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Married name

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I would keep my own name. In this day and age with the divorce rates, you have women adopting their husband's name and then reverting back to their name after the divorce and then adopting their next husband's name and then going back to their name when that marriage ends in divorce. That creates all kinds of paperwork complications not to mention nobody knows what to call you anymore! I have lived all my life with my own name and I would not change it for someone else's last name.

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The tradition is for the woman takes her husbands name.


Do you think the woman should take her husbands name?


Or should he take his wife’s or should they have double-barrelled name?


I don't think there are any 'shoulds', it's whatever the couple feels comfortable with. I am traditional so I took my husband's name, but I know couples where the woman kepts her maiden name, or the husband took her name too and I think it's fine.

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I'm not sure it matter to kids nowadays. My wife and I were talking about our 14 y/o's friends, and I think we came up with just ONE who lives with both biological parents. So many blended families, different last names, nobody gives it a second thought.


Funny story, my former neighbor, somebody I knew in high school mind you, had a convo with my wife in which it became apparent that she thought I was my wife's SECOND husband, and that the 14 y/o was mine, and the 19 y/o was not.


My last name is not weird, but it's not one you would forget. I would not insist on my wife taking it. As for children, I suppose everybody has to cross that bridge. I've crossed it and burned it.

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I have always wondered what will happen when two people with hyphenated last names want to combine last names.


"Hi, i'm Bob Brown-Smith-Jones-Johnson."


Exactly what I was thinking. Hyphenated names can spiral out of control.


I say take the man's name.


If one is so worried about hassles after they get divorced, maybe they should not be getting married in the first place.

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