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  1. By a show of hands (or, in this case, online responses), which genre do you prefer? Are you most engaged by fiction books, or are you partial to the non-fiction variety? I fall into the latter group. Give me a book on psychology or history and you'll find me engrossed for hours on end. Those happen to be my two favorite subjects. What about you guys?
  2. I'm reading "Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy" by Martin Lindstrom. I'm also reading a book titled, "The Founding Fathers" by Michael Levy. I love delving into the social sciences -- namely history, economics, geography, and psychology.
  3. I have felt overlooked at work for quite some time now. I have a co-worker in my department who has constantly upstaged me since I started here. Granted, she started in this company a few months before I did, so she had a bit more time to develop rapport with my boss. She's also a lot more outspoken, better at promoting herself and her accomplishments, and much more of a kiss-as*. She always eats up my boss's jokes while I kind of smile and go about my business. I have nothing against her because she's actually a good person; her and I are good friends and have helped each other a lot since I began working here. Does my boss show favoritism toward women in general? I can't really say considering the 3 of us are the only ones in this department, and the company is less than 2 years old. My boss and I have more of a "professional" relationship. All he talks to me about is work, while he discloses details of his personal life with my co-worker. (Many times I find him whispering stuff in her ear while she's in his office.) I am the quiet/focus/introverted type, so I honestly prefer that he keep things professional with me. However, I have realized that just working hard and doing a good job are probably not enough to get a raise. I would probably have to take more interest in his personal life and hobbies (he loves football, I love baseball) but I have no interest in doing so. My co-worker gets invited to important meetings while I get left out. What's more, he said he wanted her to accompany him to a breakfast seminar next week -- once again, I was not invited. She and I own a different set of responsibilities, but she seems to get recognized more for them because she's more capable of reporting results back to him (I increased ROI by 10%). My tasks are writing-based and my boss has shown he doesn't have time to read stuff. My company is money-hungry; still, I refuse to ask for different responsibilities because in the end I love to write. (Note that I have gotten praised for being an excellent writer, but it wasn't enough to earn a raise at my one year evaluation.) What's going on here? Is this blatant favoritism? Do I need to work for a bigger company (this one only has 12-15 employees and lacks a bona fide editorial dept) that will better value my writing skills/background? Note that this is a start-up and I was never really given a job description to begin with. I have tried taking this unstructured position and turning into a "Writer" job; while that has happened to some degree, I don't feel my accomplishments are valued to the same degree as those who generate sales. She's up for a 1-year evaluation in March. I didn't get a raise at my evaluation, but I bet my bottom dollar that she will.
  4. Ask out by e-mail?? Come on man, that sets off "wuss" alarms. Try to gain some confidence to do it in person.
  5. I think the best thing you can do is meet her, but without having any expectations. Remember that infatuations over the internet don't always translate into real-life relationships.
  6. My internship with the company I've interned for since January of 2006 told me today that my internship is done since i've reached the part-time/intern status limit. They said they'd love to talk about future full-time opportunities once I graduate. For those of you who have done internships and then gone on to a different company, or who have worked at several different places for some time, how has the social life varied in each place? In other words, have you felt more comfortable/more chemistry with people at one place more than the other? And why do you think that's the case? Is it because one place dealt with older people as opposed to younger ones or vice-versa? I'd like to hear your thoughts and experiences. Since this internship is ending I have to find another one now and it's like starting all over again. I'm going to have to meet new people and I'm hoping I'll have good chemistry with the people I meet at this new place. Looking forward to your comments.
