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  1. i'm sure they figured out what is best for them by now. this was posted 5 years ago.
  2. i would hope after close to 6 years he figured it out.
  3. i hope they figured it out 7 years ago.
  4. i find it funny this thread is 5 years old.
  5. stationary bike will help with that area. but you really need to watch what you eat. everyone has abs.
  6. i do a lot of cardio and if i'm low on potassium my foot almost feels cramped in those areas and starts a shooting type pain.
  7. some people have hands-on things that need to be done on-site, some don't.
  8. marijuana is worse for the body, but has had little to no affects in deaths due to it as far as use. plenty of people have died from using alcohol. and i'm not talking drinking then doing something stupid.
  9. legs, butt and waist the most. it is cardiovascular activity so your whole body will benefit. it's better on your joints than running.
  10. so irshad was an advertisement to rekindle this thread?
  11. wolf, if you stop dancing in the mirror with a flashlight, this will stop.
  12. stop with the relationship crap without the actual attachment. you are leading him on. you love the attention. poor guy.
  13. it's to flip people off with class. lol means nothing for marriage.
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