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  1. BINGO After 8 years, OP is exactly where he wants to be.
  2. I'm in my 50s and with my decades of experience I never got it. What is so appealing about someone treating you poorly? I always found it a turn off. There's no way this guy is going to leave his wife. Why would he? He's got his piece on the side, and he gets to make a home and raise a family with the woman he loves. I echo the "get some counseling to deal with your self-esteem issues" comments.
  3. Agreed. Does that mean that white men are asexual? I'm not following.
  4. Social media is one great big exercise in posturing. Don't place any stock in it. And someone's relationship with someone else, even if it's in-laws, is really none of your business anyway. That's their problem. Sure it's annoying but I'd focus on your own relationships.
  5. LOL there are married men on those too.
  6. I often wish these posters would come back after a year or two to let us know how it all worked out.
  7. I see both sides of it, as I think partners should always check with the other regarding large purchases and I would feel this way whether both partners were working or just one. And not in an "asking for permission" type of thing; I think it's just a common courtesy since legally any household money does belong to both partners.
  8. There are a fair amount of youngsters out there looking to do a MILF. For a variety of reasons--as a fetish or a one-time thing or other reasons (rite of passage, etc.). If you want to play along, your decision, and if not, your decision too. If you're looking for something serious, though, this probably ain't it.
  9. You say "I love him" but what I'm reading is "I need to have a man in my life and he's better than nothing."
  10. ???? Please do not suggest the OP puts out in addition to financially supporting him while he treats her like something he wouldn't wipe his @s$ with. That isn't going to fix diddly.
  11. Oh, he probably does on some level. But this is his way of saying he wants you to fund your "future" with him while he keeps what little he has for himself. I'm amazed you kept a straight face through the "prenup" discussion.
  12. I don't know that I'd be concerned about the lack of self-disclosure, but a guy with lots of female friends that he helps out and takes great pleasure in telling you all about it; nothing good is going to come of that. Maybe it's all true, in which case it's likely all an ego stroke for him; but possibly he's exaggerating in order to make himself seem more desirable to you ("look how many women are in my world" aka "look how many women potentially want me") and/or to make you jealous. He's got some sort of agenda going. I wouldn't participate. I'd let him have his groupies and his fences a
  13. I did, and the "did you regret it?" is a very complicated question for me. What I regret was that I was too dumb to care enough to prevent the pregnancy, and a child died as a direct result of my stupidity. To this day, slightly over thirty years later, I do wonder and will always wonder what might have happened if I had made a different decision. But I'm not sure I "regret" it in the true sense, because the child I did have I would not have had if I had kept the first child. And then that child was murdered a few years ago at age 25, so a part of me always wonders if I was punished for th
  14. Ha ha, that sounds like me. I like to go to the doctor with my own personal diagnosis and he always says, "it doesn't work like that. You tell me the symptoms and I'll figure out the diagnosis." 🙂 It sounds nervewracking anyway. Sorry this is happening to you but you sound strong with a good attitude; I'd like to think that counts for something.
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