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  1. Unless direct plans are set then you make the assumption that person isnt interested. You have to develop a method for weeding out guys who are interested in you and guys who are just interested in sleeping with you.
  2. There are many factors that come into play in when to have sex. Each person has to make up their own mind. As far as diseases/infections a person always has to protect themselves but there is always a chance of getting a disease/infection. Condoms may not protect against HSV1&2 or certain types of HPV.
  3. Too soon for HSV (herpes), the typical incubation period is 2-14 days.
  4. I would focus your attention on someone else, you gave it a shot with her and she wasnt interested.
  5. No, you are not a horrible person. Also, at this point this is all semantics because nothing physical has happened. Ultimately he is responsible for his own fidelity in his relationship.
  6. I think that counseling is the issue, I dont know how productive couple counseling will be but it seems that there is something she isnt telling you. If she isnt willing to fix the problem then the relationship is over.
  7. I think that you take the chance, get her number and ask if she wants to hang out.
  8. I think that you made your play and it didnt go anywhere. There are too many women out there to focus on this one.
  9. I think that you are expecting too much too soon. If this is coming up already then it is clear that you are really interested in this guy and he can mostly likely read that.
  10. I think that youre focusing to much on the idea that you would be "the one". That is just semantics, as was said earlier you need to figure out if he wants the same thing that you do.
  11. There seems to be a lot of different variables in the situation. However, your solution will force her hand and either getting her own place or going back to her country.
  12. Its hard to give a definitive answer, it would be in what aspect the guy wanted to be challenged.
  13. I dont think that there is anything wrong with a girl asking a guy out. I think that the dynamic is different in this situation, since he randomly came up to you, he is the one who made the first move. If you had made the first move it would have been different. My concern is that if he is bold enough to walk up to you without knowing you and striking up a conversation then what has stopped him from asking you out? Personally, I would hold off and see how the interaction between you two develops. There is no rush.
  14. Either way you inquire further and see if you two hit it off.
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