  7. Hey guys, I've started a few threads about an internship I've been in for over a year now. Although the pay is good and the people are nice, I was debating whether I should stay or leave because I didn't want to spend the rest of the year doing the same things. I mentioned how I felt that staying in this company would limit me to doing the routine stuff I've been doing since month one. A few weeks ago I asked the director I worked with if it was possible to move me to another desired area within the company, but it never materialized. Anyhow, on Thursday, I went into the VP's office to say hello before leaving and he asked me if I could stay a few minutes. It turns out that 14 months and 2 internship extensions later, Human Resources said that I've reached the limit as being able to maintain "part-time/intern" status within the company. The VP said they're delighted with me and would offer me a full-time job, but since I don't graduate until December, they obviously can't do that. Thus, it looks like my internship may finally be over. I am aware that most internships only last 3-6 months, so I've been lucky to have been with the company this long. He added this: "I will try to do what I can to extend it but I'm not promising anything." He then gave me his business card, stated that I could use him as a reference and for reference letters at anytime, and that he wanted me to work with another recent full-time hire in the next few days in explaining my responsibilities to her. I think these tidbits were subtle indicators that he was trying to say it's over, but he didn't want to be too upfront about it. He also stated to stop by his office on Monday for his official word on all this. Why didn't he just say it's over already once and for all? I think he didn't because he wanted to let the cat out of the bag very slowly and subtly. That way I've absorbed it by Monday and it isn't as much of a shocker. Do you agree? (He also stated that he wants to keep the lines of communication open once I graduate). Regardless, I was already planning on leaving the company this year. I think this is a favorable outcome, because at least now I won't feel bad about leaving and regretting it later on. Instead my departure will take place because of the finality of the internship. I'm going to miss the benefits that this company provided (good pay and reputation/close to home), but I think I'm craving a new learning experience. After being in this rather large company for a good amount of time, I think it's going to look good on my resume and will give me the leeway to command a good hourly rate. I will not settle for less now, and once I find a new internship I will have two on my resume prior to graduating college. After my ex-supervisor and the woman who trained me left the client team I work with last summer (ex-supervisor left company/trainer went to a different account within the company), I never enjoyed working here as much anymore. The team took on a drastically new look (with 3 new people that eventually came in) and unfortunately I was unable to forge a strong connection with any of them as I did with the two others. Thus I seemed to lack a mentor; none of the directors I worked with seemed willing (or available) to take responsibility for me and supervise what I was doing. I guess they trusted me enough not to supervise me but honestly I felt like a lone wolf on occasion. All good things must come to an end and I think it's time to move on. Do you guys agree with my points? Although he said he would tell me definitely on Monday whether the internship is over, based on his actions, do you infer that he tried to tell me subtly that it already is? Thanks.
  8. Today my g/f invited me to her house to celebrate her brother's birthday with her family. I politely declined because I had a big quiz today (and 2 left to do this weekend). She came to my house to visit before leaving to the family get-together, and before leaving, she asked me "when do I come back tonight?" I asked her if she was fine coming back at around 9 PM and she said she didn't mind (I even told her that it'd be ok if she preferred to see me tomorrow instead of today, but she insisted she didn't mind coming back tonight). I said fine - I figured I'd be done with the quiz today at 9. 9 PM came rolling around, then 10, and I didn't hear from her all night. It wasn't until 10:30 PM or so that I finally spoke to her on MSN Messenger. She apologized and said that she assumed I had come to realize she wasn't going to come after all since I didn't receive her call. I think what she did was kind of inconsiderate - she basically left me hanging. If she simply would have called to let me know she wasn't going to come, I'd be happy with that. Do you guys agree?
  9. Hi, I'm currently in marketing but am considering looking into PR for my next job to gain some practical experience before graduating from college. What does PR involve? Is it a highly stressful career area? Is it low-paying? Do you merely need to have excellent writing skills? Do you need to be super extroverted? Any info would be most appreciated.
  10. wow you guys really hit it on the head. I agree with everything you've said. As the number of people grows, there just seems to be less attention directed at you, the conversations become less serious (and a lot more mindless chit-chat), etc. It seems like you don't get to know a person as profoundly when dealing with a group, because you have to be talking or paying attention to a multiple number of people. That's one reason, for example, that many people oppose group dates.
  11. Hi, I don't know if some of you have experienced this, but I'm seeking some feedback. I'm the type of person that isn't shy whatsoever to interact with someone in a one-to-one fashion. This semester I've already spoken to several people in my classes that way. When I'm dealing with one (and sometimes even two) people this way, I don't mind taking the initiative in being the first one to talk. However, when dealing with a group of people (4 or more, particularly if they know each other well), I am not as sociable. This includes dinner table situations when there are various people present, when I'm doing a 5-person group project, etc. As the number of people involved grows, I seem to become more of a "social loafer" and prefer to let other people do the talking. I am unsure if this questions my ability to be self-confident around a growing number of individuals. I don't know if it's the possibility of saying something dumb and having more people look down upon me because of it (as opposed to just having 1 or 2 people present). My g/f and I went on a cruise the other day. The cruise was sponsored by her college (where she also happens to work) and at the table we were surrounded by her female co-workers and acquaintances. I was at least hoping that some of those girls would take their boyfriends so that I'd be able to talk to them, but none of them did. I felt very left out and uninterested in socializing with them. Now, if the table would have consisted of my g/f and I, and only ONE OR TWO of those girls as opposed to 5, I'm sure I would have been more talkative. Anyways, my point is that with me, less people = more sociability on my part. That's just how I've always been. Is anyone else this way? I would love to read others' comments. Thanks.
