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  1. Hi! You are very young to be stressing over boys! I know that sounds annoying and I’ve been there at 14 years old daydreaming about my future husband and being boy crazy. If I can give you advice I wish I would have given myself back then is this: Focus more on your friends. You’ll have plenty of time for guys. Friends are critical at your age. You won’t be in the same place with them forever as they go off to college and move away. Cherish your female friends as much as you can! I wish I had just focused on my friends a lot more when I was your age
  2. I look at it this way. No time to see you after all you just listed?! Time to say “ ok, see ya!” Then send him off his way. he did you a gigantic favor! This guy is a control freak and probably abusive.
  3. He doesn’t sound like an ex op. Re think this because none of it adds up. Trust your gut instinct!
  4. Op why do you need full body pics? Your friend goes to school with her so you know she’s real. Don’t ask for full body pictures because it’s actually quite rude. She will think you’re either sexually objectifying her or seeing if her body is good enough for you. Meet in person before prom accompanied by a friend or adult. You can never be too safe when it comes to online.
  5. I’m glad you ended it! May you find some peace and healing from this ordeal.
  6. I’m baffled you are more concerned about what happens to him as opposed what this can do to you. I would break up and seek out legal advise. What he did doesn’t deserve any ounce of empathy. He can say how he wants to show you off all he wants but what right does that give him? This was without your consent.
  7. It means just what he’s telling you. Take him for what he says he’s clearly not interested.
  8. There’s a user here I forgot who that has an awesome quote in their profile. It basically says that once you try backing off from a situation everything falls into place as it should. So I would step back from the computer and just go about your business. The only way to know if someone is interested is to see if they act interested.
  9. I’m sorry that you’re going through this. From my own past experiences being in relationships where there was no physical intimacy and thinking I could get by without it I realized how much I need it. I think it’s unfair your needs have gone unmet for so very long and he’s selfish to have stayed even though there’s no sexual attraction. He has led you on for ten years to believe he was one way when in reality he’s different. To me that’s deception! If I were you I would think about how intimacy is important to you and if you can go another ten or so years with this man without it.
  10. appreciate your point and your thoughts but I also will tell it straight. Sugar coating isn’t beneficial to the posters that come here looking for advice. I understand that people asking advice need a shoulder to lean on and their feelings are rather fragile in the state they are in but telling them to continue to be co dependent or stay in a awful situation. Just to appease them and make them feel better In a brief period they seek the advice. I simply cannot and don’t feel right about doing that. I feel that’s lying. A lot of posters seek us to tell them what they want t
  11. Okay if you’re going to come here for advise you have to be ready for some critical feedback. As outside perspective we give advice solely on that. If you see these red flags then why stay? You obviously know deep down and by posting here you’re not thinking this is a healthy relationship. So you need to ask yourself what are you gaining from any of this. Staying because you’re worried about his mental health isn’t a good reason and it’s not helping him if that’s the only reason. He’s going to do what he always does with or without you in his life. You know you can’t change
  12. You want different things out of life so this isn’t going to work. His lack of ambition and drive may never get better and you need someone on your level.
  13. Awww! Big hugs! I’m sorry you are going through so much. I’m thinking of you.
  14. I don’t understand the double standard with it being okay for him but not for you?
  15. I would stop guessing what her sexual orientation is because that will lead nowhere good and there really isn’t anything you could do. You do need to talk to her about how you’re feeling. Communication should be a strong point in any relationship. You won’t get answers if you stay silent.
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