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  1. Surely a 40-something wealthy man has been with lots of women, and if he moved you in that quickly you weren't by far the first one he's done that with. I'd be curious to know what their experience has been.
  2. No one here can tell you that, and honestly from what you've said it doesn't sound good. He gave you a "timeframe for your relationship progression"? What does that mean? Does he ever ask your opinion on anything or does he just give orders and control you with his money?
  3. You can't. This is not something you negotiate. He either sees it or he doesn't. The fact that he says he is not cut out for long-term relationships strongly suggests he is laying the groundwork for parting ways with you at some point in the near future, regardless of whether your daughter is with you or not. You need to be prepared for this likelihood. Apologies if I missed this but are you employed, or are you reliant on him for your entire financial support?
  4. Your false promises i.e. it always happens when you least expect it, and I know love is out there for you, everything will be fine, etc. sounded insincere and dismissive. There are no promises and guarantees in life. Why not stick to facts?
  5. I always cringe a little bit when I see the falsehood: "the right one will come along when you're not looking/when you least expect it" for many reasons but mostly because, one, that when it doesn't happen for you then you start wondering what is wrong with you when in reality it doesn't mean anything is necessarily wrong with you if you haven't found a good fit, and two, it suggests you can be passive and hang back and Prince Charming (or Princess Charming) will just show up with no effort on your part. It almost never happens that way, you do need to be proactive. I also cringe when pe
  6. I have never once heard a man say this who didn't have unrealistic expectations on the kind of woman he was hoping to end up with. In other words, he was aiming out of his league. If you are unattractive (you said you were) and don't have much to offer a woman i.e. other men out there are "better" and the women end up leaving to be with them and it was too good to be true that they/she was/were with you to begin with, then you likely need to evaluate your criteria. You sound very unpleasant. You don't want to lower your standards and settle, yet you expect this woman/these women to low
  7. Is this a long-distance relationship? At any rate, his married friends are for whatever reason his priority, and he sees you if he has nothing better to do. It doesn't sound like the ideal relationship, nor the kind of relationship you want.
  8. Be very careful of this; the sharing of inappropriate and unwanted information under the guise of "honesty." This is most usually a manipulation tactic meant to damage your self-esteem and cause insecurity. And it's clearly working. When you said you felt disrespected? It's because you ARE being disrespected. As you told us, he actually said "this is not the right time to say this" and then said it anyway! And then said he did nothing wrong, and is mad at YOU. That's rich. No, this pot-smoking idiot does not "mean well" and you should not "let it go" because that's how you got into thi
  9. So I read the first post in this thread: and then this one: and I'm struggling to see what the question(s) is/are or what points are trying to be made.
  10. Okay . . . ? So what is your question again??
  11. This would be extremely important if you were standing in a Vegas Hooker Lineup hoping to be picked to service someone for a couple of hours. If you're looking for a LTR potentially leading to marriage, that's an entirely different animal and the number on the tag on your jeans doesn't always correlate to compatibility.
  12. Agree that he probably can't get it up. And he's looking for a person/situation to blame that on and this is what he's decided on. I think people get to decide for themselves that they are done with sex, but they don't get to decide it for someone else. In other words, if he doesn't want/can't have sex anymore that's cool, but he doesn't get to decide that FOR YOU. Frankly I'd play hardball with this guy. Someone above suggested taking a lover/opening up the relationship, I'd tell him that and then actually follow through. If you're committed to staying with him, that is. Don't be w
  13. I'm glad YOU said that. 😉
  14. And we also need to know what's old and dried out.
  15. I guess that makes sense because as we all know, none of this B S is or has been about a virus. This is about conforming and following the "rules."
  16. I don't think the OP wanted advice on whether or not he should be following the rules the government made up, he wants to know how to make everyone happy. Answer is: he can't. Period. His life, his decisions. He needs to do what HE feels is appropriate and do what makes HIM happy. If others (including the bossy girlfriend) don't like it they can bounce.
  17. What specifically are you done with?
  18. This is YOUR decision. If you want to go, then go and take the precautions you feel are appropriate. If you don't want to go, then don't. The girlfriend does sound bossy though. 😞
  19. It's easy to look at someone in their 20s and scoff, but the reality is people are individuals and have all different experiences with aging so one person's experience will not be another's. Some people don't even live to be 30 (i.e. my oldest daughter -- she was killed at age 25, less than 2 months from 26 😞 ). Me, I'm not looking forward to 60 and it's 5 years away, yet I have friends who seem to be doing well in their early 60s and beyond. No guarantee that will be my experience of course. I understand OP's concerns somewhat but the reality is, going back to his first post on this t
  20. Not familiar with the backstory here (and clearly there is one) but if she's an ex, then: 1. She can be on dating apps if she wishes and owes no one an explanation, and 2. No reason to "wait" for you. This sounds like a lot of unnecessary angst.
  21. Real relationship or not real relationship, the heart doesn't know the difference. I'm resisting the urge to say "you'll be fine" because it sounds so dismissive, but the way you're presenting yourself here you really seem to have your head on straight. You WILL be fine. What helped me with the questions you mentioned above, when I was in a similar situation not all that long ago (and these may or may not apply to you, they are my experience only) was to think of things about him that didn't work, things that you actually didn't like about him (if anything, but there's usually at le
  22. Might be time to look internally. Why do you think all your dates have gone poorly and you're having trouble connecting with girls in general? When you start looking at women/girls as people instead of "options" or "something you have a chance with" you might be surprised at how things turn around.
  23. lol you either continue the behavior, or stop. There is no "try." This is not a porn problem. If he's on social media acting single, it's a cheating problem. And you're allowing yourself to be treated this way.
  24. Your social media, your pics, your decision.
  25. Her Crazy came out fairly early and you ignored it. In the future, I'd focus on meeting and dating sane women.
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