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  1. Grr, so angry! But, need to focus on myself. You never deserved my attention and certainly don't deserve it now...
  2. You talk about 'dignity' and being able to look life in the face. Well, take a look at yourself. You are a 37 year old woman who grows marijuana and thinks it's cool! Furthermore, you expose a 15 year old boy to it, and to alcohol. You should be ashamed of yourself. Even if we had have got along, i don't think that your lack of backbone would have done me well. I am looking for somebody courageous, and you do not fit that criteria.
  3. This is great! It feels so good to know that i am not the only one who gets hijacked by anger! There is nothing wrong with it. My stupid ex-whatever-you-want-to-call-it, never used to let me get angry! There was always something wrong with me and now i "need therapy"... I should have asked her if she was going to pay for it!
  4. Oh yeah, and you tell me off because i don't say that "i love you" after 6 weeks? What was that all about? Unlike you, i actually mean it when i like or love somebody. So, it takes me a little time. I like quality and i don't like saying things i do not mean. Just because your "love" is expendable, mine is not. Sorry for not being "common". I've never been hurt physically by somebody i've had sex with. You really should take a look at that, there is something wrong with a woman who doesn't know her way around another woman's body, lol.
  5. Whilst you were a beautiful person on the inside, you are emotionally immature and really don't know how to handle the emotions or agency of another. You are actually bordering on being a selfish, spoiled brat, who has no regard for anybody else's feelings. That angers me. Your constant self righteous behaviour used to really annoy me! No wonder i didn't want to sleep with you. There was no room in the bed for you, me and your big ego. No, in all seriousness, how to you expect to make love with somebody if you never want to hear what they say or acknowledge how they feel? You are so deluded, you really believe you are what you say you are: loyal, compassionate, a giver, sensitive. Those were ideas in your own mind. And, you want to talk about abuse? Ignoring somebody emotionally and not tending to their needs is emotional abuse. Why be with somebody if you don't really care about how they feel? Support? Where were you the time i was sick over the NY? Thanks for yelling at me the day after my sister's birthday. Thanks for sending me a message on Valentine's Day when you know it was my sister's death anniversary. In fact, thanks for being there for me! Thanks for spending my money when the times were good and thanks for making a joke about my business when it went bad. Thank you so much Rebecca. In actual reality, you are a self centred control freak who only wants somebody to compliment their life, rather than to eventually create a life with somebody. Go and find yourself a rubber doll!
  6. See, i don't feel you should go no contact until you are SURE that it is over and when you are sure there is NO HOPE of a reconciliation. I am almost there. I think i am still in the Denial stage (moving between Denial and Acceptance), where i think i can bargain.
  7. First of all, you weren't a rebound. But, i am not going to grovel to you anymore, you are arrogant. You say i'm nasty and aggressive? Well, you're evasive and non responsive. And, don't for a minute think i wanted to meet up to get back with you, that wasn't the case. It's called "common decency", resolving everything so we can both move forward. Putting anymore energy into you is a waste of time. I am trying to let go with positive feelings and i will know better next time to select somebody who is accountable. I want a woman, not a little girl!
  8. I'm sorry for violating your privacy by reading your mail.
  9. Omg, i am so angry! I broke NC last night and i was doing really well. Think it was about a week. DO NOT BREAK NC FOLKS - it's not worth it.
  10. Yes, you should try to forgive. By not forgiving, you are only tying yourself to the past (yeah, i know. I'm sure you've heard it all before I think you will forgive. Happiness is the best revenge. Concentrate on a happy life and you will be fine...
  11. That freakin' . Luck always seems to come her way. First she finds a good sperm donor, then she has a 9 year relationship before me. Next she'll probably find someone who is "in love" with her - she stipulated this is what she wants (apparently i wasn't). Grr... Thanks for creating this thread.
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