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  1. Oh my been so long since I've been around I almost forgot my login!! We welcomed a 2nd baby girl into our family 6 weeks ago! She was an early peanut like her sister, was induced at 34 weeks for the same reasons as my first (placenta failure and growth restriction) but after a few weeks in the nicu she's home and doing awesome!
  2. Life's busy with a baby!! Or more like a full blown walking toddler creating chaos everywhere I go I am also 6 weeks pregnant with baby #2!! Apparently much easier getting pregnant second time around and happened first shot! So here's hoping for a successful pregnancy.
  3. I don't know how you manage with such a short maternity leave! I couldn't imagine going back to work after 8-12 weeks! My little one turns a year (!!!!) at the end of this month and it's back to work for me and I am dreading it!
  4. Eating all day long. That's how I kept from feeling really gross. Carbs. Crackers, bread, etc my stomach needed that full feeling in it at all times! Sour candies worked well for me when I had to be away from my desk at work to do something... Keeping a stash of candies in my pocket to pop in my mouth was necessary!! I ended up getting a prescription for the nausea and used it well into the 3rd trimester. It would take me hours to get mobile in the morning so the meds helped immensely with that!
  5. Congrats redrose!!! I think there is a happy medium is sharing the news. We kept right lipped when I was pregnant the first time and the isolation I felt when I miscarried was unbearable. No one knew I was pregnant and then no one knew when I miscarried (except a few people who had to know) The next time around I wasn't blurting it out to the world but I was a little more willing to pass it along in case I endured another miscarriage which I was at risk for. I couldn't go through suffering In silence again. Once we cleared 12 weeks we shared it openly.
  6. I hated the "am I pregnant" symptom watching! My first pregnancy I knew before my period was due because of the constant peeing. Our normal 4 hr road trip we could take without stopping required 3 pee breaks for me! The second pregnancy I didn't have any symptoms or indication whatsoever which is why I was shocked I was pregnant! (Looking back insomnia was my giving away symptom! But had nothing else) and I never experienced the excessive peeing!
  7. Unfortunately only a pregnancy test can tell you if you are pregnant. No one here cAn. Your body may be screwed up due to Decembers cycle, but if you are late you can certainly take a test. I used the early detection tests for my pregnancies and always got a positive even before my period was due.
  8. Ugh dreading that part!! I remember having to leave work early to get home to have sex! My husband was on night shift and we always miss each other due to the hours we would work and I actually had to tell my coworkers I was leaving early for an appt! Really takes the fun out of things when it drags on for months! Sending baby dust your way
  9. All well here! My little one is 7 months! So crazy. 5 more months and back to work (do not know how you all do it with only 6-12 weeks off! That blows my mind!) She's sooooo much fun and loving doing new things with her and doing all of our old hobbies with her too now! Am also feeling the itch for baby #2!!
  10. Late to join but couldn't see the pic on my phone for some reason! I agree with everyone, you look great They are great memories to have. I printed out the photos and put them in the baby's memory book.
  11. I went through something a lkttle similar with my relationship. My guy was always one to drag his feet on everything. After I finished school (he finished a year ahead of me and was also almost 5 years older) I was ready to fly the nest and move out of my parents home and wanted to do so with him. He didn't think it was a good idea. He had his excuses for not doing so and I was fine with that and said "hey look I'm doing this because I need to move on with life and will do so with or without you!" He didn't like that and was all "fine, you clearly don't need me..." Sort of thing. He eventua
  12. Why do you have to let go? Why do you have to say goodbye? It was always be with you. Maybe try not to focus on getting rid of it, and just accepting this loss as a part of you, who you are, and your story. I think of my miscarriage often. I went on to conceive about 6 months after, but will never forget. I never said 'goodbye' or tossed it aside and 'moved on' Its part of me, its part of my journey. Just like I have never 'let go' of my Mother. I think of her everyday, and cry quite often missing her. Doesn't mean I am crippled over with grief and can't function..just she holds a large par
  13. I felt pretty good overall throughout my pregnancy, but I remained very active both prior and during. [hiking, snowshoeing, etc] Although I did find the first half worse, but did prenatal yoga several times a week to help with stretching and relaxing, and didn't feel the need to continue on through the second half. I did indulge in massages [just because I had the benefits and never used them and figure it was a good excuse!] I know being sore is somewhat normal and a common complaint, I just don't know to what extent is okay. I would mention it to your doctor and see if there's anythin
  14. My good friend went for her follow up appoitment from her d&c and discovered she was pregnant again. While the dr wasn't pleased, there wasn't much to be done but to move forward. She was advised to wait a few cycles before trying again, but they say you are more fertile after a d&c and she got pregnant. She started hemmorhaging while we were on a trip and we all figured she was miscarrying again but just an issue with the placenta and all ended up being okay and her rowdy baby boy is a healthy 4 month old right now!
  15. Genetic makeup is pretty neat. That aspect of creating a human blows my mind. I am a clone of my mother and yet when my baby was born, when we finally saw her in the nicu I went "oh my god she's my father!" There was a nurse working who was a family friend and when she was on shift she said "I know this is creepy but she looks like your dad!" And she so does! And yet I look nothing like my dad! But this baby does look like me as a baby! She's got my dads ice blue eyes and I hope they remain because they are gorgeous! And I think she will have my husbands strawberry blonde hair and thankfu
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