you! This guy screams ‘ulterior motives’. Someone that has to constantly brag about money and how respectful they are is really an insecure individual. He’s trying to impress you and to be honest he’s coming off off putting and I don’t even know him. I think you are very kind to give him a chance because I don’t think many woman do. I think he’s tried pulling this same act on many other different woman. I feel you should cut him off. This guy is a dud!
  8. It’s been almost seven months since my last relationship ended. I ventured into the world feeling lonely. I freaked out at the thought of not having someone to call my own. It was easy to become bitter and resentful of love when my thoughts were constantly consumed of it. The bitterness was really a reflection of how I felt towards myself. I thought “Nobody will want ugly ol me. I don’t deserve love, I have nothing to give.” As the days progressed I realized I had to face her, the woman in the mirror. She was unkind the way she mocked my appearance. I stared her down one mor
  9. Thanks Wiseman. Yeah the good news is it wasn’t a full on stroke. I saw the Cardiologist today and I have tests needing to be done. I’ll be sure to update on what the cardiologist finds.
  10. Thank you everyone! I’ve never dealt with so many emotions all at once. In the ER I had two minutes to consent on a dangerous medication that will help me with the stroke but possibly kill me due to its possible side effect of a bad brain bleed. It was either that or face the damage the stroke would leave me. Which was use of my left arm if I didn’t take the medicine. I sat there freaking out and decided to trust this stranger. I am feeling right now lucky I made it out with no side effects from the medicine. I have complete use of my left arm. My stroke
  11. Update: It wasn’t an allergic reaction to the iron infusion. I got home and almost passed out in the shower the next thing I know my left arm went totally numb and I couldn’t move it at all! My mom rushed me to the emergency room. I just now got home from the hospital. I was in ICU these past two days because I suffered a small TIA stroke. I was put on this dangerous medication that saved my life and my arm function. The hematologist I will be seeing shortly again soon. She called me while I was in ICU on my phone and sent a doctor from her practice to
  12. That’s how I’m feeling with meat! My mom will take out a steak to prepare it and I just salivate. Lol Thats interesting about the ice craving because I am doing the same. Except I put a lot of ice and little water. Thanks for the well wishes, I’m hoping I can be on the mend and stay on the mend.
  13. So as you all know I have to have Iron infusion treatments. I am severely anemic and iron deficient. Today I felt excited that I was going to get iron and start to feel better. My symptoms have been getting worse. I sleep most of the days and I crave ice and raw meat. I’m not much of a meat eater so this is a strange symptom to have. I literally want a raw piece of steak. I’m also not really wanting the water just all the ice cubes in it. My hands and feet are so cold that when I rub my right leg with the bottom of my left foot it startles me. Because the pad of my foot
  14. Op listen to a man that tells you he’s not the right man for you. Thank him in thought that he’s set you free. He sounds commitment phobic. He also in three years never let you in on more of his life. That’s unnatural and a huge red flag!
  15. Hi! Honestly it doesn’t sound like a good match. You’re anxiety is getting worse probably each time he leaves and it’s because he can’t handle your anxiety, which causes anxiety. See it’s a vicious cycle? You need to work better on this anxiety to have a healthy relationship with anyone. Not saying him leaving is your fault. Him deciding on leaving and gaslighting you shows his true character. You should just be thankful for his silence and move forward.
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