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  1. wooo hoooo I am right there with ya, girl!!! We must be soul mates. lol
  2. Not all women are quick to judge. There are some of us who find this stuff a turn on. I"m a perv and most people on here know that I'm a perv, so the fact that I love to screw fleshlights with my fingers while standing in the middle of the porn shop isnt surprising. In fact, I love to watch a man masterbate. Now, I dont just sit there and gawk, I am an active participant in many different ways. After saying that, I'd love to watch a man use a fleshlight. I'd find it a turn on. In fact I'd want him to switch back and forth from the toy to my vagina, the toy, my vagina....and on and on.
  3. Oh I know. I think that I would spend the whole day playing with it and sticking it in different things. lol Hel-lo, warm apple pie!
  4. I think they're pretty cool. My ex and I used to prowl around the local porn shop and I loved playing with the fleshlights! I like the way they feel, so I'm standing there screwing the hell out of fleshlight with my fingers. lol And I'll be honest, I wish I had a penis just so that I can feel the difference between the fleshlight and the real thing! BTW...I didnt know that you soak in water to heat them up. That's awesome!!!!
  5. I just found thread Mama Metro! Your determination to improve your health is awesome!! I'm so proud of you! And the grandbabies will be sooo happy to have you chasing them around!!
  6. Has anyone read "Push" by Sapphire? I started a thread asking, but I thought I may get some more responses here.
  7. Thank all of you so much!! I'm such a proud mommy!! My little man is growing like crazy!! I was at the doctor yesterday and I saw a beautiful baby girl with her mommy and I asked how old she was, thinking that since Landon is twice her size, she must be brnad new, but NO!! She was 6 weeks old!! My big boy is twice her size and he's only 3 weeks!! I just have to laugh! He is doing so wonderfully and I could not ask for a better baby. Generally he sleeps for about 4 hours at a time, so most nights we're only up two or three times. He truly does amaze me!! A couple of you have asked
  8. I know I'm a little late in announcing this but I did have my sweet baby boy on 3/10/09 at 3:21 pm. He was 9.2 pounds and 19 1/2 inches long. He has a headful of blonde hair like his mommy and big blue eyes!! He is so beautiful and I'm so proud of him. The c-section went ok, but a couple of days after it my incision busted all the way open. So, I've had an open would in my belly for a while now. My docs decided to leave it open and hook up a vacuum pump to pull out the infection and put me on massive drugs. It's healing very well, but painful and it limits my activities. So, I'm ju
  9. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Trust me, read my postings for details, it's not a pretty story. I've been right where you are and maybe a little further. Your situation is different from mine, but I can put myself in your place, and you know what I would do? I would tell him that I want to go out with both of them. I want to get to know "her" too. I want to hang out, have drinks, go to movies, and do fun things with them both, that way I can get to know her. Men like the hunt and chase much more than closing the deal. If you give her a call and make arrangements for all of you to go out,
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