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  1. Yep. For instance in the spring I am going to a singles group. I am also considering online dating if this doesn't work. Because I hold somewhat high standards I plan to uphold them for me. I know that I need to workout, dress nicely, wear makeup, style my hair, ect to attract a man I'd be interested in. If I was to walk into the singles club wearing ratty clothes and no makeup I'd get less responses than if I look fantastic. However, if a man walks in wearing ratty clothes and dirty hair, he's not going to get my attention and if he is attracted to me he will be rejected.
  2. Right. I know if I want a guy who's in shape I expect to be in shape myself, etc. You'd think a guy like himself who is large would be more understanding of large women. Instead he asked for a tall in shape brunette with large breasts. He's 46 and single (or so he says).
  3. Agreed and yes that's what I mean. I've posted about this fat guy looking for a slim woman and "no fatties".
  4. He can date who he wants. However, just because he wants a slim woman doesn't mean he will get it. Yet many of these guys believe he can get a slim woman. Since he's fat he should consider fat women as well.
  5. Everyone is missing my point so I will say it again. Many men make the mistake of rejecting women who may like them to pursue women who likely wouldn't. As much as people don't want to admit it, yes looks matter. When I see a fat man complaining about fat women I think he's delusional.
  6. Exactly, but we see so many here state that is possible. In most cases it's not. I'm middle class, what's the possibility I will attract a rich man? Sure it could happen but not likely.
  7. I mean these guys who aren't at the same level but try to attract hot women. For instance in high school the AV nerd trying to attract the cheerleader.
  8. Btw, speaking as an attractive women we can spot those guys only interested in our looks a mile away. So when an average or below average man tries to attempt to date hotter women we can spot these phonies. We hate guys dating us based on looks.
  9. Great news (let's hope they are legit). I have seen your photo and I would date you if I was younger. I think your problem is insecurity.
  10. In defense of LBS I have rejected men based on looks. I admit now it was wrong and I often wonder if one of these guys was a match. I'll never know but I received so many responses that I had to delete people. If I do online again I am going to be more open to looks because in the last few years have met people who are unattractive but great people. Maybe I'll meet a guy who's unattractive but fall for him. There are several differences between me and LBS. For one I'm not a virgin or need dating experience. Personally, if I was like him I probably would date a few of these guys. Plus, I'm sure men get less responses online than women.
  11. I'd be curious if he's being superficial or they were repulsive. The guys contacting me were really repulsive. 400 pound guys, guys who were weird, guys looking for sex, slobs, married men, con artists, liars, etc. Not to mention all the dads contacting me though I stress no dads (some of these guys were actually good looking).
  12. Yes, if you find someone repulsive better not to contact them. That's what I mean, these guys who contacted me were repulsive looking. Sure, maybe in real life they are nice looking (though highly doubt it) or they have a great personality but online is all about the looks.
  13. I can relate. I never have a hard time getting all kinds of men attracted to me. The only problem is it's never guys I want. When I did online dating I'd see all these nice looking men and want to talk to them but they never responded to me. Meanwhile the guys I had NO interest in contacted me.
  14. I've had that with several guys and the ones that I actually dated were passing things. I've had the best luck with guys I thought were nice but not always hot.
  15. That's the right attitude to have. I also plan to take the advice myself and lower my standards. People often have more to offer once you meet them.
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