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Ok, gonna ask him out. I feel like a kid again.


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So for anyone who has seen my millions of posts, I am now a single woman after many years with the ex. Haven't dated at all yet, but this guy has had me steadily more and more interested.


Was just taking it slow and chatting with him when I saw him, getting good conversations and I think he is interested.

Found out more about him today, info that means I need to ask now or forever never know. He was asking me questions, and my opinion on things, and gave me a perfect opening...later, I realized I blew it by not picking u on it. Doh! Need to step it up, bc he is moving an hour away in a week. I know the place he is going, ...i'm gushing and nervous, this guy shares so many of my values, background, he is family orientated and smart and gorgeous. gush gush. lol. I could go on..but I haven't even gone on a date with him yet!


It's weird to feel excited like this about someone new again. And I know exactly what it is I want right now, and I know I am in no rush, and whatever happens: so be it.


I just find it funny how girlish he can make me feel. Me! lol. I find him super easy to talk to, and feel peaceful around him (this is a rare thing for me, and a good sign).


So I'm gonna ask him out for coffee. To at least try and get to know him better.


Give me strength! I'm not so much afraid of him saying no or it not going well or any of that...I'm only afraid my own self-sabotage will come into play and I may chicken-out. Oy!


- one last thing: since coming on this board, I've actually started to wonder if a girl asking a guy out is a bad move. Say it ain't so.

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Asking someone for coffee isn't like asking him for a date There was once this chap I was HUGELY attracted to, who was working where I worked for about a week. I fancied him so much, and thought I was getting vibes. But I chickened out of asking him for a drink. I became really good online friends with him, and he said that he would have LOVED to have gone out for a drink with me, but he didn't like to ask because I didn't seem that interested. So had to wait for ten months for that drink! What a waste - ask him out for coffee!!!!!!


Good luck.

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I've asked out guys before, it's not a bad move at all. Some folks are just a little shy, and might even think "they're not in your league."


You could also ask him, if the coffee date goes well, if he needs some help moving...you'd be happy to bring some refreshments, too!

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