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  1. I'm going to add... if you love her then you would want the best for her even if that's ''not being with you''....
  2. In this case then I think you should let her go. If you broke it off with her then it was for both yours and her own good too. That's a way of showing you loved her... by not allowing her to be back in your way. Why would you want her to be with you and be in further pain??? Bad idea when she can be happy now and with no trust issues melodramas...
  3. How did she found out (if you don't mind sharing)? If you told her about then it was probably a lame move as one may forgive but never forgets esp. a woman. We will always remembered the negative aspects in a relationship because that's our character. We're sharp and good when it comes dates and specific events.
  4. Wow that's some anger you have. But well deserved. I bet he didn't even care about you afterwards nor care about amending what he's done...
  5. It's probaby because there is nothing more fun than being married to your SO and the one you will commitment for a very long time (possibly for life if you guys don't end up divorce later on).....
  6. It wasn't because of your nagging the reason he proposed to you. He said it himself that if he didn't wanted to propose he would have never had no matter no much you nagged him. He did because he wanted to. Be happy that he finally did what you wanted to and don't focus on how annoying you were before else he can change his mind and return the wedding ring... Be happy now... Make him happy..
  7. Maybe lack of moral structure and order of priority list is a better term. They might love you but in their ''distorted'' point of view or they fooled themselves into thinking they love you when they might just love the idea of being in love while screwing someone else.....
  8. Yes I also don't understand the part in where you can have sex with someone else but still claim to love your partner BS. If you did love them, you would have never shared something sooo intimate with someone else. If they did love you, they would have never exposed themselves completely to the other person.... ''Oh it was just meaningless sex'' is total trash. No it wasn't. My reply to that type of statement would be something more like ''You reveal your everything to her (or him, lol) so it was meaningful, you sure were enjoying it at that time'' then boot to the door...
  9. Well it's so obvious that constitutes an immediate break-up. Sex is something so sacred for you and your partner only if you're in a commited relationship.
  10. Well if it's not done in real life (face to face that is) then it's not cheating but yes it's being disrespectful and thus a reason to break up.
  11. What if he does tell the woman's husband the whole truth and yet he doesn't believe anything he says (and instead believes his wife) then who is the fool in that case????
  12. Yea I don't see why some people are so unreliable and. I recall I was gonna meet this guy I met at my campus pool, he say he would be there so I was there the next day and no he wasn't there. Oh well I talked to other people anyways. If I were to say I will meet you there at a certain time then I'm there. Now if for some reason I can't make it then I would call you in advance but never make you wait like that.
  13. True, I personally wouldn't like a guy that had physical affair and say ''but sex is sex, I still love you''. No it's not, to me it ain't just sex, in my eyes that has no name at all, totally unforgivable.
  14. Many people go through what you are describing right now and yes any type of abuse is bad. It literally destroys your self-esteem and self-confidence. You can always talk to a counselor if you feel that your husband is not understanding you. He should at this point be considerate of your feelings towards that issue.
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