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Are you driven more by money or passion for what you do?

Double J
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In my case, it's the latter.


I want to make enough money to be financially stable, but money and material possessions are secondary to career contentment in my book.


I know the ailing economy has put a new spin on things, but I just can't imagine waking up every morning and doing something I hate, even if I'm being paid loads of money to do it.


I'm one of the least materialistic people you'll ever meet. I still have my old Playstation 1 and enjoy playing those games as if they had been released yesterday. During Christmas, I'm probably the easiest person to shop for -- I usually ask for inexpensive items -- and I always end up liking what is given to me.


I take pleasure in the simplest things -- from reading a good book to sitting outside and taking in the natural surroundings.


On the other hand, I know certain people who just can't get enough material things. They go to the mall every weekend, and once the novelty of a new gadget or designer item wears off, they want the latest best thing.


Why are some people like that? I just don't get it.


Which are you more motivated by?

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I'm in between.

My current job area, I don't love it or hate it. It's enjoyable, but I am not completely passionate about it.

Right now I am sticking it out because I'm a recent grad that was given a full time job/career long before graduating that pays AMAZING. I paid of my student loan before I was even finished school...and it is in my 'field' of study, it gives me good pay, great benefits, and even better pension pay..and its one of those jobs that just won't be terminated.


So right now, I'm a little of A. little of B.

I feel right now though, the money is keeping me in the position I was given.

It will open me up to new doors, but for the most part..I am not money driven.

I can do without the fancy things, the extras, but I am at a point where I am getting my life going and wanting a house, furnishing the house, etc and need the money to do so..so at this point..money wins, and the job really isn't all that bad, and will more or less just be a stepping stone to even bigger/better things.


But I know the job field I want to eventually get into isn't high paying, and I've known that from the start, but its an area of itnerest/love, and to me..long term..thats more important.

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Someone once said to me that if you love what you do, you will never have to retire. I find a lot of truth in that.


Money shouldn't even be an issue, because if you really have a passion for your job, you'll still do it even if it pays you nothing. So when money is involved, you do your job (whether you love it or hate it) because you know you are being paid to do it, not because you do it out of passion.


But wouldn't it be nice to get paid to do a job that we have a passion for?

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Well I'm definitely not doing it for the money, I get paid horribly and I knew that going into this field.


But I was much more passionate about it in school than I am in the field. I don't hate my current job, but I can't say I'm excited about it either. What motivates me is the potential to help people, even though I know it's not always possible. I also work with children and I absolutely love them.


The lack of money is not a fun part though, I'm not gonna lie. It's frustrating to see others my age making a lot more money and I'm working just as hard.

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Most people have the opportunity on their lap to go and help in selfless deeds. From helping the starving in developing countries to helping an old person with shopping.


Don't underestimate the selfishness that is built in to all of us. And don't belittle it as selfishness. We must do what we must do to surivive; primarily.


Most people who come in to a large amount of money will have thoughts about helping those less fortunate, but first of all; our personal survive and that of our loved ones mostly come first.


I'm not saying be 'red in tooth and claw' but most people have their interests, hobbies, empathism and sympathy secondary to their own basic needs - and that's natural.

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I'm going to have to exactly agree with this one.

I've landed a job which I enjoy and can seek advancement (where I think I would enjoy it a bit more). It pays okay for now, but it will pay great in a few years. There are good benefits and a great pension plan too.

Would I sacrifice other aspects of my life to do this job 12 hours a week? No, I'm not that passionate about it. Am I willing to further my education and learn on my time? Yes.


Although I don't need to be making 100K a year, there is a certain "level" of salary that my job needs to meet, else I would not accept it. I need to provide for me and my family, and have a lot of purchases that need to be done in that regard - house, college for kids, wedding, furniture(it's been great living with no sofa, a broken pillow and half a mattress but the back is killing me), second car etc...


I have a passion for fashion, make-up and beauty stuff but I consider it my hobby so I love shopping. I don't need to have a cellphone, a flat screen TV or even cable TV and I'm perfectly fine. I guess I'm semi-materialistic.

Unlike a lot of my friends, I don't need money to entertain myself but having it does help.

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For me I love working on cars or even when I work construction. I just love it, plus I'm good at it. A bonus is the mone is good at times. I even love working retail, it has its ups and downs but at my retail job I'm well respected so I love it eventhough the money is crap.

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the passion for sure.... there are some days you couldn't pay me enough to do this job. Although, at this point, the money is pretty good too. But teaching is what I would really like to do again.. I like that even more than what I do now.


You sound like the charismatic type.

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