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He's Too Clingy...


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My boyfriend is really clingy and its not healthy. We got together and at first it was good, not too clingy. But now all he does is want to hang out, grab my butt or my boob. His mom texts my mom and said he was balling because he hadn't seen me in 3 days. 3 DAYS!!! I'm not in love with him, he says he's in love with me and im not ready. Its a like not love. Hes always wanting to kiss me and honestly im not that comfortable with him grabing whatever he wants. I was honest with him and told him but he said he could do what ever he wanted. My mom loves him so I don't know how to break it off or how to get him to stop. I like space and he likes to violate it, yet he never texts me. He complains that I dont say I love him and that we should move further into the relationship. He gets mad when I dont want to kiss him at the top of the faris wheel or if I don't write our names in the sand or walk on the beach and kiss. Its just too much for me. What do I dooo

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Sounds like you have a Stage 5 Clinger on your hands. You might just have to be hard and firm with your words.


*He's a man in love*.


Hi JJ good to see you posting here again.


Re your post, "Stage Five Clinger" and "Man in love" are not mutually-exclusive.


In fact, IMO he is not "in love." He is needy, disrespectful, insecure and obsessed, which has nothing to do with love. Might as well toss manipulating in there too.


I mean threatening to end the relationship because she hasn't been able to see him in three days? Yeah that's manipulating.


If he were in love he would respect her boundaries and back the hell off.


I wouldnt last one week with a man like this. If that long.

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Does your mom know he gropes your breasts and your behind whenever he wants to, even after you ask him to stop? Does your mom know he thinks he can do anything he wants to you?


If you were my daughter and I knew these things, I would not "like" him. I'd want to run him out of town.

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Sounds like you guys are teenagers, he probably has no experience or little experience with the opposite gender and just acts on how he feels and impulses rather than thinking things through.


I would tell him you want to take things slowly, if you are not comfortable with him touching you the way he does, then tell him so, you need to stand up for yourself and what you don't feel comfortable with you need to let him know.


Of course you shouldn't be telling each other you love each other, you guys haven't even dated that long, you don't know each other that well and you don't even have adult responsibilities yet.


If he continues to be too clingy, just dump him, you don't want someone suffocating you with unwanted attention if you don't feel the same way towards them.

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Going out on a limb here and assume you are a younger couple. Emotions drive our decisions.. our wants and desires overwhelm our rational. Sex drive is probably the worst of all motivators. That being said.. he needs to grow up and learn. You need to teach him a hard lesson. Send him packing now. No contact, let him cry, let him blowup your phone. After 2 months he will get over it. I was that dbag when I was 17, I didn't understand why I couldn't grab my girls butt whenever.. we were a couple right??. I was obsessed and completely out of control. She eventually left me and I was shattered. But it helped to mold my behavior. You can't rationalize this. Leave him. Good luck

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