  12. Hello, I've recently posted about this here a few times now. This month is going to mark 13 months that i've been a part-time intern (while being a full time student) at an advertising/media agency. Last year was great in the sense that I learned many new things. But in the past 3/4 months or so, I feel like I haven't learned anything new, and that these people are putting me to do a lot of routine stuff where I'm not allowed to put my skills into action. Yes, I've talked to them about it. What I basically asked is if they could move me to a different area (research) within the company, but they pretty much implied that they could not because they need me to do the same stuff in the area that I'm in - otherwise they have to hire and train someone else to do it. They've also told me that since I'm part-time, they cannot rely on me for big projects since I don't put in enough time. I currently work with the research director on a small project but it really doesn't involve much "brains." He told me around Sept of last year that there was a chance they would indeed move me to work directly under him, but that fizzled and never came to fruition. I think once I told him that I put in 15 hours a week (and that I have an irregular schedule where I don't necessarily come in the same days every week due to school), it somehow might have drawn a red flag that he can't rely on me as he would a full-time person. I think that such a situation is not a very favorable one for me. I graduate from college in December and I wish to be able to learn different things in different areas and gain exposure to different types of work before I get my marketing degree. The area i'm in specializes in media buying which is not really what i'm interested in, even though we handle a big client. I feel that if I stay in this area for the rest of the year, I'm not going to grow much nor learn anything new. Everyone on the team always seems too busy as well (I'm now with a totally different team than the one I started with at this company because my former supervisor left as well as the woman who trained me but that's a different story). Leaving this company would hurt for two reasons - good pay and great reputation. At the same time, I'm somewhat bored of doing the same things. I know that internships don't normally last so long - they're usually a few months. They've extended the duration of the internship twice now, which is good, but I don't want to be stuck doing the same stuff for another full year. It seems as if both sides have their own best interest at heart (them keeping me in this area so that they don't have to spend time training someone else and me wanting to grow and learn more before graduating). I know that "room for growth" in an internship doesn't make a lot of sense, and I know that working in this other area I want to move to was not originally what this internship was for. That's why maybe i've reached a threshold and it's time to move on to something else. It's pretty much balancing good pay and company reputation against finding a company that's more aligned with my interests. I must admit something else - where I currently am does give me a lot of flexibility with my schedule. So flexible, in fact, that they allow me to do work from home and still get paid for it. They give me so much flexibility that this, combined with having to do the same stuff (hence no new training for new tasks) has made me lose interest in going to the office more than 2 times a week. And they don't seem to mind at all. I might consider bringing this up again with the VP - the most senior person in this company. If they tell me the same thing again ("sorry we need you in this area, we can't move you") I think i'll pretty much tell them that it might be time to move on. But I need your feedback and opinions - would this be a good decision? Any comments ?
  13. Hey all, I was hoping you could give me a little guidance here. I'm currently studying to earn a Bachelor's in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. The side in marketing I've been most interested is that of research. I'm currently doing an internship in a media/advertising agency and have thought about leaving soon to possibly get a different internship in market research. The thing is this: I think I may be suited for tasks that involve writing and grammar as opposed to analytical, math-oriented tasks. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to writing and enjoy doing it very much. I also love marketing and consumer behavior. I've looked into the qualitative side of market research, but that area in marketing seems extremely limited. Most jobs involve the quantitative stuff. It's come to my attention that perhaps I should look into public relations, which involves promoting a company's products and putting a positive spin on things. Although I master the writing, I do have to work a little bit on oral communications. I can give great speeches orally when I set my mind to it but I don't like doing them that much. Can anyone give me some guidance? Does PR seem more for me?
