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  1. I think you should work on your issues with a counselor and control your anger. Lately there have been an increasing number of ''guys hitting women back'' stories, guys that take equality to the extreme and they hit back harder (for instance last time I read that in response to getting spat on, a male bus driver actually threw a Mike Tyson upper punch as if she were a man......disgusting) so yeah, it's good that your ex bf was smart enough not to retaliate for the sake of hitting. Personally if a bf ever hit me, I would break up and have him charged.
  2. It was really my parents' mistake of overstaying, relying on an unreliable aunt and being illegal aliens for years and I was then 4 years old. Way back in 2007, my father got deported while both my mother and I were under voluntary departure. When we left voluntarily I was 20 at the time (now I'm 28 but always wanted to be a US citizen; enjoy its luxury like the typical American woman). Obviously, I want to enter in the legal way and I'm currently saving money to get back. I was wondering if it's going to be a long process and if so about how long. I'll be done with college in my country
  3. I guess you might have to dig back all way back to late 2005 and early 2006 but it's a lot of posts since then. Nope, I really have no interest in telling strangers a full biography. Last time I tried going to one many, many years ago (in my former campus...was 19 then), someone had to actually come to the house. Nothing got solved other than having to then tell my parents why I even tried speaking to a counselor. Never tried again since. I ended up feeling nothing but anger towards that lady.
  4. It would be as equal as he would have if it had been a much smaller, weaker man, a child or someone else he knows very well he can easily knocked out and he didn't even felt his life was at stake. Yes, he paid his debt to society; that's really the consequences for not handling it better. I still wouldn't date him.
  5. Well spitting on someone is stupid but that person that punches and beats up the other person also deserves to get charged. I don't feel too bad for her but I don't feel the least bad for him losing his job either.
  6. IMO that's not self-defense, even the driver in the article said afterward that he could have handle it better (hence, that's already admitting that wasn't done in true self-defense). He was spat on but he went on straight forward throwing a punch. There are several people on the comment section that keep thinking the guy defended himself and are rooting for him. Personally, he deserves to get punished too and I don't feel sorry he lost his job. No doubt spitting on someone is indeed wrong but so it's what he did. That wasn't an appropriate response. Basically he had no legally valid c
  7. Though this was ages ago (in my very first job position.. I was then 19/20), I made a mistake in thinking about something that was funny and laughed to myself. Little did I know, my then manager Nelly saw it and it was too late when I noticed her. Ever since then, once in a while she would at times say ''Loca'' (meaning crazy girl in Spanish; I'm trilingual) but in a jokingly manner. However, there was a time I was kind of stressed out and really didn't appreciate it but said nothing since she was of higher order. If it were happening now that I'm older and more likely to speak for myse
  8. True, my country is a more patriarchal culture and there is less control. I just heard on the news, they let an abusive man free after he was only in jail for a couple days. Not so long ago, I had to stop an argument my parents had from not getting ugly; was worried about my mother mainly (had I not been there, he would have already gotten in her face). I hate his excuse he uses ''but she's saying a bad Word, tell her not to insult me''. So what. That's not a reason for a man to get all temperamental and already have urges to hit you. A real man doesn't have urges to hit just because of wor
  9. Please bear with me: Not sure if this is a normal feeling? To hate and feel disgusted by your own kind when it comes to dating or wanting a relationship. I'm originally from South America and have been trying to come back to Fl for a while now (I was raised there since the age of 4 till my early 20's; now I'm 28. Will get my things all sorted out. Anyway I now hate men from my country. A couple male family members (including my father) were bad role models of husbands and tended to get borderline abusive. I'm leery of them. I hate the way they look too. They disgust me too. I just
  10. I think this must be a super nice guy as a father. He still visits his daughter that plotted the murder of her family (now she's 24). She got her then bf and the bf's friend to kill her parents and two brothers. The father was the only one who survived the gun shot wounds. Even after he learned his daughter was the mastermind of the horrible murder, he forgave her. I mean, she wanted her father dead too. Why would a parent still have contact with that evil child after that??
  11. He has already crossed the line twice. First he tried convincing you he was incapable of violence towards a woman, which he already did. And then he said ''Abusive men punch'' and he did just that. So therefore, he's already and has long been a dangerous, abusive man. Why even bother with his apologies when he broke his promise? What's next ''I can hit you but wouldn't kill you''? If he's responding back harder and hitting you more times in anger that's not self-defense. He has serious issues and it's time to think about the safety of your child. I hate men that use the excuse ''but she pr
  12. Just told them already. Yeah the sooner the better. At least I don't have to go along with it anymore. As of now, I've been applying to several positions and so far I got no reply. Will see how it goes from there.
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