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  1. He's a giggling little boy. And people don't change. What you see is what you get and it's Accept or Reject. If you're good with his antics, fine, and if you're not then move along. But don't ask people to change.
  2. BINGO. And being that it took him "days" (according to the OP) to come to the conclusion that he wants to be available to "travel", I think it's a safe bet he already has in mind exactly who he wants to hook up with. Sorry, it completely sucks. It sucks even more that he's feeding you nonsense like "let's reconnect in a year." That's an insult. He knows you don't want to lose him (even though in reality he's already gone) and he's using that to his advantage. I think we all (or at least a lot of us) get stuck in one of those "waiting" situations once in our lives. Thankfully once is all it usually takes.
  3. Not sure what you mean by a "bad sign" but it's entirely possible he just doesn't know how to do this either.
  4. With the dismal pickings on dating sites, I can understand the disappointment when you connect with a seemingly decent one and he's not interested for whatever reason. But chasing him after he's been clear it won't go anywhere is not the answer. If there's a way to block him so you won't be tempted, I'd do that. Good suggestions in above posts as far as potentially meeting someone IRL.
  5. Gaslighting??? Sounds like typical stressed-out working parents to me.
  6. You don't know anything of the sort. You only know what words he's feeding you. For all you know he had a case of crabs he had to get rid of, but a temporary case of ED sounded safer to admit to. How convenient that it's gone away. Nice of him to be giving you "permission" to see others though lol. You'd do better to block him so you don't know when he calls, and move on to something or someone worthwhile.
  7. So in other words you're here to defend her behavior and hoping to commiserate with others going through the same thing. Frankly her "remorse" isn't worth isn't worth a nickel because she's only doing it to placate you; she knows by now what you want to hear and knows that this is her ticket to continue doing what she does as long as she is sorry afterwards. All words, no action. If you were serious about any of this you would've made your house a "100% dry house" many years ago at the outset rather than making weak excuses about "not wanting to take that off the table." You wouldn't be simply toying with the idea of her not being able to socially drink with your friends, it would be basic knowledge by now that that cannot happen. You're simply not ready to address the problem. When you are ready to address the problem, you will quit making excuses for her and for yourself, and instead of justifying it all by talking about how perfect your life is and how much you spoil your wife, you will get real with yourself and take real action by not allowing this abhorrent behavior in your home--period.
  8. My question is why are physical appearances the only thing that's important to you?
  9. Asking for (demanding) an explanation, or "confronting", never does any good in these cases. That's because cheating or potential cheating is not the problem, it's a symptom of the problem. At the minimum she's got one foot out the door. Worst case is she has already left in every way except physically leaving. Micromanaging and analyzing her online activities will just make things worse. A good therapist is going to be your only chance at this point.
  10. Dating should not be an exercise in race relations . . . it's dating. Regardless, you're not even on the same page regarding any of that so why would you even want to salvage it?
  11. There's an equal or greater likelihood that HE won't be what YOU'RE expecting.
  12. lol if some guy told me this I would never stop laughing. You are far better off without him.
  13. I'd be interested to know what really happened at the bachelor party, but you'll probably never know. In any event I would not wait around for this clown to pull his head out of his arse. He said to leave him alone, that's exactly what I'd do.
  14. I'm not sure why you ask questions that strangers on the internet cannot possibly know, but my sense is that with enough encouragement she could be.
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