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  1. Actually, looks do matter to an extent. OP says he is a "sucker for girls with pretty faces" but says "how can I demand a pretty girl when I'm not so pretty myself?" Well, usually you can't. Hot people tend to gravitate towards other good looking people. Many men want the beautiful girl, but they are average or below average themselves. It is only when they are willing to date the average or less-than-average woman that they may see more success in their dating life. I'm not saying looks are everything - they are not. Just that good looking people tend to go with other good looking people.
  2. I think it's just fate. I know too many people that tried for too long (including myself) and never found love, and others who found it without even having been single for a month. I know one woman who found it after being on-line less than 2 weeks. Another "tripped" over her husband in a bar (literally tripped).
  3. Love ya Bulletproof, but I disagree with this. I spent over two years doing on-line dating and never even got a bf out of it. Maybe not the best example, but sometimes we do try and put ourselves out there and it just doesn't happen for us.
  4. I totally agree with this. I get tired of hearing "just have fun". I am 46, I have been hearing that since I was 18. It's good advice for a young person, but as you get older, many people want something more substantial than a good time.
  5. It's a much larger dating pool of singles when you are younger. So yes, it is easier to find love at a young age. Of course, you can find it at any age, but I am not going to believe someone who sits and tells me that it's going to be just as easy for a 50 year old as it is for a 25 year old.
  6. Instead of falling into thinking that all women are heartless, perhaps look into why you choose to pursue someone who "keeps making excuses not to meet me and was upset with me for nothing". Someone who keeps making excuses not to meet you - while perhaps posing a challenge which some men find attractive - is not a healthy choice. Women are like men that way - when we are interested, we want to see you! We won't make you jump through hoops wondering if we are interested. If you have to wonder, we probably are not (same with guys).
  7. They are probably all divorced by now. Never go back to an ex. If someone loves you, they won't end it (barring abuse or infidelity and things like that).
  8. Then you need to put yourself in surroundings where you might meet other Sheldon types. I really don't think being in a "niche" should prevent you from finding someone.
  9. From my late thirties to now, I would say my only dates have been men from the workplace or on-line dating. I have outside interests, but have never found dates from them.
  10. I used to try and be positive, certain that everyone would find their someone in time. But I don't believe everyone will find someone. I don't believe I will (I am in my 40's). However, I believe MOST will, if that helps at all....especially young people - there are so many people you haven't even met yet. The world really is your oyster, seriously...
  11. I agree with RedDress. She's been dealing with this for 30 years, it probably is unlikely to change. Just let her know you are there for her and when you get your place, let her know she is welcome.
  12. I agree. But I think it depends more on the city itself rather than just the size of a city. I live in a huge city, but I am not into the things that draw people to this city. So I am doomed until I move.
  13. I find that most (though not all) people who are single (but don't want to be), tend to not get out there enough. It's not so much that people are rejecting them, so much as they aren't meeting enough people or asking them out.
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