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Is she testing me or trying to ditch me


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So I've been talking to this woman for idk 3 weeks maybe. I asked her out she said she couldn't because of work. Understandable, I asked her out again and something happened where she couldn't fine whatever. So I stopped asking her out. But she wants to hangout with me and bring her 2 dogs over and play with my dog sure. So our dogs hangout. Me and her bang(best sex I have ever had). I'm thinking I'm probably never going to hear from her again. Nope she txt me more wants to hangout more. So we were supposed to hangout yesterday but thru some miscommunication on my end we didn't. But we still txt each other back and forth. I gave her a chance to hangout and she's like I don't think I want to hangout now, ok fine you know where to find me. She also would talk about other guys and how one was begging to hangout, which I replied cool now I don't feel bad about talking to other women. And she was telling me she didn't see it going anywhere with him. We were talking earlier while she was at work again telling me about 2 other guys one who is begging and the other who wants to be exclusive. Which she doesn't want to be exclusive with. She got out of work and called me and asked what I was doing to which I said nothing hanging out with the dog. We chit chat back and forth for a lil bit. She tells me how her and her ex would travel alot and go to different places. I asked her what she was doing (wondering why she would call me) to which she replied going home taking care of her dogs and getting sleep because she only slept for 2hrs last night and I said something like you treat your dogs way to much like children (in away she coddles them like a baby) she immediately hangs up on me. From what I know she wants to be treated with respect but when you do like that it makes me lose Respect for her. I'm not begging her to talk to me she's doing 70% of the work to get my attention I'm sitting back and living my life how I want and I will not take the disrespect of hanging up on me

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Was there a problem in there you wanted opinions on?


I'll give you mine. She's very immature and she's trying to get you to hook up with her again without having to be the one that asks.


I'd just let it fade... It sounds like she doesn't have the confidence to be in a FB or FWB dynamic without getting bunny boiler on you eventually. Just a vibe.

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Yes opinions, I'm not trying to be in a relationship with her. Unless that is what she wants. I'm ok with hanging out, having fun, and hooking up(Corey Wayne relationship coach). But I'm not going to put up with disrespect. All I see her as is some really good and someone who really successful who I'd be willing to be in a relationship but only if she wants it.

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The title of your thread "Is she testing me or trying to ditch me."


Oh come on you really don't know?


Any woman who makes a point of telling a guy she just had hot sex with about ALL these other guys who are "begging" to date her, have sex with her, wanting to be exclusive with her, is attempting to get a reaction out of him.


Huge shyt test, come on.


Same with telling you about how she and her ex used to travel all the time.


Same with her hanging up on you.


All shyt tests.


In fact this girl takes the prize for the most shyt tests given within a 3-4 week period.


I agree with the others, huge attention, um "seeker" and drama princess.


Is this the type of girl you want?


Since she gives great sex, keep her as an option, isn't that what Corey Wayne would advise?

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She is definitely just an option, that's it I'm not actively pursuing her or anyone else. I'm just sitting in orbit so to speak doing my own thing living life. I could take her or leave her. Not saying she doesn't peak my interest because she does, but I'm saying idc what she does. My only thing is if she is in fact banging someone else I want to at least know for my own health. If she's banging someone else good for I'm going to keep looking for someone but she is just an option

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Neither. You don't have a relationship other than sex buddies. She's not testing you. She felt insulted by your comment, and she hung up.


I will not take the disrespect of hanging up on me


It's all her fault? You passed judgement on something she cares very dearly about. Maybe you should consider some empathy and take the high road for your actions.

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