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How many sex partners is to many.

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Is to many sex partners looked at as being a s l u t .lucky,addicted to sex,or just normal in todays society.I have had about 30 to 35.Im 32 years old.And no i have no stds.Dont preach i know they are out there and very possible to get.Its not to brag but is anyone afraid to commit to a person that has had that many partners.

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I think it depends on the person. Do you care about yourself? Do you value your body? Do you think you are a wonderful being? This is whats important, not how many partners you have had.


If you can answer yes to all of those questions I dont think the other part matters, least not to me! =)

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I think "average" is variable to the person...so in other words, there is no "concrete average".


I think how you value, respect and care for your partner, and your commitment to them matters more than the number. Just because you have a higher number does not mean you are any less able to be faithful, loving and committed.


That being said, some may think your number high, others may see it low...and as Goldilocks some may see it as "just right" or in other words...they maybe focus more on whom you are as a person now, not what your past numbers tally too.

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Dont preach


Hurumph... =/ *closes bible*


Modern Society - whilst being conservative in some of the stupidest places - is open and fairly accepting. There isn't an average, too many or not many will depend on how the person you're asking was raised...


...Somehow, I think 30 would be... unacceptable... for an Amish family, and yet Hugh Heffner types would look at that number and wonder where the extra 0 went?


As for me? I just wonder what's keeping you from commiting to one...

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Well I agree with the others, it all depends on who you ask.

I'm 23 I've been with 7 , yet I have a friend the same age as me she's been with over 50, and another friend same age who has only been with 1.

So it all depends who you ask. But southerngirl is right, it's not the numbers that matter but how you feel about yourself.

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There isn't an exact answer as to how many sex partners is normal. It depends on how you feel about yourself and as long as you were using protection during sex and don't have an std then you're safe.


LOL, been in two relations. One for only 7 days and now I'm currently in this one. So far it's been 8 days and LOL, I have no sex partners, virgin. Juts hoping when the time comes in the future, it's not as painful as it's say, too nervous about it.


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Just so you know im not sitting back laughing everytime i have sex with someone and saying"yea i bagged another one"Most of the time i wont go out and find someone to have sex with.They find me.Not saying im such a stud but females want sex as much as guys.I have turned down alot of other girls.But i was with a girl the other night and we got into the discussion of sex partners and i thought the amount was low and she said 5.I started thinking man i must be some kind of * * * *.i was almost emarassed after i said how many.your responses are great though it gets me thinking.One response FEAR OF COMMITMENT.THAT GOT ME THINKING

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DOn't be worried about the number of girls you've been with. I never cared much about how many girls a guy slept with before beeing my bf. If I trust someone ( and if he's my bf I trust him) and I know he's in love with me I really don't care about it. The only thing I need is that he's devoted to me while we are together.

Once you find someone you really care about this person is going to be the only one you want to sleep with.

Also a great thing I've seen at link removed - Check the attachment

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At 28 I've had three. My roomate who is close to my age has had 30+... This is a hard question to answer because everyone has a different opinion.


Also, if someone has 'too many' people think badly of them, but i someone has 'not enough', people also think badly of them, so what difference does it really make anyway?

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Well if you are 32 and you had 35 partners and you started sleeping at 18 years that means you had per year 2.5 partners. Well statistic doesn't sound so bad


Unless you start thinking about the half....



Do you think it's too many? At the end of the day, it's your sexual life and as long as it doesn't hurt anybody, nobody elses business.



You know, your friend may think that her number is low and that your number is where she'd like to be.


As long as you take care of yourself in regards to std's and possible pregnancies then you can knock yourself out. (Or wear yourself out maybe?)

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Yeah... I always like to break it out by year... when you do, you kind of realize whether you've gone wild or not. I do the same thing with my shoes... I divide the cost of the shoes by the number of months they last to figure out how much my monthly shoe payment is...


But then... I guess I think of stuff like that...

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For me over 20 would be way too many, but thats because of my views on sex. I don't think its important as how many, but how significant each person was. I would be offended if the partners were not important and were just one night stands or bed-buddies. Age is also a factor too, the older the person the more sex partners they will have.


Sex has a strongly emotional value to me and I would only be willing to be with someone who I knew shared that view. I also have a lot of health concerns as well, I have a minor in stastics and I'm well aware of the numbers the US has for STIs. Sex in this day is a high risk activity and even with condoms the risk of exposure to disease increases with each sexual act. I would rather be healthy and happy for a long life, then have one night of fun and get something that could kill me.

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Is to many sex partners looked at as being a s l u t .lucky,addicted to sex,or just normal in todays society.I have had about 30 to 35.Im 32 years old.And no i have no stds.Dont preach i know they are out there and very possible to get.Its not to brag but is anyone afraid to commit to a person that has had that many partners.


I am your age.


Me now thinks that 30-35 is toooooooooo many.


As a girl, I would be thinking that I'd be just #36 to you....then I'd start thinking who's going to be #37, #38, #39, #40...........#100........and so on. That would drive me INSANE.


That's why I think it's too many (at least for me, anyway).

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I know some people treat sex lightly - its fun, its a stress-reliever, and it doesn't mean much beyond that.


I am not one of those. If someone I was interested in told me they had 30+ sex partners, I would be EXTREMELY wary, or even forget about the relationship. I value sex very much and I would want to be with someone who also considered sex special and intimate. I would not want to be just #36 to my partner. I would also worry about comittment and faithfulness.

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