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  1. FWB always have a time limit, typically the situation is that one person has feelings for the other and is trying to use FWB as a spring board for a relationship. Also sex just changes the nature of a relationship, other feelings and urges can kick in.
  2. I would say that women do not hold all of the cards. I think that women regulate the men that have access to them but dont hold all the cards. Their are only two positions, the aggressor and the receiver. The person who holds the cards is the aggressor because they put in the effort to make something happen. The receiver is simply along for the ride with whatever the aggressor suggests.
  3. Im sure that you can find examples where such individuals will have a low sex drive but biologically speaking. Men in relationships should biologically have a lower sex drive as women release a chemical to lower their partners sex drive, according to studies at least.
  4. well he did contact you to hang out, so clearly he can contact you to ask you something, yet he has not yet asked on you on a "date". That was my point.
  5. Well my issue is this, he has as you out previously and he has not asked you out since. I think that you have to take him at his word as his actions havent given any indication that he wants to have a relationship with you.
  6. I think that your situation is fairly simple and straight forward, you will not be able to create the desire for you (and a relationship with you) that you have for her. For whatever reason she doesnt want a full on relationship and you want to at least move in that direction. You two have incompatible wants. Either enjoy what you have with her currently or move on because this girl doesnt want the same thing as you.
  7. It is hard to say if she does, but a lot of my female friends would.
  8. I think that he just wants it when he wants it. I can see guys liking it but just from your past with this guy he doesnt place a high priority on when you want to have sex. He seems more than happy to call you when he wants something.
  9. I would be extremely cautious this girl has just admitted that she is conflicted. In my mind if she is conflicted then that is a bad sign for you. I dont know if the B&B is a good idea. I would reevaluate that decision just based purely on her actions. If you want a relationship with this girl then it would seem that she isnt in that might set yet. I wouldnt waste my time with a girl who didnt want a relationship when that is what you want.
  10. I tend to look at push up bras as being misleading, but usually it is known when a girl is wearing a push up bra, so I cannot say that I am caught off guard. Personally I am not put off by her supposed lack of confidence if a girl happens to wear push up bras. I do not look at the issue has there automatically being a lack of confidence issue, I think that the reasons for her wearing a push up bra will vary from girl to girl.
  11. I think that you have to look at the situation as objectively as you can and if you cannot handle her past then leave the relationship. It appears that you are not able to handle what she has done in her past.
  12. I think that you can want whatever you want out of a girlfriend but a valid justification for wanting her to do something isnt that you would do it for her. That is because she is not you. If you find yourself losing attraction for her then you have to realize the kind of girl that you want and make sure the next girl is what you want.
  13. I think that situation is irrelevant a guy could come out of the woodwork at any moment. If a girl isnt interested in you enough to keep seeing him then why should he bother wasting his time on her? Acting as if a guy will come and take a girl away from you is no way to go about dating. That is not a confident position to take instead that is acting out of fear. You are never going to succeed with every girl and that is just a fact that you have to accept.
  14. Dating is about learning and I cannot tell you what will work for every girl but you have to learn what works for you and your own dating style.
  15. I think that the OP has to realize that being a gentlemen doesnt mean that he has to be a stereotypical nice guy. A gentleman is simply a man who thinks one thing and says another. I think that the key to women is fairly simple, dont give too much too soon. Time is your friend and not your enemy.
  16. Guys like different things so you need to get a feeling for what he likes. Oral sex can last up to 20 minutes, 4 minutes is definitely on the low end of the spectrum.
  17. Im sure there are people out there who actually believe the differences between women and men are completely cultural because they never look at the science behind it. Culture is a powerful element in a persons life but not more powerful than genetics. Mapping of the brain has shown that women and men are asked the same question, different parts of their brain become active. This shows me that men and women address problems differently considering different possibilities and examining things from different angles. I would hate to believe that this should actually be news to people but culture has its role in shaping people and gender roles but culture cannot be held completely responsible for the way men and women act. Cultures can tell their people what is socially acceptable and that is all it does. The cultural influence is conscious because it surrounds us. Our genetic predisposition is what determines what are roles will be, our genetics does not care what is socially acceptable.
  18. Masturbation is completely normal for both women and men, regardless of whether or not being in a relationship.
  19. It simply means that you are not exclusive with one person, typically the person is dating multiple people or dates but has no desire to be in a relationship.
  20. I believe that she is entitled to expect more but that does not mean that she is going to get it from this guy. I am going to say that it is a not a generlization because I can think of countless women that do something to this effect. If he is not strong enough to hold his ground then he deserves to give up his dream because it is obviously not something that he wants if he is willing to forsake it for gf.
  21. I dont think that you can generalize and say that the difference is strictly male and female because there are always going to be exceptions. I think that both genders are equally capable of cheating or being promiscuous. I do believe that women seem to be more suseptable to listening to what society expects them to be. Regardless of the fact that it is 2007 women are still expected to be a certain way by society. I do believe that men and women want some of the same things because besides the gender difference we are still both humans.
  22. I dont know why she is closed off to the idea of sex, especially talking about it. The most common things are that her family doesnt talk about it, some kind of abuse, religious reasons. Maturity and age could also be some factors. The point is that if she isnt doing it for you then there is no point in staying in the relationship, she is being closed off and if you want someone who is open then you need to look else where.
  23. I think that certain types of women like mysterious guys. Over time women want more from a guy than to just be mysterious so it may be something that they like initially but over time they do not.
  24. It can mean that or it could mean anything else that any person wants to bundle with it. Some people are going to consider different factors and thus will become "comfortable enough" at different times. Of course I could state a hard and fast rule but that answer is only going to be mine.
  25. Stop thinking and put yourself into action. You can only blame yourself for not acting. If a girl says no then she says no. You need to learn just to have fun with it.
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