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  1. If you have been in contact for a year and a half, and half the time she does not text you for days, what makes you think she's interested in you? You say you have a crush on her, and it sounds like she's not being honest with you. To say "Your texts give me motivation".....motivation to do what? See you in october? That other guy is in her picture for sure.
  2. Instead of staying up until midnight watching tv, go to bed earlier so you guys can have cuddles while watching tv from bed. Have sex too. Then later on, go to the spare room for sleep time. That would be the best solution. Quality time in the bed first, then sleep second.
  3. What makes you think you love your co-worker?
  4. No way. He'll be her puppet for life if he follows your advice. She needs an attitude ajustment at best. Unbeleivable.
  5. He dosn't even have you on a hook, yet you continue to wrap yourself up in questions that don't need answering. He's not figuring anything out, he's not sending you mixed signals, he's actually doing nothing. Do the same, forget him. You clearly like him more than he likes you. Time to move on and get over him. Don't give him anymore of your self esteem.
  6. Try not to get caught up and obsess over love-bomb conversations. Focus on today. There is no love-bombing going on. In actual fact, nothing is going on.
  7. Absolutly not. It's a terrible idea. Of course he wants to get back together. Try not to string people along that you have just dumped. You don't feel a spark with him. It's over. Might be a good idea to leave him alone.
  8. Why do you keep texting him, when he dosn't want to see you? Are you just looking for a texting buddy?
  9. Are you available at the drop of a hat, everytime he asks? And vice-versa? I think you need to pace it out.
  10. Sounds like she got burnt from her first marriage, and has trust issues. She also is coming across quite controlling. If you do end up going on more dates see if these issues come up again. If they do, I'd flag it.
  11. Tinder is a hook-up site in every country. Wake up and smell the coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Is her ethnicity Indian? Sounds simply to me that she gave you a chance but really she probably will end up with another person from her same culture. I wouldn't take it personally, that's just what happens.
  13. I also think the OP is living in some sort of fantasy land that the relationship will just continue on as normal, if she decides to terminate. It won't. How could it?
  14. Because she really didn't think she'd ever become pregnant. It's kind of like playing the lottery and never really thinking you'd win.
  15. You can always get another man. You may never ever have another baby. No relationship is ever worth it in the long run. Don't be 60 years of age reminiscing of a baby that could of been. You may be in another relationship by then happy, and content.
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