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  1. You're getting way, WAY ahead of yourself here. It sounds to me like he just wants somebody to complain to.
  2. Is this what you want? A game-player who can't get it up?
  3. Bingo! If you were in an established relationship then some of this might (MIGHT!) be considered "normal", but outside of that his behavior is so inappropriate I don't have the words.
  4. I feel your pain. Believe me, I do. There's no shame in being single though, rather than settling for the best of the bad ones.
  5. Do not let strange men invite themselves over to your house for sex. That's basically all I've got.
  6. Why did you have to ask more than once? I'm assuming there must've been something in his demeanor that suggested he was lying to you. So you basically knew. Just like it sounds like he knows (or at the minimum strongly suspects) he is the father of this child. His mother (child's grandmother) knows it too. This is a lose-lose situation. If he doesn't step up, then you know what kind of person he is. If he does step up and sign on for 18 years of child support, that's a significant amount of money leaving his possession every month and you may have to start paying for dates and/or helping him financially while his money goes to some other woman he doesn't know well and wasn't with all that long, and to a child he will likely not see often. I've seen it more times than I can count. I'd be outta there so fast your head would spin.
  7. I wouldn't say you need to lower your standards, necessarily, but I think they need to be revisited. Why is it that you think that you as a self-described unattractive person are owed a woman at a certain attractiveness level? You say you don't want to settle . . . but you want attractive women to settle for you? How is that fair to them? Even if you're able to find that, it will likely end the same way your other relationship did: she will leave you when she finds someone more in line with what she really wants in a partner. Do you want to go through that again? I think when you are ready to date (which you are not right now) you need to be a lot more realistic and look beyond the superficial. Some of the best women out there are not necessarily supermodels.
  8. And I have never seen a person say this who didn't set themselves up for a relationship full of poor treatment and misery. You know, the he/she who cares the most holds the least amount of power thing. You might as well just tell her "please let me be your doormat and wipe your feet on me."
  9. Oh my goodness. I haven't read this whole thread but her telling her ex that she's dating someone else isn't something that should have to be negotiated. If she wanted to do it, she'd do it. She doesn't want to do it, probably because she's still playing footsies with the ex or at the very minimum loves the attention he gives her. I would've bid her good day a long time ago. This sounds like a bunch of nonsense.
  10. That's what I'm wondering. Sometimes it's an ego thing; clearly she was not devastated by him declining to see her anymore and now she's found someone she likes better--his brother. And she's apparently not fazed at all about potentially seeing him at family gatherings, meaning he is likely a total non-issue to her. So I get it, that's gotta sting the ego a bit.
  11. Ask the question that you really want to ask.
  12. Rude. (for the record, I've never heard/read that story)
  13. I'm confused. Who is FarOutHere who made the first post? And why did Alexlsok suddenly take over? Duplicate accounts?
  14. LOL what that usually means is the sex was amazing but the relationship itself was a trainwreck.
  15. I still remember the first guy that I didn't compare to my former boyfriend (who died very suddenly several years ago of a heart attack while he was on his way to see me). For a good couple of years I wouldn't get involved with anyone because I was too busy looking for HIM and comparing everyone to HIM and of course they always came up short. If someone didn't phrase a sentence exactly the way he would have, then they weren't good enough. And then one day a guy appeared at my job late on a Friday afternoon, we talked over the course of several weeks/months, and I started crushing on him. He's still there (I saw him earlier today in fact) and I never told him anything, and we never went out or became a couple, but he was the first guy that I didn't compare to my former BF. That's how I knew I was potentially ready to date again. Try not to look at the break up as "something you didn't deserve." I didn't deserve my beautiful daughter to be murdered one afternoon in cold blood, in public and in broad daylight, but it happened. It wasn't a punishment that I "deserved", it was a very unfortunate life experience and our job when dealing with unfortunate life experiences is to process it (however long it takes) and move on.* We are not promised an easy or a "fair" life and I daresay all of us have gone through a break-up that we didn't "deserve" but the further you get into adulthood the more you'll see that life ain't all sunshine and roses. As my grandma used to say, you play the hand you're dealt and hopefully do it in a way that you'll be proud of later. * "move on" doesn't mean forget, by the way. In my case it has meant to take that experience and incorporate it into your current life, without destroying your current life.
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