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  1. That's odd. Your doctor relied on your words and prescribed you the medication without testing you?
  2. OK, I apologize if I'm misreading what you mean. I read it that your term 'not big deal' is something you shouldn't worry even if you don't get checked out. I was just trying to correct you that it is a big deal. I mean like you said, it's not the end of the world if they get a curable STD, but do the right thing and get treated.
  3. Here, it's the 'not big deal' mentality that most don't go get checked out. They think that the problem will take care if itself and yet, they still go around sleeping with people. I mean, yeah, it's ok if you think you have an STD and you wear condoms and be responsible and all that. Kudos to you. But I guess it's just that it'll bother me, conscience wise, that I have a curable STD and not doing anything about it.
  4. No, but you did say that some STDs are not that big of a deal. When you make it not a big deal, that's when it becomes a big deal. Anyway, agree, that we have the same idea here about advocating safe sex and educating yourself about STDs that you wouldn't feel too freaked out to go get yourself checked out and make sure that you are all right.
  5. It's both frightening and humiliating because they don't care to educate themselves on it. People have to understand that it happens to everyone and that getting an STD is not something bad of a reflection on your character. I really do respect a person more if he/she knew that they may potentially be exposed to an STD and sought medical attention then those who did nothing about it.
  6. I get a lot of men telling me that. Then come to find out, they're only saying it to end the conversation. But we have no reason to doubt you except to believe you at this point.
  7. No. That's not what I'm saying at all. If you are going to have pleasure, do it with caution, put on a condom! And if you knew you had unprotected sex with someone, go get yourself checked out. Just don't be ignorant thinking that those STDs not with you for life are not a big deal. Because they are. People don't escalate to full blown AIDS cases in a matter of seconds, it takes months for HIV to break down your immunity. And if one was getting themselves checked regularly like you said, then AIDS wouldn't have to be a problem, right? Nor the other STDS out there.
  8. HIV leads to AIDS, I understand that. And not everyone who has HIV has AIDS. But the fact that you have an untreated STD, you open yourself to contracting HIV, and if you didn't get yourself treated for the first STD, you wouldn't certainly go in for an HIV testing - and if you did have the HIV, you could very well have AIDS in the long run. Just saying.
  9. It's just not one-night standers that get STDs, even responsible adults can too. Why? Because one partner may have an STD from prior relationships that is asymptomatic so they don't think they have any.
  10. This is very ignorant thinking! Of course, all STDS are a big risk. Some may not be life-threatening like AIDS, but if you have it and don't get yourself checked out or treated, the long term consequence of that is damaging. Let's take for example a curable STD such as Chlymadia. It doesn't do you any harm for the time being. But if left untreated in both men and women, it can lead to infertility. And if you have an STD, you have a higher risk of contracting the AIDS virus because your immunity is compromised.
  11. I wasn't asking for confirmation. I was trying to get a general idea of the mental thought and process of other people. It looks like some of you think it's not really your responsibility or business.
  12. Well, it's not HIV. It's something that can easily be treated with antibiotic. I know it's none of my business, but I think that whether it's our business or not, we still have the responsibility to do the right thing. It's when people (whether the infected or the non-infected) become ignorant that STDs run rampant and can't be controlled.
  13. Everyone has the unalienable right to do as they so please. But if they know they have been exposed, yet still prowl the net hoping to meet someone, they are potentially committing a crime (well not literally, but figuratively speaking).
  14. And they refused to get checked out, would you report them to the appropriate authority? Like the State Health Department?
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