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  1. J-heeeesus, talk about 0-100 šŸ¤¢
  2. It's a bit of a balance, sometimes if you don't flirt at all you end up in the friends zone category or seen as a guy with no confidence, a lot of women enjoy a little bit of light flirting and enjoy the guy leading however obviously there's levels and appropriate times. I'm not talking straight in there with sleazy innuendos though šŸ˜‚ But also not acting bone dry or just like you're a mate, otherwise you'll end up one (which is fine if that's what you want, but not if you feel there's more). Do you reckon the problem is actually his flirting, or do you think maybe you were just not that into him?
  3. Grim. Would of thought the escort site would of been an instant kick to the curb scenario in most peoples books.
  4. You'll look back on this and realise you dodged a bullet with this one.
  5. In my opinion you handled it the right way. Sounds like a pattern of behaviour and certainly not something I would do on a date with someone I liked. I get that people look around and may very briefly glance but if he's overtly looking at titties and ass raising his eyebrows right in front of you imagine what he would be like when he's out on his own or with mates. Maybe he gets his camera out šŸ˜‚
  6. Echo the above, the good thing is she's still communicating with you in person and even gave you a nudge to say hello, so at least she's not completely blanking you which is a slight silver lining. I would lay low, be normal/keep it cool if she gets in touch and if she does start communicating more again do not keep bringing the topic back up again (or apologising) unless she wants to talk about it. You don't want to keep reminding her of those bad feelings which would be shooting yourself in the foot. She knows you're (very) sorry so all you can do is give her that space to hopefully come around.
  7. Pretty much in a nutshell, a lot of people have a lot of one and done dates with some of them being seemingly pleasant nights yet don't lead to a second. People on here will know I've had similar situations where I thought a date went amazing even where the women has initiated a passionate kiss goodbye to then be told they did not feel enough of a spark after. So unfortunately it's pretty common, just try not to take it too personally. Understand that it's disheartening though when you feel like you've had a great date. Agree with Yogacat probably didn't need to apologise but good to make it clear you respect her boundaries and if she warms up with contact again best you can do is suggest another date idea and if it's a negative response move on.
  8. I think it's a balance, I chat enough to know there's potential there and some general things in common, also that they're not as dull as a dishwasher then will try and set the date otherwise you run the risk of using up too much of your convo and getting to know too much about someone before even meeting, where's the fun in that. Plus developing some sort of connection before even meeting face to face is a recipe for wasting your own time in a lot of cases.
  9. Yes I love speaking with couples who have lasted so many years, my parents are in their 70s and been happily married since they were around 20, both my brother and sister have been married happily for 25 years now too. Hell even my nieces and nephews are starting to get married! So I have been surrounded by it however sadly never found it for myself and had a different childhood/teens to them. Interestingly they all grew up as Christians and bro/sister met their other halves via the church so there's something that can be said for traditional values sometimes whereas I deviated away from the church thing in my early teens. In regards to your question I'm single, overly choosy, and admittedly unhappy with my current situation at the age of 41. I'm also feeling rather stuck/hopeless but at the same time in a dating hiatus because I got tired of it (at least temporarily). The either me not being interested/feeling enough of a spark and having to let nice people down (which makes me feel bad) or the other way round happens and I like them yet it gets to 2/3 dates before they disappear or their other hundred options come into play and it started wearing on my mental health. The problem is I'm no happier sitting on the shelf either especially in my early 40s and not getting any younger. I do have a couple of 'casual' options, one being a lovely girl in her 20s (spoke about her a while back on here) who I actually would date, we get on like a house on fire however as far as I can tell she's not looking for anything serious and that does not do me much good in the longer run outside of some nice company/fun from time to time. Guess I'll get back on the horse again in a few weeks. As @rainbowsandroses would say, time for a run I think!!
  10. Can really resonate with this post, and that's from both sides. I've been guilty of being too picky to a point where I annoy myself for not being interested in certain people who have been keen on me, then boots often been on the other foot too so you end up in this situation where too many people are after some fairytale match made in heaven which results in a lot of people stuck single.
  11. Haven't read all the other replies yet but to be honest when women or people on the apps have so many options and it's only a certain amount that lead to a second/third date it would get expensive to court women on a first date so it's better to do something cheap and cheerful. If it's a second or third date or you have established you clicked that's when the 'courting' and extra effort will begin.
  12. Jesus, that's so confusing for guys. If a women kisses you at the end of the first date you would assume it was because they liked/were attracted to you, not the other way round šŸ˜‚
  13. In my opinion that's taking it a bit personally, it's rare people on apps are chatting to just one person and they hadn't even been on a date yet where you can build more rapport with each other. I've often had people disappear, come back, explain, and unless you had a date actually planned (time and place) and they did a disappearing act I try not to take it too personal.
  14. Sounds like a fun dream, but wouldn't read much into it. Bet he would of taken it as a compliment though šŸ˜‰ Is lift guy still on the scene or is he out now? I had a dream last night that my nagging shoulder injury was a t shirt stuck within my joint and I tugged it out somehow and it felt better šŸ˜‚ What the actual hell...šŸ˜‚ I've also had sleep paralysis like you mentioned above, it can be terrifying can't it! Like there's a presence in the room just out of site and you just cannot move however I did shout once my body started responding which scared my house mates Mrs šŸ˜ That was caused by chronic insomnia though I think.
  15. Agree with all of this šŸ‘†
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