  14. I've heard that being to yourself can be a good thing or a bad thing. It's a bad thing in that you limit contact with other people/ they don't get to know you as well. It's a good thing in that you keep a little mystery going - makes people want to get to know you better. But I think the bad may outweigh the good in this situation somewhat, because being to yourself means not taking an active interest in other people. If other people see that you're really not interested in them, they're not going to show interest in you (or so people say). Do you guys agree? But what if a person truly values time alone? I'm not saying being completely isolated from the world. What I'm saying is - having a girlfriend/boyfriend, a good share of friends, but not necessarily being a social butterfly. Staying home over the weekends doing your stuff for school and going out once in a while with your SO and friends but for the most part staying home (and away from bars/clubs/etc). As far as in the workplace, i'm talking about being nice to everyone and talking to people once in a while but not "getting too close" e.g. (happy hour, going out to lunch with people everytime you're there, etc). This also includes actually enjoying some time eating lunch by yourself somewhere else. If any of you saw the Surreal Life on VH1 (season 3) I'm talking about being like Jordan Knight acted on that show, although a bit nicer and more sociable than him. So my main question is - is it bad for people to view you as a generally quiet person who, although nice and well-intentioned, prefers to stick to himself/herself? Does this hamper one in the workplace? Is it bad to being more receptive to certain people with which you feel you identify more and not others?
  15. Scenario: If you've been working as a part time/intern at the same place for over a year now and you suddenly realize that you've pretty much been doing the same stuff since you started... not much direction/mentoring from people within the company (everyone always seems too busy).... You ask for new roles/responsibilities but they balk because you're part-time and don't want to have you participate in bigger, more time-consuming projects. The guys that you report to now are always busy and don't give you much attention (and sometimes don't pay much attention to your work). You feel lost (ever since your supervisor left the company over the summer/the girl that trained you got moved to a different account) and don't feel a sense of guidance within the company anymore.... BUT You get paid well and the company is very big and well-known... they're also very flexible with your school hours (partly because they don't really care) Overall point: you're not learning anything new 1. Do you leave the company ASAP? 2. Find another job as well-paying/flexible before you go 3. Stick it out to see what happens (despite that you might have to do the same stuff for months and months more) ? Thanks
  16. Shy, My guess is that you're very young. I experienced similar "online encounters" when I was a teenager, and like you, I was already thinking that I loved girls I hadn't yet met in person after knowing them online for a few months. I honestly think that this is pure idealization - you're becoming fixated on how you perceive this guy rather than on who he really is. How do I know? Because you yourself don't know who he really is if you have yet to meet him in person. Take it from someone who has experience with these things. Interactions over a computer do not always translate into "happily ever after" stories in real life. I'm not saying that your situation cannot work out in person, but don't get your hopes up too high. Like other posters have suggested, try to meet people in real life. You might dismiss everything I'm saying, but don't be surprised if you do meet someone in person one of these days who sweeps you off your feet and makes you lose interest in this online fantasy. Usually people are more compelled to try out online dating when their real-life options are either limited or unattractive.
  17. I've been in a great relationship with my g/f for almost two years now. We are super clingy with one another, but almost to the point of getting jealous when one watches a movie rental without the other being present, upset when a friend invites one of us out but the other gets left out, etc. We both claim it's a "healthy" jealousy/selfishness that shows we're always yearning for each other. We both just have a couple of close friends. None of us has ever flied on a plane. She told me that her college might be taking a group of students to fly to another state in the midwest in March and that she may be going - it's all paid. As you can imagine, I don't like the thought of this. I always pictured her and I going on a plane for the first time together. She has yet another trip to go on a few weeks before but that one is not that far and will require bus transportation. The plane one bothers me because I am unable to go (because of school) and am not in a position to be spending money on a trip that way. I'm trying to figure out if we really get jealous/upset because we want to partake in these things together and it doesn't pan out that way, or because we want to "join in on the fun." I was honest with her and told her that if she was to go, it would upset me a bit. Are we both being too selfish/possessive with one another in your view?
