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  1. lol you either continue the behavior, or stop. There is no "try." This is not a porn problem. If he's on social media acting single, it's a cheating problem. And you're allowing yourself to be treated this way.
  2. Your social media, your pics, your decision.
  3. Her Crazy came out fairly early and you ignored it. In the future, I'd focus on meeting and dating sane women.
  4. Clearly you need to dump this one and go get the hottie you're entitled to.
  5. Trophy wives are for sale, and men at a certain income level can buy one. This is much different than a young man trying to score a MILF. Now if you said lots of men working the Taco Bell drive-thru or riding a garbage truck (not that there's anything wrong with those professions, it's honest work) had trophy wives, that would be surprising.
  6. Don't you wish they would come back and say "here's how it all worked out" or in most cases I suspect it's more "here's how it all DIDN'T work out"?
  7. Is there a reason you don't date women your own age?
  8. This right here. ^^^ She's got one foot out the door. I'm only surprised that she told you first. Many don't.
  9. The bottom line is you were "lonely and unsatisfied" while you were in the relationship with her, and she seemed to no longer be into it and was avoiding sex with you, etc. so this is really a blessing in disguise. What's to be gained by reaching out to "give her a better apology"? Really, just move along. Neither of you were happy and it was still fairly early in the relationship.
  10. He probably thinks (knows?) you're out of his league.
  11. No, if this were over, he would not keep her number. He is hanging onto it because they are either still involved or at the minimum he wants the option to continue with her after the dust settles. Regarding the second child, did this happen? If not, I would forget it because this will not keep him in the marriage. And it will be much harder to be a single parent with two kids than a single parent with one kid. That said, I'm sure he will stay married to you as long as you want, and continue with his side fun should you choose to accept that.
  12. Yet your question is "am I ugly?" What made you think this is about looks?
  13. Evaluate your current relationship based on its merits (or lack of) and not what you hope to gain with someone else. This potential new relationship sounds shaky at best. In the likelihood that it doesn't work out, will you regret leaving the GF you live with now?
  14. You did nothing wrong, and contrary to popular belief, a man's poor behavior is NOT a woman's fault. Unfortunately men a lot older than this are online playing their frat boy games. These days I just have fun with it all until it's not fun anymore, and then they are dismissed. But yes, it can be frustrating.
  15. BINGO After 8 years, OP is exactly where he wants to be.
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