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  1. Everyone's love life is cursed until you find the one you want to settle down with forever (and they do with you as well heh). It's a journey and once you reach your destination you will see that the journey was necessary. I don't regret any of my breakups.
  2. 7.) you see trouble brewing on the horizon - signs of a bad breaker-upper - needy, clingy, posessive, controlling, over analyzing etc. Do you think that it is only women who test men? Im not saying that is THE reason, but it is sometimes A reason.
  3. Naaaah, I like women with makeup and push up bras. It's all part of the package/experience. men and woman are sooo different
  4. I'd just be super happy to be "finally" having sex with her. OP, with all due respect, you seem a little new to the "women" game here. Push up bras and so called "false advertising" is the least of your worries concerning the continuously evolving entity that is 'a woman'. You'll quickly notice that the female personality has a Push up bra equivilent to it as well lol
  5. ooh beep - wrong! I's a movie that's far more sinister than that one. Granted there are some laughs but....this is a dark film, revealing of the hidden nature of man.
  6. JACK (V.O.) How I came to live with Tyler is: airlines have this policy about vibrating luggage. SECURITY TFM (to Jack) Throwers don't worry about ticking. Modern bombs don't tick. JACK Excuse me? "Throwers?" SECURITY TFM Baggage handlers. But when a suitcase vibrates, the throwers have to call the police.
  7. Well, even the name "fleshlight" sounds kinda...I dunno, icky. Though dildo sounds dumb and vibrator sounds like an appliance.
  8. In my somewhat limited knowledge of this subject, I am going to advance the theory that the "flashlight" is a relatively new device, though I suspect variations on this instrument have been around since we fell out of trees and started walking around (and if some of the visuals experienced at the monkey house at the zoo are accurate, then even before then) However... I wouldn't bother with one. I am pro-masturbation and all, but what is wrong with one's hand? (or even better, someone else's hand) Good analogy with dildos/vibrators though. To me, I suppose that a woman "going to tow
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