  18. I've been working at an agency as a part-time intern for nearly a year now. For the most part, I've learned a lot, fairly nice people, good pay. I was trained by a young woman to do certain reports for a client team under a direct supervisor. It turns out that in a short amount of time, the woman who trained me left to a different client team, and the supervisor left to another company. This happened towards the middle part of the year. That woman trained me to do a series of reports, one of which is a quarterly report for the client. I did them for the two previous quarters. Then, after I completed the last one, apparently the client told my team that they wanted changes to it because the information was too confusing or something. So they made major changes to the format. I saw the changes although no one has yet explained in detail what they are/how they did them. I was told by different sources not to worry about the next report and that I would be given new responsibilities for the two guys I was assigned to after my supervisor and the lady who trained me left the team. Well it turns out that on extremely short notice on Wednesday I was told (by a girl who works in the same client account but that I have limited interactions with) that I would be responsible for it and that they want it by mid-January.. Huh??? First of all the report is very time consuming, and I told them straight out that on such short notice it was impossible. Also, like I mentioned, I haven't been trained for the new format. I want to mention that for the old format and reports, one of the guys I was assigned to sat down with me and explained clearly how to do everything in accordance with a template they had, etc. Unfortunately this guy is on vacation till Jan 8th, as is the girl that assigned this on such a ridiculous deadline. If I would have been told months earlier that I would be repsonsible for this report, I could have already had most of it done. So now I'm forced to do everything in two weeks because "oops we didn't tell you sooner.. sorry" ? I made sure to mention that I'm a full-time student (4-5 classes each semester) and that making me do so much work on such short notice is kind of unfair, especially with the holidays upon us. I made prior arrangements for Christmas and I'm not going to drop them. It seems that this woman wanted to throw it in my face so that she could leave on vacation comfortably without having to worry about it.. How convenient. I'm also only a part-time intern in this company. It should be more about learning and helping out than giving me loads of work and imposing harsh deadlines, in my opinion. Once I'm out of school of course I wouldn't mind taking complete responsibility for this (at a full-time capacity). but I don't want to jeopardize my grades. I'm also not only responsible for this report but other tasks as well. As for the report, I'm going to do as much as I can but not going to break my back to finish it - after all I'm only an intern/assistant and the time frame is just too narrow. My main point is that after my supervisor and trainer left the team, things have seemed chaotic and disorganized. I've been told different things by different people, none of these guys I work with seems to want to take direct responsibility for me, and I haven't really been trained in a long time to do anything new. Although I appreciate that this internship was been way beyond typical grunt tasks (coffee and copies) I don't feel I work for the same place I started in close to a year ago. Even before this all occurred I was already contemplating possibly leaving the company in the coming months. This internship was originally a 6 month temporary thing (slated to end in the summer) but they offered me an extension until the end of the year and now another one until late March. I'm thinking of possibly leaving in February since the proposal says that I (or the employer) can terminate the relationship at any time with or without cause/notice. Of course, if I plan to leave, I will do it in a very professional manner (with thank you cards, etc) but I want to have another job/internship lined up. Among the many reasons I'm thinking of leaving, one of them is that it's an advertising/media place, which is not necessarily what i'm studying (marketing). Although I've gained an appreciation for advertising i'm not sure whether I would prefer to work in the consumer products area, and whether i'd prefer to work on the client side. These are things I'll never know for sure unless I gain an exposure to different places, and I Think more than one internship would look better on the resume. I also want to leave for other reasons like not being able to put my writing skills to use, only being able to employ my second language (not as advertised on job ad), etc. Any comments regarding the problems with the company/reasons for leaving welcome.
  19. The fall semester of 2007 should be my last semester - I still haven't graduated. I totally agree with you about lining another job before leaving - I plan to polish my resume now over the break and start actively searching again in the new year.
  20. Hello all, I'll make this short. I've basically been intern at a media/advertising agency for almost a year now. They've given me extensions twice now, and the latest one is slated to expire again in March. Great pay, fairly nice people, but I think it might be time to move on. Here's why: - The company has undergone major changes in the short time I've been here. In only a short period of time I went from working with the lady who trained me and a supervisor to literally having no supervisor at all. The supervisor left to another company and the one who trained me now works for a different account. Thus, I literally don't have a supervisor anymore, don't feel like I have a little group within the company anymore, and thus because of this I feel like I'm not learning much anymore. - Although I'm majoring in marketing, this place is an advertising agency. Although it's made me like and appreciate advertising a lot more, I'm still unsure as to whether I want to get into marketing (consumer products) or advertising. That's why I want to get my feet wet in the marketing side of it (as I did here w/ advertising) before I graduate and I won't be able to do so if I stay. Besides, that's what I'm studying in the first place. - My main interest in market research (interviews, focus groups, etc) and those are things that I don't deal with in this place. There is a research area in this company but it's only limited to two directors who have no subordinates. I work on a limited basis with one of them but room for growth in the research area seems uncertain in this company. - One of the main responsibilities of this job is followup with offices in other markets - depending on them to send you things you need all the time. I think I want to be able to do the work that is needed on my own without having to depend on the other offices as much. - This job only gives me the chance to utilize my second language (Spanish) and barely English. Considering that I've always been merited for my English skills, I honestly don't like this aspect. In my opinion, it's been a great internship and has lasted fairly long (most of them are usually under a year) but perhaps it's time to test other waters. I have to act soon considering I graduate after the fall of 2007. Does anyone have any comments/suggestions ?
