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Is this how rednecks act??????


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I am out on a date last night with a guy I have been dating casually for 2 months. He owns a bar restaurant and Monday's are his night off. We are sitting at a local bar and a woman comes in and begins screaming at him. Saying she is finished with him and will never see him again and that she cannot believe he is with me and then tells me he has a small penis and runs out of the door. Fifteen minutes later another woman walks in and starts screaming at him for being at the bar with me and makes fun of my hair and trys to pick a fight with me and begins yelling at him. We leave. He and I talk and he states those women are into him and he is not into them. He and I are both 42 years old.


I decide he obviously must be seeing these two women as well as me. We never have discussed being exclusive, but come on. I told him I really like him, but cannot see him any longer as the situation was totally out of control and just crazy. I feel he is just not discrete. I do not want a disease or a bad reputation by dating him and broke it off today and he said "ok". This was my first shot at dating a bar guy semi-redneck and what a failure. Ugh!


Does anyone think I should have handled this differently? It appears as though he could care less.

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He has an awesome, fun personality, but no class obviously. His penis is small and he had PE issues, but I see no reason to go out making him feel bad. Just time to keep my pride intact and depart before I am the one walking in and seeing him with another. He was raised by wolves I guess......

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He does not shave every day, wears lots of T-shirts, not the greatist body and drinks too much, but it is one heck of a fun time hanging out with him and he is sexy. That's my definition of redneck.................

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ok, lol, can you explain. the only refernce i've had of a redneck is from the simpsons. what exactly is a redneck!!! what type of person is it.


It's a bit of a stereotype to be honest but generally speaking rednecks:


drive pick up trucks

listen to country music

wear baseball caps

work in blue collar industries

live in fly over states (mid west)

votes red, is conservative in thinking

is white (caucasian)

enjoy Nascar


the list goes on and it's a bit unfair. There is also a fair bit of "redneck pride" out there as well, as a rebellion against the shallowness and frivolity of so called urban living. The quintessential and proud of it, redneck celebrity might be Toby Keith or Billy Ray Cyrus (think - the opposite of lady gaga or Michael Jackson or the cross dresser guy who almost won american idol a while back) The term "good ole boy" comes to mind as well.


Etymology: The term "redneck" actually comes from a by gone days in which farm workers toiling in feilds would get sun burned necks from working outside.


I might add that just like in all elements of society, there is good and bad.


I am not, nor have a ever been a redneck (or a communist either lol)

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True can't disagree. I'd add:

Has no teeth.

Wears a Mullet.


Rarely showers.

Has babies with several women and probably several ex wives. His exwives might also be relative.

Bad grammar.


And just to be clear I am damn proud of my mullet and one tooth and the fact that I only have to shower once a month.

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Speaking as a life-long native of the UK, and we don't get rednecks here ... to the OP, you were right to bail.


However - what a HILARIOUS evening! I'm very admiring of you being able to keep your dignity in the middle of all this; I'd have been helpless with laughter, which would have made the situation worse in all likelihood!

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It's not a redneck thing - just a player thing. From your previous threads, this guy never let on that he wanted anything serious, and his contact was sporadic, at best. I'm sorry you had to experience such unpleasantness and such scenes with those tacky women.

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And just to be clear I am damn proud of my mullet and one tooth and the fact that I only have to shower once a month.


But is your tooth black, or yellow?


To be fair I live in a "blue" state, yet several of my neighbors are what I call northern rednecks. They have a Confederate Flag on their t shirt and their trucks.

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