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Intrested in a best friend of my female friend


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So I'm interested in this girl (never spoken to her or seen her in real life) and she is the best friend of a female friend of mine. I asked her about her, how she is like and if she is single. But it seems like she is talking to a guy. 


What do I do from here? Do i still ask her out, wait, forget her and move on? 

For the info im 22 and shes 19/20

Thanks for reading and replying in advance 

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4 minutes ago, boltnrun said:

How are you interested in someone you've never seen or spoken to? Have you just seen a picture of her?

And how would you ask someone out you've never even met? Are you thinking you're going to "add" her on Instagram or something?

Intrested in like wanting to know her. Yes i was thinking just asking my friend to help or just add her on instagram and talk to her

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Introduce yourself and ask her out to coffee. Keep it short and uncomplicated. I think you’re overthinking this. 

Have absolutely no doubt that she’ll do her homework on you and speak with this mutual friend. Expect that she will have a mind of her own. You don’t need to control everything. If she doesn’t want to meet with you respect that and move on. If she does, who knows? Keep an open mind.

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5 hours ago, Incognita12 said:

 I'm interested in this girl never spoken to her or seen her in real life.  it seems like she is talking to a guy.

Ok. 2 things.

1. You don't know her, have never seen her in real life so are interested in pics.

2. Your friend informed you she's talking to someone.

Another thing to consider is if this female friend is just a friend or wants more. 

What to do from here? Get a good profile and pics on quality dating apps and start talking to and meeting real life women for a low-key coffee .

Get involved in groups, clubs, sports and fitness, volunteer and round out your real life so you can meet and talk to women. In real life.

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