  21. Hello, Quick question for you guys. At my internship, I've really been making strides as of late to be more sociable around others. I've never been highly extroverted in the first place - I am more of a contemplative, keep to myself type of guy who, after being around people for a certain amount of time, needs to retreat and recharge my batteries. I've recently posted about numerous changes that have happened in the 11 months or so that I've been here (person who trained me moving to another account, former supervisor leaving to another company, etc.) These changes, which happened out of nowhere, made me even less interested in socializing at work. In my own mind I've always seen work as a place to do work - socializing and small talk to me is just not as important. I prefer to leave that for the time I'm with my girlfriend, close friends, and at school with classmates. I don't have as much time to interact with others as full-timers do, considering that I'm only in the office roughly 15-25 hours a week. There are also a few "center of attention" type of people in the office (i'm sure there are those everywhere). When they are around, I just let them have their time in the limelight. Recently, a girl was hired that loves to chat about practically anything with anybody - I can't imagine myself being like that in a million years. I can't stand mindless chit-chat, and when I know I have things to do, it makes me want to chat even less (unless it concerns work)! Still, I've been trying to socialize as much as I can. I participated in a secret santa and will attend the company's holiday dinner at work. Anyway, on to my question: Is it ok to be somewhat distant in the workplace? Not extremely distant to the point of looking isolated/self-centered.. but in terms of not "getting too close." I get along with everybody there, but that doesn't necessarily mean I want to become buddies with everyone. I could careless about being the center of attention. There are days that I eat in the cafeteria lunch area with co-workers, but I simply can't do it every single time. On some days I retreat to an open patio downstairs where I like to eat and reflect. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone else value being alone at times and not always with people 24/7 in the office?
  22. Thanks for the reply.. I don't attend UM but it isn't that far away. I agree that most internships are not as long as mine has been. If it was only maybe 3-6 months, asking for a raise would be ridiculous. But maybe since I've been there almost a year, it's more reasonable. More opinions welcome
  23. Greetings, I've been working as a part-time intern now at my company for almost a year now. I started there in late January of 2006. The internship was slated to end in late July. HR formally offered me an extension until late December. Today I saw that they've once again offered me an extension until late March of 2007. I like working here very much, and for an intern, the pay is very good (considering many internships are unpaid). Since i've almost been here for a year, would it be appropritate to ask for a raise (even if it's a small one at that)? I could use advice from people here who have interned themselves. i'm not sure if it's the norm to give part-time interns a raise, especially since internships are normally temporary. But since this internship's duration keeps growing, I wonder if it would be/would not be appropriate for me to ask. Thanks in advance
  24. I'm really thankful that she's healthy.. that's not the point.. to make the long story short, she comes over to my house a zillion times more than I go over to hers.. She gets on the bed and before I even know it, she's snoring.. Sometimes this upsets me because I want to be with her.. if she's here sleeping, in a way it's like she's not even here. Sometimes I take advantage and cuddle with her, but let's face it.. I'm not sleepy half the times she is. So it makes me question sometimes "If you're going to be here sleeping, why not go home?" I wouldn't mind this happening once in a while, but it gets to the point of happening every time she's here.
  25. Hello, I have a question that maybe some of you can answer (especially the ladies). It seems that ever since my g/f started taking the pill, she began falling asleep earlier at night. Nowadays, it's a miracle if she's able to stay awake past midnight. She's normally a morning person and not a night person (total opposite of me), but I wonder why she can't stay up most of the time past 11 PM. She's taking 3 classes in college and works part-time, which isn't so bad. Even my mom who works full time and wakes up at 6AM is able to last until midnight most of the time. Could it also be because of a lack of exercise? Most people think that exercising makes you very physically tired and thus makes you want to rest/sleep more. But I've heard that the opposite is true - that Lack of exercise makes you more tired and bed-prone. My girlfriend NEVER exercises.. it's just something that some girls are just not interested in. I've actually had a string of ex girlfriends that have disliked working out. I wonder if it could also be bad eating habits? She tends to eat a lot of sweets and other junk that could be contributing to this. So my question is: what could be the cause of this? She seems to get enough sleep each night (tends to sleep, on average, about 8 hours a night). I want to get to the root of this because she comes over my house a lot and just falls asleep all the time - it's getting a bit annoying. Thanks in advance
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