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  1. That is hard truth right there and the reason so many stores have fallen into decline in my opinion.
  2. I think this goes back to the training aspect you were speaking of and I agree that this is something her company may want to look into doing for customers in the future. Would this help out and please most customers? Yes. This type of customer? Probably not, and I would venture a guess that his temperament (given the threats and insults directed at the employee) that he probably broke the console himself.
  3. I can't say I disagree with your assessment. I agree that the sales staff are poorly trained (not their fault) and that the best viable option these days is to be found on the internet. I know, I once worked at Circuit City. I also understand the retailer's side because they are the middle man and would lose money by offering refunds for anyone that had a problem with their consoles. These stores aren't equipped or staffed to exam consoles. The best thing to would have been to give the customer the phone number to Sony along with all information the man would have needed to communicate
  4. It was the customer's fault. The console had a 30 day warranty and he chose to not buy the extended warranty. It's his problem and now he wants the store to correct his mistake?
  5. Wasn't disagreeing with you. What I was trying to say is that it was the manager's fault for making her feel that she would be bothering him with a phone call.
  6. This in my opinion should be taken up with the manager. She shouldn't feel that she can't call her boss because it's his day off, and I can understand why she felt that way given his initial response. The only thing I probably would've have done differently is let the customer know when the manager would be in so they could take the issue up with him. You are right; there are situations that a regular employee should not have to deal with.
  7. You did the right thing here. This was all this was about; getting something for free. I've worked in customer service for years and in my experience you can't reason with people like this. I believe they were trying to bully or scare you into getting what they wanted. You were forced into having to call security as there are other people in the store and it likely scared away a customer or two. I would've done the same thing. 99% of people that own a video game console understand warranties with consoles and how they work.
  8. Ah, my mistake. For some reason I thought they had been together longer than that.
  9. She was fine dating him all these years knowing their differences in beliefs and then something suddenly changed. In my mind the question is is she just using their religious differences as an excuse to break up?
  10. I might have missed something here, but is it possible that there is an outside influence on her regarding your relationship? The reason I ask is because I went through something similar when I was younger.
  11. I like people more than companies too, which is why I don't care for it. What I have learned from HR is that certain rules only apply to certain people, and that the CEO's and other top level people call the shots even if it is against company policy, which is what we are supposed to uphold, yet we take the blame when anything goes wrong. As for me, I spend most of my time helping people with their company provided benefits. I am looking to move into my career field but it has been rough. I would never do this for a career if I could help it, but I have mouths to feed.
  12. I'm in Human Resources (not a CEO or manager) and I'll tell you that even I can hardly stand it .
  13. Yeah, that is true. It didn't really bother me. I look at it this way: If I have nothing to hide so I have nothing to worry about.
  14. I had one performed at a job that had nothing to do with finance and actually had to write a letter explaining some discrepancies on my credit report.
  15. I agree with some of what you are saying but a drug screen? How about employer liability? I don't know about you but I wouldn't want someone with a drug habit working around heavy machinery or stealing from me to support their habit. As far as checking credit history goes, I think it depends on the job. I wouldn't hire an accountant that couldn't manage his own money.
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